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The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records
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The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records

  • GB 1847 QC
  • Fonds
  • 1907 - 2009

This collection covers records from the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (1907-1975) becoming the Queen's College, Glasgow (1975-1993). The records have been arranged into 19 sections covering the following activity or format:

  • Governance
  • Institutional administration
  • Finance
  • Building and campus development
  • Student administration
  • Course development and teaching
  • College services
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Research and staff development
  • Student body
  • College enterprise activities
  • Fundraising activities
  • Royal connections
  • Special anniversaries, events and visitors
  • Collaboration with external organisations
  • College histories
  • Published books by the College
  • Photographs
  • Artefacts

The Queen's College, Glasgow

Business interviews and student project videos

This file contains 5 videos:
-Interview with Arthur Neil - Donald Stewart interviews Arthur Neil about the development of three hotel and catering operations (video 1)
-The Pumphouse restaurant complex - Bob Burnett of the Miller Partnership traces the development of the Pumphouse, running time 58 minutes (1 duplicate) (video 2)
-Interview with Peter R Tyrie on the hotel/property business (video 3)
-Guest lecture by Professor Melvyn Greene - Talking about social changes and their impact on marketing strategy in the UK, 20 October 1992, running time 54 minutes (video 4)
-Home Economics project: The solution to my awareness of coeliac disease in Scottish consumer society, BA Consumer Management Studies assignment - Laura Carden interviews people on coeliac disease in relation to recipe cards (video 5)
-Home Economics project: Healthy eating: Taste and try - BA Consumer Management Studies assignment, Margaret Dempster demonstrates healthy eating on a low income, running time 21 minutes (video 6)

Council Social Work departments’ correspondence and meetings

This sub-series consists of 4 files:
-Strathclyde Regional Council, Officer-Member Groups and Practice Teaching Review Group, 1979-1980
-Strathclyde Regional Council, Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) minutes and correspondence, 1981-1987
-Strathclyde Regional Council correspondence on placement issues, 1978-1985
-Social Work Departments, outwith Strathclyde, correspondence, 1982-1984

Newsletters of the Former Students’ Association

This file contains 13 newsletters and 8 duplicates:
-Former Pupils’ Association Newsletter, February 1952 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 1)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, March 1954 (newsletter 2)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, May 1956 (newsletter 3)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, May 1959 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 4)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, 1960 (newsletter 5)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1961 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 6)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1962 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 7)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1963 (1 duplicate with articles cut out) (newsletter 8)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1964 (newsletter 9)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1965 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 10)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1966 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 11)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1967 (1 duplicate) (newsletter 12)
-Former Students’ Association Newsletter, June 1968, cover is missing (newsletter 13)

Newsletters contain adverts; editorial; membership information; Association meetings, AGM and events, articles by former students; staff changes; student news; and obituaries.

Secretary of State luncheon correspondence kept by Juliann Calder

This file contains 1 folder:
-Letters of invitation to the luncheon prior to the opening ceremony of the new buildings on 12 September 1975, 12 August 1975
-Response letters accepting/declining the invitation, August 1975
-Guest list for the luncheon, September 1975
-Black and white press photograph of Juliann Calder, Rt Hon William Ross and George Parker being served at the luncheon, and proof, The Scotsman Publications Ltd, September 1975 (photograph 1)
-Black and white press photograph of Rt Hon William Ross with staff and students serving tea after the opening ceremony, September 1975 (photograph 2)

Governors and appointed committees' meeting minutes

This file contains 1 folder of typescript minutes:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Governors meetings
  • Finance Committee
  • Education and Technical Committee
  • Hostels and Student Welfare Committee
  • Building and Property Committee
  • Conditions of Service Committee
  • Centenary Celebrations Committee
  • Publicity Committee

Laundry and Dressmaking Sub-Committee meeting minutes

This file contains 1 volume:

  • Handwritten Sub-Committee minutes, with typescript agendas pasted in, 12 June 1929 - 7 June 1933
  • Typescript Sub-Committee minutes, pasted in, 11 October 1933 - 8 October 1948
    The Housewifery Committees, Cookery Committees and Laundry and Dressmaking Committees were disbanded in December 1948 and replaced with Technical Committees.
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