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Community Business Scotland Network Ltd records (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland) File
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Bank statements and correspondence for CBSN accounts and related projects

This file contains 4 bundles:

  • Monthly CBSN current account statements from the Co-operative Bank, April 2009 - March 2010 (bundle 1)
  • Monthly CBSN Kerala account statements (for the HiLDA project) from the Co-operative Bank and letters and emails regarding donations to the account, April 2009 - March 2010 (bundle 2 - part removed for data protection)
  • CBSN Ltd 14 day deposit account statements from the Co-operative Bank, April 2009 - October 2009 (bundle 3)
  • CBSN lottery project opening account statement from the Co-operative Bank, May 2009 (bundle 4)

Case studies and guidance booklets

This file contains 1 folder:

  • 'The first ten years: a decade of community enterprise in Scotland', CBS and the Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI), October 1987.This publication covers the development of the community enterprise movement in Scotland between 1977-1987, looking at lessons learned, key issues and development for the future. Containing foreword by Glen Buchanan and 16 articles written by leaders in the field: Linda Echlin; John Pearce; Willy Roe; Ronald Young; Roy Pedersen; Carola Bell; John Rugman; John Harrison; Iain Clark; Helen Macneil; Colin Roxburgh; George Burt; Pat Cassidy; Keith Hayton; Sir Kenneth Alexander; and Tor Justad (digital copy provided)
  • 'Getting started: establishing a community enterprise', CBSN, c1998. Includes guidance on business structure, business plan, financing, setting up, marketing, social auditing and keeping it going
  • 'Community economic profiling: information pack', CBSN, March 2000. Includes examples of a profile, survey questionnaires, carrying out interviews, stages of a community futures workshop, approaches and techniques

CBS and CBSN annual reports

This file contains 18 reports:

  • CBS annual report, 1989
  • CBS annual report, 1990, feature articles: 'The story so far: a preview of the CBS directory'; 'From the 70's to the 90's'; 'From the third to the first sector', how community business can become a more significant force in the national economy'
  • CBS annual report, 1991, feature articles: 'Award winners'
  • CBS annual report and accounts, 1992, folded pamphlet opening out to a poster 'in the business of communities' about community business in Scotland
  • CBS annual report, 1992, smaller folded pamphlet without poster
  • CBS annual report, 1992-93
  • CBS annual report, 1993-94
  • CBS annual report, 1994-95
  • CBS annual report, 1995-96
  • CBS annual report, 1996-97
  • CBSN annual report, 1998-99
  • CBSN annual report, 1999-2000
  • CBSN annual report, 2000-2001
  • CBSN annual report, 2002-2003
  • CBSN annual report, 2003-2004
  • CBSN annual report, 2004-2005
  • CBSN annual report, 2005-2006
  • CBSN annual report, 2006-2007

Annual reports included the Convenor's report; Director's/Chief Executive's report; feature articles; CBS membership list; CBS accounts; AGM minutes; Board of Directors; CED report and accounts (1989-1993 reports); SCEIF Chairman's report (1989-1991 reports); advertising for community businesses and related organisations (1989-1991 reports). The annual reports for 1987-1988 and 2001-2002 have not been retained.

CBS annual convention and National Convention of Community Businesses (NNCB) programmes, packs and reports

This file contains 1 folder:

  • CBS annual convention 1986 programme
  • A decade of community enterprise, CBS annual convention 1987 programme
  • Annual convention 1988, Raploch, programme
  • CBS annual convention 1990 report
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, 20-21 August 1993, Edinburgh, pack folder containing programme; convention leaflet; AGM notification letter; AGM agenda; minutes of the 1992 AGM; list of Board of Directors; election nomination form; delegates list; introductory letter; fringe meeting details; exhibitor details; luncheon voucher; invitation to the Lord Provost's reception; CBS annual report 1992-1993; leaflet for book by John Pearce, 'At the heart of the community economy'; Community Enterprise Support Unit (CR) Ltd leaflet, 'The Community Credit Union Handbook'; leaflet for COMMACT Europe Annual Conference 1993
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, 19-20 August 1994, Aberdeen, pack folder containing programme; workshop programme; introductory letter; workshop outlines, fringe meeting details; memo from the New Economics Foundation regarding the 'Measuring Social Wealth' fringe meeting; order form for the CBS Directory 1994; delegates list; Community Economic Development newsletter from Grampian Council, 'CED News', vol 1 no. 1, August 1994
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, Dumfries, 20-21 October 1995, programme
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, Stirling, 29-30 November 1996, pack including: programme; introductory letter, workshop outlines; delegate list; 'New Sector' magazine, issue 26, November 1996; delegates list; CBS annual report 1995-96
  • Policy into Practice, National Convention of Community Businesses, Liverpool, 5-6 September 1997, programme

