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Community Business Scotland Network Ltd records (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)
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Minutes and papers of CED Board of Directors' meetings 1990

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 5 January 1990 including -- agenda -- draft information sheet, CED consultants, January 1990 -- CED consultants payment rates and procedures, 4 January 1990 -- finance report to 31 December 1989
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 26 January 1990 including -- agenda -- proposed distribution of the CED leaflet and general marketing strategy -- financial report, 17 January 1990 --copy of letter to consultants regarding working arrangements, 12 January 1990 (part removed for data protection) -- minutes of the annual meeting on 22 November 1989
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 22 February 1990 including -- agenda -- CED business plan -- financial report, 17 January 1990 -- minutes of the CED meeting on 26 January 1990
  • Minutes of the adjourned meeting on 26 February 1990, regarding strategy and staff
  • Minutes of the continued meeting on 7 March 1990, regarding contracts and organisational arrangements
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 14 March 1990 including -- finance report to 21 February 1990 -- proposals for 'trial' working relationship of CED Ltd 'core' consultants and CED Ltd
  • Minutes and agenda of meeting on 18 April 1990
  • Minutes and agenda of meeting on 17 May 1990
  • Minutes and agenda of meeting on 8 August 1990
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 23 August 1990 including -- review of working relationship of CED Ltd 'core' consultants and CED Ltd, 17 August 1990
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 8 October 1990 including -- agenda -- draft conditions of contact, 13 September 1990
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 13 November 1990 including -- agenda -- minutes of the CED AGM held on 22 November 1989 -- Directors report and accounts for year ended 31 March 1990 -- letter regarding 3rd AGM on 13 November 1990
  • Minutes and papers of meeting on 27 November 1990 including -- agenda -- accounts for period ended 30 September 1990 -- Directors report and accounts for year ended 31 March 1990 -- report on CED's activities, 8 November 1990

Regular agenda items include financial report; contracts/work in hand; Community Business Fife contract; Whitfield Community Business feasibility study; NW Skarne contract; SCB Neighbourhood Security consultancy work; Help the Aged Zanzibar; ACE-HI contract; SCB Recycling contract; West Calder contracts; Edinburgh Community Trust contract; Shetland contract; GEAG/SCB nursery pack; CESU/ESF women's programme; CED strategy.

CB news, issue 28

Issue 28 content:

  • An ACE year!, new developments at ACE-HI
  • Fund founded, go-ahead for launch of the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • Tayside Community Enterprise Support Team news
  • Cell sees new markets, Community Enterprise Lothian's Business Development Network launched
  • Roadline, telephone travel information service
  • Ideas from Norwich Community Co-operative Credit Union
  • Women Working Together, new initiative to encourage women into worker's co-operatives and community enterprise
  • LRCUDA, Lothian Region Credit Unions Development Agency opened
  • Learning abroad, East Anglian Co-operative Development Association forms links with training schemes in Portugal
  • A new opportunity for Scotland, Scottish Homes
  • An agenda for Scottish Homes
  • Social Housing - the future
  • A tenant's choice?, transfer of tenants of the Scottish Special Housing Association to new landlord, Scottish Homes
  • What's a HAT?, Housing Action Trusts
  • Research and development post for Alan Kay with Community Economic Development Ltd
  • CB Board
  • CB opens PO, Renton Post Office, Dumbarton
  • Community buys workspace, Elderpark Workspace, Govan, transferred to community ownership
  • Easthall gets grant of £400,000, EEC grant for solar energy project to Easthall Residents Association, Glasgow
  • The battle for Bute, Bute Enterprises and development strategy for Rothesay and the Isle of Bute
  • Local action - Canadian style, Tor Justad, Community Enterprise Support Team, reports on local development conference in Montreal, Canada
  • CB reviews
  • Towards common wealth, declaration outlining principles of international co-operation on development

Community business news, issue 18

Issue 18 content:

