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Recipe books produced by the College

This series consists of 3 files:
-Recipe books published in the 1930s, 1934
-Recipe books published in the 1940s, 1940-1941
-Recipe books published in the 1970s, 1973-1978

In addition to the Glasgow Cookery Book the College published other recipe books. These were specialist recipe books which aimed to help people cook healthy meals on a low budget or in times of food shortages.

Editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book

This file contains 22 books:
-First edition, 1910 (book 1)
-First edition, 1910 (book 2), fragile – access closed
-Fifth edition, 1919 (book 3), fragile – access closed
-Fourth or sixth edition, floral fabric pasted onto the cover, 1920s (book 4), fragile – some pages missing and torn with loose spine – access closed
-Eighth edition, 1927 (book 5)
-Ninth edition, 1930 (book 6)
-Ninth edition, 1930 (book 7)
-Tenth edition, c1933 (book 8)
-Eleventh edition, 1935 (book 9), fragile - spine loose – access closed
-Twelfth edition, 1938 (book 10), fragile – spine loose – access closed
-Twelfth edition, with additional cover added, 1938 (book 11)
-New revised edition, with dust cover, 1951 (book 12)
-New revised edition, 1951 (book 13)
-Third revised edition, 1958 (book 14)
-New and revised edition, with dust cover, 1962 (book 15)
-Revised edition, with dust cover, 1973 (book 16)
-College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 17)
-College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 18)
-College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 19), fragile – access closed
-College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 20), fragile – access closed
-Centenary edition, celebrating 100 years of Glasgow’s famous cookbook, with dust cover (book 21) and duplicate copy (book 22)

Most of the books were student copies which were added to the College library. Many of them have annotations and additional recipes handwritten in the notes section. Although the 2009 centenary edition was published under the auspices of Glasgow Caledonian University, it has been included in this collection to keep the sets of editions together. The set is not complete as some editions were not kept by the College.

Books on history of the College

This file contains 1 folder:
-Published copy of “Century of Change 1875-1975, One hundred years of training Home Economics’ students in Glasgow”, written by Ellice Miller, the Queen’s College, Glasgow, 1975 (1 duplicate)

This book was published as part of the College centenary celebrations in 1975. It was printed by Bell and Bain Ltd, Glasgow.