CBS convention 85 organisers' correspondence, minutes and reports

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Outline plans for the convention, some with handwritten notes, 31 March 1985- 19 August 1985 (folder 1)
  • Letters to/from invited guests, speakers, organisers and suppliers , June 1985-12 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to possible stand holders and replies, 13 August 1985-11 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to all community businesses in Scotland regarding the convention, 13 August 1985, 4 October 1985, and 8 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • List of invited exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Letters to potential sponsors of the convention and replies, 10 September 1985-18 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft flyer for the convention (folder 1)
  • Notes from meetings of the Convention 85 Steering Group, 28 August 1985 - 19 September 1985 (folder 1)
  • Floor plan for conference room at Elderpark Workspace, 8 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • Press release, 17 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • List guests for the convention lunch including invited guests, speakers, judges, exhibitors and other individuals (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Labour Group secretary in regional and district councils in Scotland inviting representatives to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Councillors inviting them to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Outlines of convention workshops and information for exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Press invitation to the official opening with programme of events, 13 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter requesting organisations to promote the convention, 14 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Final convention programme and registration form, annotated with handwritten notes (folder 1)
  • Accommodation list for the hotel (folder 1)
  • Convention 85 information pack, detailing content of each workshop, debate, seminar, programme and general information on arrangements (folder 2)
  • Copies of papers and talks delivered at the conference, including draft speech notes of John Prescott MP (folder 2)
  • Report of the convention debate, 17 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Report on media coverage, including photocopies of press cuttings (folder 2)
  • Memos, report on the convention and copy of presentation by David J Weston delivered to 'The Other Economic Summit' Conference on 'Green economics: the community use of currency, 27 November 1985 (folder 2)
  • Letters regarding feedback on the convention, 16 December 1985 and 18 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Convention 85 information pack with handwritten notes from the convention on the reverse (folder 2)

The 1985 Convention was held in Elderpark Workspace, Govan, Glasgow on the 21-23 November 1985

CBS lobbying and responses to government papers and reviews

This file contains 1 folder:

  • CBS, 'Submission to the Secretary of State for Scotland' with proposals for a programme of funding to support community businesses in Scotland, c1981
  • CBS, 'Summary of points in submission to Scottish Office', urging the Secretary of State for Scotland to establish a programme of funding to assist the establishment and development of community business in Scotland, 15 October 1981
  • 'Suggestions for simple system to expedite payments of urban aid money to community enterprise groups', 17 November 1982
    -Booth S and Pitt D, 'Community enterprise: lessons, issues and options', report prepared for Strathclyde Regional Council, University of Strathclyde, December 1982
  • CBS, 'Report of consultation on community employment initiatives', Glasgow, 4 February 1983
    -Two chapters of unnamed report on community business and factors affecting choice of products or services forming the basis of their trading activities, including chapter 6 on methodology of survey sent to groups on LEAP's circulation list and chapter 8, an introduction to the project aiming to determine if community business can be effective in providing permanent employment opportunities, date stamped 20 March 1983
  • CBS, 'Proposal to the Scottish Development Agency' for support for community businesses, June 1983
  • CBS document 'What is a community business' with the definition on page 1 and subsequent pages describing named community businesses in Scotland
  • Community Business Central, 'Progress report November 1983 - August 1984'
  • 'Manifesto 85' lobbying campaign documents including -- Photocopy of article 'Eleven point plan for common ownership', "ABC News and views", Winter 1984 --Handwritten and typescript notes from CBS lobbying seminars held on 27 November 1984, 31 January 1985 and 31 December 1985 -- photocopy of page from 'Third Sector' magazine with dates for the Scottish political party conferences circled -- draft manifesto with letter, 8 February 1985 -- draft manifesto -- letter regarding next meeting of the Lobbying Group, 15 March 1985-- second draft of manifesto with letter, 26 March 1985 -- handwritten notes from CBS manifesto meeting on 3 May 1985 -- draft of leaflet 'Community business is working' --quotation for printing of A3 leaflets 'Community business works' -- versions 1 - 5 of press release and invitation to the press conference on 17 June 1985 -- final draft manifesto -- Strathclyde Community Business Ltd circular letter regarding press conference to launch the manifesto, 5 June 1985 -- draft and printed manifesto leaflet -- circular letter sent with the manifesto
  • CBS response to 'Scottish Enterprise' white paper on integration of the enterprise development functions of the SDA and the Training Agency and decentralisation of services to a more local level through the creation of Local Agencies, March 1989
  • Response of CBS to the 'Review of Urban Programme', May 1991
  • CBS handouts on community action and local development and the community business development process