  • Do they really want to create jobs?, Scottish Development Agency and Manpower Service Commission
  • CBS seminar series 1986
  • Co-op co-ordination and fair
  • 'Opinions', membership and involvement
  • Regional round-up: Setback in Grampian, for community business development unit; Tayside success; Lothian news; making jobs in Edinburgh conference; Highlands and Islands ACE-HI news, priorities and progress; CBS to help rural areas; beating unemployment in Cornwall, convention
  • World News: Scotland scores in USA trip, with German Marshall Fellowships; community business in Canada and Australia, scholarship from the Commonwealth Relations Trust
  • Credit unions and community business
  • Scottish Development Department research project on community business
  • Community business in London
  • Community education pioneers, at Moray House College of Education
  • Goodwill Enterprises Whitburn Ltd
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: Inverclyde contributes £15,000 to loan fund; seminar 'How the UK's largest community business development agency works'; appraisal and monitoring; development funding; dramatic increase in jobs
  • Women in Community Enterprise, national conference
  • Running the world, Sport Aid fundraising
  • The Scottish Development Agency (SDA) 'hands off involvement'
  • Denny: a wasted opportunity, Employment Creation Group (ECG) and SDA funding
  • Clyde Foods and food co-ops, setting up, running and case study
  • Publications
  • CB's and housing associations
  • West Calder news, Workspace Company the the Employment Opportunities Trust
  • CBS goes into business, consultancy; training for community businesses in Leicester

Correspondence and research of John Pearce regarding investment funds and setting up the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)

This file contains 2 folders of documents on a range of topics including the following examples:

  • Formation of a Scottish community enterprise fund; project proposal; incorporation objects; projected cash flow from 1 January 1989 to 31 December 1998; timetable; position paper; draft prospectus
  • Article by Tony Worthington, 'Patriotism for pension funds'
  • Information and correspondence to/from ICOF on their share fund and SCEIF proposals
  • Information on ethical investment and loans funds for Ecology Centre Building Society; Unity Trust Bank; Mercury Provident; Traidcraft; Charities Aid Foundatio; Community Trust Development Unit
  • Report, 'Developing the power of savings and credit in Gunjur', November 1988
  • Correspondence and minutes of the Investment Fund Working Party meetings and membership list (part removed for data protection)
  • Letters to/from organisations regarding regarding contributions to the loan fund and/or involvement in SCEIF, including Dumbarton District Council; ACE-HI; SEAD; COSLA; Scottish Development Agency; Angus Grossart; Scottish Churches Action for World Development; St Andrew Society
  • CELT newsletter, Spring 1988
  • Photocopy of book chapter 2, 'Overview of loan programs and program evaluation'
  • The Planning Exchange, Local Economic Development Service paper on 'The caja popular laboral, Mondragon, Spain', December 1988
  • Photocopy of 'Scotland on Sunday' article, 'Conscience money can be well spent', 5 February 1989
  • Executive summary for report examining the barriers preventing or inhibiting access to investment finance for non-conventional entrepreneurs

CB news, issue 20

Issue 20 content:

  • Great news for Grampian, Community Business Grampian Ltd being established
  • CBS annual convention '86 overview
  • New CBS Board
  • Opinions No. 3 - A more appropriate model of development, comparison of Scottish and Irish models
  • Commitment to co-operative principles
  • Private business and social responsibility, Shell UK Ltd
  • Community business in New Lanark
  • Goodwill Enterprises Whitburn
  • ACE-HI considers membership and involvement
  • Highlands and Islands Development Board (HIDB) agrees continued support of community enterprises
  • CBS policy planning seminar
  • Business is buzzing, Drumchapel Community Business Ltd (DCB)
  • Furniture Direct, Paisley, opened by Port Glasgow Community Enterprises Ltd
  • Sad statistics, from Strathclyde Economic Trends
  • The Westburn Centre, Forum for Greenock
  • Value for the Valley, Garnock Workspace Ltd
  • CBS membership
  • The Alternative Employment Creation Group (AEGIS) conference report
  • Community Business Central Ltd
  • WASPS artists studios
  • Scottish Co-operative Forum, on co-operative philosophy
  • Women in Community Enterprise (Scotland) (WICE), 1986 conference and CBS convention
  • Secretary's report for 1986: CBS progress; corporate plan; regional developments; publications; co-operation; lobbying and promotion
  • Membership and involvement
  • New community business directory
  • Minutes of 1986 AGM
  • CB News to be re-vamped

Community business news, issue 19

Issue 19 content:

  • CBS, exciting constitutional changes, establishment of Community Business Scotland Ltd and Community Economic Development Ltd
  • CBS annual convention 1986 programme
  • CB conference in London
  • Scottish Co-operative Forum proposed
  • Management training from SCBL and HIDB, funded by BP
  • Ireland, the Youth Employment Agency (YEA)
  • South of Scotland community business development project
  • CBS co-opted on to ACE-HI Committee
  • Inside knowledge, Co Chomunn na Eirisgeidh Ltd
  • The National Co-operative Development Agency: remit, progress and growth
  • Co-op fair '86
  • Model legal structures
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: seminar; community businesses in Strathclyde; training programme, development funding; Cumbernauld Community Business Ltd, the search for core funding; Ferguslie Park training weekend; SCB Board members; Kilmarnock Community Business Initiative; Inverclyde CB exhibition a success
  • CBS membership 1986/87 and annual accounts 1985/86
  • New CB research by CBS, article in "Local Economy" journal
  • Para Handy sails into Scottish folklore, Neil Munro book launched by Seanachaidh Presentations Ltd
  • Help available from enterprise trusts, seminar
  • Leicester City Council engages the Co-operative Advisory Group to undertake research
  • Publications
  • New town seminar
  • John Slater, an appreciation
  • Wider role for CB News

