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Rose, Henry Frances Aylward | b 1928 | Secretary and Treasurer of the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
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Academic staff salaries and salary structures

This file contains 2 folders containing Henry Rose's papers including:

  • Specifications for contracts of employment and teaching staff salaries, 1968
  • Institutional Management Department, names of staff and their roles, 1969
  • Scottish Education Department and College reports and correspondence on grading of posts; revision of salaries; revision of staffing structure; negotiating machinery; increases in salaries; revised salary scales for librarians; salaries of Principals and Vice-Principals, 1969-1975
  • Salary scale charts, 1966-1974
  • Note of meeting of the representatives of the governing bodies of the central institutions on 7 February 1972, regarding negotiations on staffing structures and formation of a Central Institutions Academic Staffs Salaries Committee
  • Terms of reference and description of the Central Institutions Academic Staffs Salaries Committee and correspondence regarding the committee, 1973
  • Pointage system for grading of courses, 1973
  • Handwritten spreadsheet on upgrading Grade II lecturers, c.1974
  • College briefing on recommendations of the Houghton Committee on staff salaries, 26 February 1965
  • Minutes of meetings of the Committee on Grading of Courses in Post-school Education in Scotland, 14 March 1975 - 19 May 1975
  • Calculations of staff grades in the Queen’s College, Glasgow, 1975

Administrative Group minutes, papers and memos

This file contains 1 folder containing Henry Rose’s papers, including :

  • Memos regarding Phase IV building project and new college extension; analysis of college accommodation; beginning of session arrangements; holiday arrangements; induction course for administrative and technical staff; remuneration of administrative staff attending at functions; early retirement for administrative staff, July 1979-Apr 1980
  • Minutes and some papers of the Administrative Group, Senior Administrative Staff and Administrative and Technical staff meetings from 8 Mar 1974 to 18 Mar 1980

Educational Technology support staff gradings and salaries

This file contains 1 folder of Henry Rose's papers including:

  • Correspondence regarding regrading of a trainee post, November 1981 - October 1982
  • Guide to the central institutions educational technology support staff grading structure, c1979
  • Technical salary scales, 1979
  • Papers and correspondence regarding grading structure for technical staff and comparisons with other institutions, 1980-1981
  • Confidential Queen’s College, Glasgow, paper, ‘Staffing in the 1980s’, 15 January 1980
  • College administration structure

Gibson Hall of residence general correspondence

This file contains 5 folders of Henry Rose's papers including letters regarding:

  • Gibson Hall library book lists and lists of donated books, 1969, 1971
  • External laundry service, March 1969 - June 1969
  • Hostels and Students Welfare Committee meeting dates, members, agenda items, July 1969 - September 1969; Gibson Hall of Residence Committee members, 1986, 1987
  • Guide to students’ allowances 1971-72
  • Booking Gibson Hall for events, vacation lettings and licensed student dances, November 1971 - December 1981
  • Equipment and fittings purchase, insurance, damage and repair, November 1971 - September 1987
  • Fees and facilities and running costs, January 1972 - May 1991
  • Catering issues, standard of food at the Halls, sample menus, review of the food, November 1972 - January 1974
  • Invitation to the governors to Gibson Hall for a self-service meal and to meet residents and note of meeting, February 1973 - 5 March 1973
  • Minutes of the Hostels Committee meetings of 2 May 1973
  • Staffing issues, appointments, vacation arrangements December 1973 - June 1987
  • Proposal by the Scottish Education Department to standardise charges for halls of residence across Scotland, October 1974
  • Closure of Melvin Hall as a residence, February 1975
  • Vandalism, March 1986 - January 1987
  • Security and fire safety, March 1975 - January 1984
  • Students' homosexual relationship, February 1985
  • Hostel report, 13 March 1975; Senior Warden’s report, 13 October 1984 and 23 October 1986
  • Details of accommodation at Gibson Hall, 1975
  • Accommodation for male students, April 1979 - June 1979
  • Residents petition for the revision of rules for male guests, March 1980
  • Residents petition against removal of belongings from rooms during the Easter vacation, February 1983
  • Promotional strategy and brochure for vacation lettings, September 1981 - November 1981
  • Rules and regulations for residents and staff, 1977-1987
  • Allocation of rooms for students of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, June 1985 - March 1987
  • Refurbishment of the Halls, May 1988

