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Association of Community Enterprise in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) documents

This file contains 1 folder:

  • ACE-HI application to the European Social Fund, ‘Proposals for a community enterprise training and development project’, 1987
  • Flyer for ACE-HI Annual Conference and AGM on 20-21 November 1987 at Inverness, with enclosed list of participants; notes for workshop, 'Managers and staff of community enterprises'; workshop papers and handwritten presenter's notes
  • Circular from APT (Advice, publishing and training) regarding ACE-HI training project, with attached discussion document, ‘The distinctive principles and values of community enterprises in the Highlands and Islands', 23 June 1988
  • Copy of letter from John Cope, Department of Employment, to Charles Kennedy MP, regarding community business and Manpower Services Commission (MSC) schemes, 19 May 1988
  • ‘Review of “Supporting community employment schemes – roles and skills of workers” by Paul Henderson’ by Tor Justad, ACE-HI
  • Draft document, ‘Options for membership categories for ACE-HI Ltd’
  • Photocopy of handwritten draft division model for management and administration of ACE-HI by Chas Ball, 18 July 1988
  • ACE-HI organisational model by Chas Ball, July 1988
  • ‘Shetland co-operatives, a survey’, ACE-HI report for Shetland Islands Council, 1988, with enclosed copy of confidential additional notes, July 1988 (part removed for data protection); and ACE-HI Shetland community enterprise development project pamphlet, ‘Application for financial assistance’, July 1988

Miscellaneous workshop notes and reports

This file contains 3 items:

  • Outline of workshop, ‘The viability of community enterprises’ delivered at the Regional Employment Initiative, Beechwood Conference Centre on 9 December 1987, with notes on workshop
  • Photocopy of document, ‘Rethinking the third sector economy’ by Jim Brown, 1987
  • Photocopy of report, ‘The Nordic telecottages: information and community service centres for rural communities’ by Lars Qvortrup, Telematics Project, Odense University, May 1988

Early phases of the Highlands and Islands Development Board (HIDB) Community Co-operatives scheme guidance and papers

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Community co-ops guidelines for field officers, HIDB, c March 1978
  • Community co-op, handwritten personal briefing note by Chas Ball, September 1979
  • Ideas for Chairman’s speech for Co Chomuinn Nan Eilean Assembly, Lochdar on 19 March 1980, by R N Pedersen, 7 March 1980
  • ‘The role of the state in regional development, HIDB’, copy of paper by Mike Geddes, Dept of Town Planning, Polytechnic of the South Bank, London, for Development Studies Association 1980 Annual Conference, September 1980
  • Circular from The Planning Exchange Glasgow regarding Stornoway Conference on 23-25 September 1980, with delegate list, programme and handwritten notes on the conference
  • ‘Some thoughts on the HIDB experience as seen by participants in the Plockton seminar on rural development', paper by J Watt for Rural Development Symposium, London, on 21 May 1983, with attached HIDB compliments slip from John Watt, 19 May 1983
  • Photocopy of transcript of article from Danish publication, 1982, regarding the Papay community co-operative

Community co-operatives in the Highlands and Islands related press cuttings

This file contains 14 items:

  • ‘Co-ops on the move’, "West Highland free press", 5 October 1979
  • ‘Harris – reversing the decline’, photocopy of reprint from “North 7”, no. 44, March/April 1981
  • ‘Co-operatives strengthen the distant chain’, photocopy from “The Guardian”, 24 April 1981
  • ‘Uncovering the roots of co-operation’, photocopy of article reprinted from “North 7”, no. 44, March/April 1981
  • ‘EEC cash – the decision must be local’, photocopy from “West Highland free press”, 22 May 1981
  • ‘Foothold for island co-operatives’, photocopy from “SCAN”, October 1981
  • ‘Brian Wilson writes’ comments on HIDB advertisement in the Sunday papers, “West Highland free press”, 2 April 1982
  • ‘Brian Wilson writes’ comments on article on the Co-Chomuinn assembly in Barra, “West Highland free press”, 1 October 1982
  • ‘HIDB and MSC give blessing and chance of 7 jobs to Balnakeil Co-operative’, photocopy from “Northern times”, 22 April 1983
  • ‘Mutual cooperation on Papay’, photocopy from “Initiatives”, May 1984
  • ‘The ups and downs of a crofters’ co-op’, photocopy from “Voluntary action”, July 1984
  • ‘Spirit of co-operation helps save village life’, “The Independent”, 4 January 1988
  • Copy of “The Executive magazine”, 46, June 1988, with article on ACE-HI, p26-29
  • ‘Developing business in remote communities’, photocopy from “The Executive magazine”, 46, June 1988, p28-29