Community business news, issue 33

Issue 33 content:

  • CB News: Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF); Commonwealth Association for Local Action in Economic Development launched; 'Volunteer activity and the older person' conference; ethical savings account launched; ACE-HI conference; James Millar obituary; alternative Nobel Prizes, the Right Livelihood Awards; Keeping Glasgow in Stitches, Needleworks sewing project; independent study of charities announced; help for industry from voluntary enterprise; Scotland's economic summit; use your elected representative; convention '89 report
  • A policy for equality, Women in Community Enterprise (WICE) proposed policy
  • Built on trust, the thinking behind community development trusts
  • Trusting in local people, Woodlands Community Development Trust co-ordinating the regeneration of East Woodlands, Glasgow
  • CEL justifies confidence, Community Enterprise Lothian given vote of confidence
  • SCB has an interesting and challenging year ahead
  • Contracting in local government
  • Publishing - the story of success, on Seanachaidh Publications Ltd
  • What the Community has in store


  • Scottish Development Agency, Scottish Recycling Forum conference leaflet

CB news, issue 31

Issue 31 content:

  • Convention details announced, Make it in Livingston
  • New CB for Edinburgh, Bingham Enterprise Ltd
  • Churches link up, seminar organised by Linking-up to look at involvement of churches in local economic development
  • West Calder wins award, West Calder Workspace wins Times/IBA award for community enterprise
  • Sir Kenneth Alexander joins fund, as first president of the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • A route to success, social audit in Greater Manchester
  • What price community ownership?, on building and keeping local membership of community business
  • Scottish Enterprise: the challenge and the opportunities for community business
  • Finding a new form of giving, Inverclyde's Business Links Scheme, route for private sector support of community business
  • Trusting in community, progress towards partnership between the community and public and private sectors in Newcastle
  • Navigating the VAT minefield, a beginner's guide to value added tax
  • Scaling the heights and bringing home the bacon!, succeeding in business plans
  • Hillhaze Community enterprise, painting and decorating community business in Cranhill and Ruchazie
  • New door opens!, Solway Community Business opens Dumfries Furniture Project
  • ACE-HI opening new office, in Invergordon
  • Prince Charles comes to Ferguslie, Paisley
  • CB reviews

Minutes of CBS Office Bearers' meetings

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Minutes of the meeting on 9 April 1986
  • Minutes of the meeting on 24 July 1986
  • Agenda of the meeting on 21 August 1986
  • Minutes of the meeting on 14 October 1986
    -Minutes of the meeting on 27 November 1986

Agenda items include finance, consultancy income and funding; local authority support; COSLA representation; membership fees and applications; trade unions seminar; credit unions; ACE-HI; CBS promotional leaflets; 1986 annual convention programme and funding; CB News; CBS office systems and purchases; in-service course for community workers; CBS policy planning day; CBS sub-committees' arrangements; consultancy work in Leicester, Dunfermline, Ballachulish, Dumfries and Galloway and Tayside.

Community business news, issue 16

Issue 16 content:

  • It's ACE in the Highlands and Islands, new association, ACE-HI
  • Community business in London
  • Appropriate education for local economic development
  • Community enterprise, what is it?
  • BP to fund training programme
  • Worthington addresses international conference, International New Towns Association (INTA) conference in Glasgow
  • Urban Programme conditions
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: Govan Workspace newsbrief; Bute Enterprises; Garnock Workspace news; Self-employment - can we help?, the Enterprise Development and Advisory Project
  • Convention '85
  • Credit Unions and CB's
  • Model legal structures
  • Marketing manual
  • Focus on Lothian KICC start!, Knightsridge Initiative Co-ordinating Committee, community programme in Livingston
  • Livingston Mill Farm
  • West Lothian Forum of community and Co-operative Enterprises
  • Clatt the what? Aberdeenshire community business tearoom and craft shop opened
  • Publications
  • CBS corporate plan 1986-89
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