Gibson Hall of residence holiday letting correspondence

This file contains 1 folder of Henry Rose's correspondence regarding:

  • Income and expenditure, holiday letting 1982
  • Summer accommodation price list for self-catering and bed and breakfast, 1983,1984, 1987 and 1988
  • Completed questionnaire on holiday letting of students’ residential accommodation, July 1986

Insurance correspondence, 1 November 1967 - 16 August 1972

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • Updating insurance schedules
  • Amendments and endorsements
  • Equipment inspection reports

Letters from the National Vulcan Engineering and Insurance Group Ltd; Henry Rose, College Secretary and Treasurer; and Mitchells Johnston Hill and Hoggan, College Solicitors.

Non-teaching staff additional requirements

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Henry Rose’s correspondence, regarding staffing numbers in the general office; requests for additional general administrative staff, library staff, learning resources staff, academic department administrators, technical staff; post specifications; staffing structures, 10 March 1978 – 8 October 1987

Secretary and Treasurer (1969-1989) : Henry F A Rose, papers

This series consists of 4 sub-series:

  • Scottish teachers conditions of service memos and committees, 1967-1987
  • Scottish Education Department general correspondence, 1974-1990
  • Scottish Education Department HMI inspection visits, 1984-1990
  • Scottish Education Department regulations and surveys, 1986-1990

Secretary and Treasurer, Henry Rose's file : 'Governing Body and Academic Council correspondence'

This file contains 5 folders:

  • Correspondence, 1 December 1969 - 18 December 1973, regarding establishment of an Academic Council; composition of the Governing Body; Central Institutions (Scotland) Regulations 1973; amendments to the 'Articles of association' (folder 1)
  • Correspondence, 23 January 1974 - 10 December 1974, regarding Central Institutions (Scotland) Regulations 1973; amendments to the 'Articles of association'; appointment of governors; nominations and elections of the Governing Body; membership of Governing Body Committees (folder 2)
  • Correspondence, 7 February 1975 - 13 November 1975, regarding election of members of the Academic Council from academic staff; nominations for representatives from external institutions; lists and contact details of governors; nominations and election of new Governing Body; membership of committees; list of members of Academic Council; Academic Council 1977 elections; (folder 3)
  • Correspondence, 28 September 1979 - 15 June 1983, regarding election of Chairman of the Governing Body; nominations and elections of governors; letters to new governors; list of governors and contact details (folder 4)
  • Correspondence 21 December 1983 - 20 January 1989, regarding nominations and elections of Governing Body 1984-88; letters to new governors; list of governors and contact details (folder 5)

Senior Administrative Group minutes, papers and memos

This file contains 3 folders containing Henry Rose's papers including:

  • Minutes and some papers of the Senior Administrative Group meetings from 7 May 1980 to 4 Dec 1981, including items on admininistration procedures and structures; computer and photocopying facilities; conditions of service for administrators; seminars and events; staffing issues (folder 1)
  • Minutes and some papers of the Senior Administrative Group meetings from 14 Jan 1982 to 7 Jun 1984, including items regarding admininistration procedures and structures; word-processing and new technology; staff training; student disruptive action; youth training programme; annual leave arrangements; (folder 2)
  • Minutes and some papers of the Senior Administrative Group meetings from 7 Feb 1985 to 13 Mar 1989, including items regarding admininistration procedures; staff developmentand training; communications; general inspection; superannuation; College procedures manual; annual leave arrangements; group study day; College development plan (folder 3)

Staffing complements

This file contains 3 folders containing Henry Rose's internal memos and correspondence with the Scottish Education Department, including letters regarding:

  • Approval for the appointment of new academic staff; vacancies and appointments; post specifications; promoted post structure; student-staff ratios; annual review of academic staffing 1985/86 to 1989/90, 11 January 1984 - 17 December 1985 (folder 1)
  • Approval for the appointment of new academic staff; vacancies and appointments; post specifications funding for external lecturers; visiting lecturer budget; promoted post structure, 16 January 1986 - 15 December 1986 (folder 2)
  • Approval for the appointment of new academic staff; vacancies and appointments; promoted post structure; post specifications; statistical table of numbers of academic staff at each salary scale in Scottish central institutions 7 January 1987 - November 1988 (folder 3)