Establishment of a development support unit for community co-operatives in the Highlands and Islands related papers

This file contains 4 items:

  • Report, 'Orkney co-ops – the future relationship with HIDB', c1980s
  • ‘A helping hand for workers’ co-operatives’, photocopy from “North 7”, p19-20, c1980
  • HIDB draft memo on workers co-operatives, 15 June 1982, with attached photocopy of handwritten notes and typed copy of ‘Note on a co-operative and community development project’, 22 September 1982
  • HIDB discussion paper, ‘Proposed development organisation for community co-operatives (DOCC) and attached handwritten notes on meeting with RJS, 20 January 1983

Land use in the Highlands and Islands related press cuttings and publications

This file contains 1 folder:

  • "Land - wildlife - community a highland forum", newsletter, 30 Nov 1987
  • Photocopies of newspaper cuttings, December 1987 to June 1988
  • "FRAS" newsletter of the Highlander Educational Trust, no.1, May 1988
  • Photocopy of flyer for ‘Land wildlife community a highland forum report’ published on 10 June with attached photocopy of article, ‘Co-operation the natural partner of diversification’ from "West Highland Free Press", 8 July 1988
  • Photocopies of news cuttings from the 'Crofting, fishing and aquaculture' section of “West Highland Free Press”, 29 April 1988 - 8 July 1988

Community co-operatives in Ireland (Gaeltacht) and Iceland related reports and articles

This file contains 1 folder:

  • 'Co-operative in the Irish Gaeltacht', copy of report by R J Storey, 8 March 1977
  • 'Inishmaan Co-operative', HIDB, copy of report, March 1977
  • 'Cinema S Eire and Board staff visit to Eire S on17 May 1978', copy of report by Coinneach Maclean and Robert Storey, 22 May 1978
  • Some salient features of Icelandic Co-op Scene, copy of report by R J Storey, August 1978
  • ‘Community Co-operatives – A Highlands and Islands Experiment’, copy of paper by R J Storey, HIDB, for the 5th International Seminar on Marginal Regions, Trinity College, Dublin, 30 July - 4 August 1979
  • ‘State, co-operatives and language in the Gaeltacht’, copy of paper by P Commins, Economics and Rural Welfare Research Centre, An Foras Taluntais, for Comhdhail na Gaeltacht, Spiddal, Galway, June 1982
  • Photocopy of articles in “Co-op Ireland”, August 1982 – ‘The Gaeltacht Co-operatives’, p35, and ’The Gaeltacht in Co. Meath’, p37

College visitors books

This file contains 2 volumes:

  • College visitors book detailing date; name; and address (including signature of Princess Elizabeth on her visit on Diploma Day 28 September 1945), 9 May 1924 - May 1973 (book 1)
  • Inserts from the visitors book including business cards of visitors, a newspaper cutting about Princess Elizabeth’s visit to the College on Diploma Day 28 September 1945; a black and white photograph of a man and woman walking down a street [Gordon Macrae and Isobel Gibson?]; a letter of thanks for a tour of the college, College ribbon used as a place-marker (book 1)
  • Visitors book presented to the Housewifery Department by Group I students October 1946, detailing date, name, and address (Isobel Gibson, Principal is the first entry), January 1947 - May 1973 (book 2)
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