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The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records
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The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records

  • GB 1847 QC
  • Fonds
  • 1907 - 2009

This collection covers records from the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (1907-1975) becoming the Queen's College, Glasgow (1975-1993). The records have been arranged into 19 sections covering the following activity or format:

  • Governance, 1907-1993
  • Institutional administration, 1908-1993
  • Finance, 1909-1993
  • Building and campus development, 1911-1992
  • Student administration, 1908-1993
  • Course development and teaching, 1914-1993
  • College services, 1921-1993
  • Marketing and public relations, 1910-1993
  • Research and staff development, 1935-1992
  • Student body, 1919-1988
  • College enterprise activities, 1981-1993
  • Fundraising activities, 1939-1979
  • Royal connections, 1944-1993
  • Special anniversaries, events and visitors, 1924-1989
  • Collaboration with external organisations, 1917-1986
  • College histories, 1925-1975
  • Published books and pamphlets by the College, 1910-2009
  • Photographs, 1910s-1990s
  • Artefacts, 20th century

Queen's College, Glasgow

Editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book

This file contains 22 books:

  • First edition, 1910 (book 1)
  • First edition, 1910 (book 2), fragile – access closed
  • Fifth edition, 1919 (book 3), fragile – access closed
  • Fourth or sixth edition, floral fabric pasted onto the cover, 1920s (book 4), fragile – some pages missing and torn with loose spine – access closed
  • Eighth edition, 1927 (book 5)
  • Ninth edition, 1930 (book 6)
  • Ninth edition, 1930 (book 7)
  • Tenth edition, c1933 (book 8)
  • Eleventh edition, 1935 (book 9), fragile - spine loose – access closed
  • Twelfth edition, 1938 (book 10), fragile – spine loose – access closed
  • Twelfth edition, with additional cover added, 1938 (book 11)
  • New revised edition, with dust cover, 1951 (book 12)
  • New revised edition, 1951 (book 13)
  • Third revised edition, 1958 (book 14)
  • New and revised edition, with dust cover, 1962 (book 15)
  • Revised edition, with dust cover, 1973 (book 16)
  • College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 17)
  • College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 18)
  • College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 19), fragile – access closed
  • College centenary edition with metric revisions, 1975 (book 20), fragile – access closed
  • Centenary edition, celebrating 100 years of Glasgow’s famous cookbook, with dust cover (book 21) and duplicate copy (book 22)

Most of the books were student copies which were added to the College library. Many of them have annotations and additional recipes handwritten in the notes section. Although the 2009 centenary edition was published under the auspices of Glasgow Caledonian University, it has been included in this collection to keep the sets of editions together. The set is not complete as some editions were not kept by the College.

Glasgow Cookery Book

This series consists of 4 files:

  • Editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1910-2009
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1950-1952
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1972-1988
  • Financial correspondence and accounts for the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1952-1972

The first Glasgow Cookery Book was published in 1910 under the direction of Ella Glaister, first Principal of the College. The book was originally intended for use by students in their training and was compiled from recipes which had been perfected over the years by the College’s parent cookery schools. In time, the cookery book was made available for public sale and its popularity increased so much that the Glasgow Cookery Book became a household name. The first to thirteenth editions were published by N Adshead and Son, Glasgow. Further revised editions from 1951 onward were published by John Smith and Son (Glasgow) Ltd. These editions include a revised metric edition published for the College Centenary in 1975 under the name of the Queen’s College, Glasgow. In 2009 a centenary edition with a history of the book and the College was published by Waverley Books, Glasgow to celebrate 100 years of the publication of the book.

General correspondence, 19 December 1991 - 29 January 1993

This file contains 3 folders:

  • Correspondence, 19 December 1991 - March 1992, including letters regarding: occupational health service for Queen's College; Scottish inter-college quiz; land registration of College titles; application for accreditation of taught courses; complaints to College, disability issues, proposals for new courses and changes to existing courses (folder 1)
  • Correspondence, 1 April 1992 - 12 August 1992, including letters regarding: interim validation arrangements with CNAA prior to merger with Glasgow Polytechnic; Universities Funding Council Research Assessment Exercise; Access for people with disabilities at Park Drive; new staff appointments; student issues; land registration of College titles (folder 2)
  • Correspondence, 4 September 1992 - 29 January 1993, including letters regarding: staff appointments and references; visit of representatives of the Chiropodists Board; complaints to the College; development of Southbrae Campus (folder 3)

Establishment of a new Academic Body

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Glasgow Caledonian University memo to members of the Queen’s College, Glasgow, Academic Council and relevant reports regarding establishing of Academic Body of the new University and re-structuring of academic programmes and the academic year, 15 January 1993
  • Responses to the memo from members of the Academic Council to Professor J C Phillips, Vice-Principal of the University, 18-22 January 1993
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