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Pye | Mike | |Councillor

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Pye was a Councillor from Sheffield and was Chair of Local Authority Action Against Apartheid. He introduced the speakers at the NALA event which Mandela spoke at during his visit to Glasgow to receive the Freedom of the Nine Cities in 1993.

Rice | Clive Edward Butler | 1949-2015 | Cricketer

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  • 1949-2015

Rice was the former South Africa cricket captain who led the national team on their return from isolation. He played only three ODIs for South Africa because his career coincided with the country's sporting isolation during apartheid. At the age of 22, he had been selected for the 1971-72 tour of Australia before it was cancelled. Then at the age of 42, Rice captained South Africa in their first series after the end of isolation - to India in 1991- but was left out of their 1992 World Cup squad and did not play for his country again.

Richardson, Geoffrey Alan | b 1936 | Principal of The Queen's College, Glasgow

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  • b 1936

Geoffrey Alan Richardson was born in Lancashire on 27 July 1936. He graduated with an MA (Hons) in Geography from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge in 1958. He went on to gain his teaching certificate from Exeter University in 1959, before beginning his career as a geography teacher.

He taught in primary and secondary schools in England and Australia, where he and his wife lived for 3 years. On their return to England he became a senior tutor in Ilkley College of Education, Yorkshire and his career interests developed into education management. He was awarded a diploma in Education Management from Sheffield Polytechnic in 1973. His role at the College included teaching students of environmental studies, home economics, professional studies and teaching practice as well as having overall responsibility for student welfare in the College and for a hall of residence. He was involved in education management developments at the College and began research on a part-time basis at the University of Manchester towards a masters degree in Education. He also wrote several geography textbooks at this time. He was a man of wide interests, he fished, ran 3 miles every morning and had been principal clarinettist in the Cambridge University Orchestra, continuing to play in several music societies.

Geoffrey Richardson took up the position as Principal of the newly named The Queen’s College, Glasgow, on 1 September 1976. He was the first male to take on the role at the College which had been led by women for over a century. He led the College through difficult times, upgrading the academic standards and modernising its organisational structure. He achieved this through a College Development Programme from 1977 to 1986, involving all staff in the process of change. During his time as Principal the College also expanded its syllabus and premises, including the provision of Social Work courses from 1976, the transfer of the physiotherapy schools from Greater Glasgow Health Board to the College in 1977, and the schools of the other allied health professions between 1984 and 1990. The College also achieved CNAA (Council for National Academic Awards) accreditation for its degrees and underwent an HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate) inspection in May 1985. During this time Geoffrey Richardson studied towards a Doctorate in Education which he awarded by the University of Glasgow in 1980.

He resigned from the College, leaving in January 1991 to take up the position of Director of Roffey Park Management College in Sussex.

Rose, Henry Frances Aylward | b 1928 | Secretary and Treasurer of the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science

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  • b 1928

Henry Rose (known as Harry) was born on the 22nd of March 1928 and attended Rutherglen Academy from 1940 -1944. In July 1962 he became Chief Clerk of the Technical College, Coatbridge. He studied at the University of Glasgow from October 1965 to June 1968, qualifying with a Diploma in Public Administration. On 1 January 1969 Harry Rose took up the appointment of Senior Administrative Officer for the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science. He was married with a son and two daughters and had experience in general administration; finance; student records and examination arrangements; statistics and liaison work. He was appointed by Miss Calder after a Governor's meeting in June 1968 recognised that this role was needed in order to cater for the administration of the College. When Mr Mackenzie, the Secretary and Treasurer resigned on the 30th of June 1972, Harry Rose was appointed Secretary and Treasurer. With this title he became official correspondent for the College and the registered office of the College became 1 Park Drive. He was the first full-time member of College staff to hold the position of Secretary and Treasurer (previously the role had been carried out by partners of the Glasgow firm of solicitors, Hill and Hoggan). He was also the first man to become a full-time member of the College staff, apart from janitors and boilermen.
Mr Rose was an invaluable member of College staff supporting it through major changes. Juliann Calder’ successor as Principal, Geoffrey Richardson, brought a new style of management to the College as well as changes in organisational structure and staffing. Developments in further and higher education and the introduction of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) also brought new standards and processes to be adhered to.
Harry Rose retired on 31st March 1989. A formal luncheon was held in his honour on 22 March 1989 at which he was presented with a video recorder and cheque.

Serote| Mongane Wally|b. 1944|poet

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  • b. 1944

During apartheid Wally Serote was an ANC Cultural Attache and poet. He wrote the poem 'I Will Wait' and is know as one of the Soweto 'township' poets.

He is politically active and was held without trial in solitary confinement under the regime's Terrorism Act and, later exiled from his home country of South Africa after earning an MFA from Columbia University while on a Fulllbright scholarship.

He has won numerous awards and has served as a member of the South African Parliament.

Sweeney, William |b. 1950 |composer

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  • b. 1950

Sweeney is a prolific Scottish composer . He wrote the composition for 'I Will Wait' - based on the poem by Wally Serote which was performed at the Sechaba Conference Gala in 1990.

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