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Project workshop programmes and outputs

This file consists of 4 files:

  • Glasgow Caledonian University Research Day, 31 May 2019, proposals, programme and activities, May 2019
  • Introduction to social enterprise workshop programme, December 2019
  • Mapping community co-operatives workshop, 22 January 2020, programme and resources, January 2020
  • Offering material to the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland), 28 January 2020, programme and resources, January 2020

Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund plc (SCEIF) records

This series consists of 6 sub-series:

  • Legal and strategic documents of SCEIF, September 1988 - January 1998
  • Annual general meeting papers of SCEIF, September 1990 - September 1998
  • Investment Fund Working Party and SCEIF Directors' meetings and correspondence, December 1988 - December 1999
  • Correspondence and research of John Pearce for SCEIF, November 1984 - March 1993
  • Marketing, media and presentations for SCEIF, 1989-1993
  • SCEIF shareholder administration, September 1989 - November 1993

The Scottish Community Investment Forum (SCEIF) plc was a subsidiary company of CBS, set up in 1989, specifically to lend to Scottish community businesses. Registered in Scotland, no. 119352. It was launched by its Chair, Sir Kenneth Alexander, on 26 September 1989 at an event in Glasgow. Regional launch events were held in other locations across Scotland. Members of the public, local authorities, commercial and other organisations were invited to purchase shares. It was a “closed end” fund with its shareholders due to be repaid in November 2000 or earlier. The fund raised £0.5 million to lend to community enterprises via an appraisal process. Needleworks Ltd, Glasgow, and Barra Community Co-operative were the first two loan recipients and in the 10 years of operation £340,000 of loans were granted. However, the fund was too small to be self-supporting and was wound up at the EGM on the 7 December 1999. SCEIF shareholders were given the option to transfer their shares into the larger ‘Investors in Society’ fund for which the Charities Aid Foundation had set up a Scottish office.

Community Economic Development Ltd (CED) records

This series consists of 3 sub-series:

  • Board of Directors' meetings, statutory documents and correspondence of CED, 1988-1991
  • CED membership records, 1991
  • Consultancy proposals and reports by CED, c1989-1990

Community Economic Development Ltd (CED) was set up as a sister company to CBS Ltd when it was incorporated in 1987. CED was established to provide a specialist consultancy, information and advisory service in all aspects of enterprise development and employment creation. It carried out research, wrote and published periodicals and books, devised and delivered training courses as well as carrying out consultancy work. CED was registered in Scotland, no. 104651, and only Directors of CBS could become members and directors of CED. In May 1988 CBS published a five year strategy which identified 14 objectives for CBS. Some of these objectives were condensed into six topics which were included in a brief for consultancy study. In December 1988 the SDA agreed to contract CED to investigate and develop the topics on behalf of CBS. CED appointed, Alan Kay, as a full-time research and development worker to work with advisors in working parties for each of the six topics. The study commenced on 12 December 1988 and was completed on 11 December 1989.

Staff research papers

-This series consists of 8 files:

  • Mary Andross research papers on food and nutrition, 1935-1953
  • Robert J Chalmers collaborative research papers on medical drug tests and physiological research, 1974-1978
  • L B Smith collaborative research papers on dietary toxins in the Glasgow area, 1978
  • Audrey W Pepper research papers on the development of food studies courses, c1978-1979
  • Robert G Sawyer collaborative research papers on learning in the RAF, c1971-1972
  • Miscellaneous research papers on nutrition and physiotherapy, 1967-1975
  • Mike Stone research reports on social work and childcare, c1985-1990
  • Miscellaneous research reports on adult education, social care, education policy and staff exchange trips, 1979-1989
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