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McGeoch|Gavin ||Anti-Apatheid activist

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  • Person
  • fl. 1976 -

McGeoch was a member of the SC AAM who organised the weekly pickets of the South African Consulate which ran for over a year.

McFadden| Jean | fl. 1971 - |

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  • Person
  • fl. 1971 -

McFadden was Councillor in Glasgow before becoming Leader of Glasgow Council (1980-86 and 1992-1994). She contributed to the work of the SC AAM by speaking at the NALA event which Mandela also spoke at during his visit to Glasgow to receive the Freedom of the Nine Cities in 1993.

Mbeki | Govan |1910-2001 |politician

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  • Person
  • 1910-2001

Named after William Govan of Glasgow Missionary Society, Mbeki was one of the stalwarts of South Africa's struggle for freedom, and father of its president, Thabo Mbeki. A trade unionist and journalist, he was probably the longest-living senior member of the African National Congress, which he joined in 1935. He was jailed for life for "conspiracy to overthrow the South African government by violence" at the 1963-64 Rivonia trial and served 24 years on Robben Island.

During the struggle against apartheid Mbeki visited Scotland and was keynote speaker at the Sechaba Conference held in Glasgow in 1990.

May, Malcom

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  • Person
  • fl. 1976 -

May was the Glasgow Group/Committee Secretary for the Scottish Anti-Apartheid Committee.

MacQuarrie| Stuart|b.1953|Anti-Apartheid activist

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  • b. 1953

MacQuarrie was a Labour Councillor who represented Glasgow City Council during the organisation of Mandela's visit to Glasgow in 1993 and was instrumental in the renaming of St George's Place to Nelson Mandela Place in 1986.

MacQuarrie has been Chaplin to Glasgow University since 2001.

Louw |Marah |b.1957 |singer

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  • b. 1957

Louw is a South African singer and actress. Her singing has taken her all over the world. She sang at the ceremony that presented Nelson Mandela with the Freedom of the Nine Cities in Glasgow, 1993. Later returning to tour the UK in 1994 to raise money for the ANC's election campaign. She went on to sing at Mandela's inauguration and at the Freedom Day Celebrations in 1994.

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