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Queen’s College, Glasgow | Central Academic Services Committee

  • C0118
  • Corporate body
  • 1983-1991

The Central Academic Services Committee was set up by the Academic Council in September 1982, mainly as a response to comments made in the Institutional Review Report. It's role was to advise the Academic Council on policy issues related to the development of the Library, Learning Resources Centre, Computer Centre, non specialist teaching rooms and the Student Advisory Centre. It oversaw the work of the sub-committees and working groups relating to the services serving the academic sectors of the College.

It's members included the Principal; Vice-principal; Secretary and Treasurer; Director, Computer Centre; Senior Lecturer, Learning Resources Centre; Chief Librarian; Student Counsellor; four elected members of the academic staff; two representatives of the technical and administrative staff; two student members.

The sub-committees included:
-Library sub-committee
-Learning Resources sub-committee
-Computer Services sub-committee
The first meeting of the Committee was held on 15 February 1983.