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Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908
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Glasgow School of Cookery records

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  • 1875-1909

This collection consists of 9 files:Minutes and papers of meetings, 1875-1878Register of diplomas, 1904-1909Scotch Education Department forms, 1900-1908School prospectuses and stationery, 1875-1908Memorandum of Association, 1906Recipes scrapbook, ...

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

Memorandum of Association

This file contains 1 booklet:Printed Memorandum of Association of the Glasgow Training School of Cookery and Domestic Economy, including the Articles of Association

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

Minutes and papers of meetings

This file contains a bound volume:Handwritten minutes of meetings of the Provisional Committee, Directors', Ladies Executive Committee and sub-committeesHandwritten copies of official documents and lettersPrinted prospectuses inserted into pa...

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

Recipes scrapbook

This file contains 1 scrapbook:Handwritten recipes, including some on Glasgow School of Cookery stationery from the 1880sPrinted recipes from the Manchester School of CookeryPrinted recipes from the Liverpool School of CookeryRecipe cuttings from ...

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

Register of diplomas

This file contains a handwritten record book of diplomas for Cookery and Laundry courses detailing:Student name, address, date of birthEntry and leaving datesExamination results, award dates and class of diploma

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

School prospectuses and stationery

This file contains 4 items:Annotated list of Provisional Committee Members, [c 1875]Annotated list of Ladies' Executive Committee members, [c 1875]Prospectus for Session, 1908-1909Printed stationery for notification for meetings to be held a...

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

Scotch Education Department forms

This file contains a bundle of documents:Scotch Education Department forms relating to grants, expenditure and course returnsHandwritten student results lists for Physiology and Hygiene Courses 1906-07

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908