CBS membership lists and correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Memos and correspondence regarding financial issues and boosting funds through membership fees, February 1984
  • Handwritten notes of the membership-finance group meeting on 22 April [1985?]
  • Membership Income targets 1985/86, 24 April 1985
  • CBS financial summaries 1984/85 to 1985/86, April 1985 - August 1985
  • Lists of membership fees received December 1984 - November 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Request for funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  • Draft and final letters to local authorities, advisory agencies, charitable organisations and individuals regarding membership of CBS, June 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Letter regarding cost of the membership drive and reduction in distribution of CB News, 12 June 1985
  • Donation correspondence and background information from the City Design Co-operative to CBS , Glasgow, 23 September 1985 - 10 October 1985
  • Copy acknowledgement letters from CBS to new members, November 1985 - February 1986

CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletters, 2006-2008

This file contains 6 newsletters:

  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, Autumn 2006: including articles on -- Community Building Ventures (CBV), READ project and HiLDA Trust -- Jagran Jan Samiti and projects with tribal people in Udaipur, Southern Rajasthan, India -- Visit from professors from the University of Hygogo, Japan -- COMMACT International and COMMACT UK update -- CBS Network membership -- Social Audit Network (SAN) -- New Sector magazine -- Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition -- CBS Network Services Ltd -- CBS Network website relaunch -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, Winter 2006/2007: including articles on Community Building Ventures (CBV), classroom block for Bangalore, Akshaya Centre in Wayanad -- Jagran Jan Samiti update and Adivasi Andolan Network meeting and demonstrations -- Friends of HiLDA Trust, Kerala -- Visit from professors from the University of Hygogo, Japan -- COMMACT International and COMMACT UK update -- European network for Economic Self-help and Local Development (Euronetz) general assembly in Berlin on 26 November 2006 -- CBS Network membership -- Social Audit Network in Scotland (SAN Scotland) social audit programme -- New Sector magazine -- Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition update -- CBS Network Services Ltd working with REAP, CRNS, Social Enterprise Sunderland -- New publication by Colin Roxburgh and Alan Tuffs, 'Community futures: community engagement in Scotland's first National Park' -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, May 2007: including articles on COMMACT update -- Community Building Ventures, collaborative projects with COMMACT India and COMMACT UK -- Teeside and Renton school visit to Bangalore -- Visit to University of Hyogo, Japan -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- CBSN social accounting and specialist workshops -- Future strategy and membership
  • Community Building Ventures, India report 2007
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, January 2008: including articles on COMMACT International update -- Community Building Ventures (CBV), house-building project in Huliyar District -- READ Centre, Bangalore -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- Social accounting masterclass -- The HiLDA Trust and Akshaya Federation -- Social accounting and audit roadshows -- CEST project -- CBSN and COMMACT UK proposed merger -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, July 2008: including articles on COMMACT International update -- COMMACT UK links -- COMMACT India tasks for 2008/09 - Social Enterprise World Forum, Edinburgh, September 2008 -- Community Building Ventures (CBV) update - The HiLDA Trust and Adshaya Federation update -- READ Centre, Bangalore -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- Social accounting masterclass in Hyderabad -- Social accounting and audit roadshows -- SAN report, 'Really telling accounts!', recommendations and presentation event -- CEST European transnational project, sustainable further training and competence strategies for the social economy, themes and workshops -- Strategy, membership and partnerships
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