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The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records
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College of Nursing and General Nursing Council correspondence on recognition for the Sister Tutor’s course

This file contains 1 folder:
-Dorothy Melvin’s correspondence with the College of Nursing, Scottish Board, and College of Nursing, London, regarding content of the Sister Tutor’s course and recognition by the Board and College, November 1938 - September 1939

Sister Tutor’s course examination papers

This file contains 0.5 folder:
-Typescript and handwritten examination papers of King’s College for Women Household and Social Science Department, London, June 1925
-Typescript examination papers of The College of Nursing Ltd, Sister Tutor scholarship examination papers, June 1925

  • Typescript and handwritten examination papers of Glasgow and the West of Scotland College of Domestic Science examination papers, June 1926

BSc Dietetics student reports, 1980s

This file contains 6 volumes:
-Fourth year report, Fiona H Ralston, ‘Naturally occurring salicylates in foods – is there a relationship between diet and hyperkinetic behaviour’, April 1981 (volume 1)

  • Fourth year report, Mary S Redpath, ‘A survey into the use of diabetic products in the treatment of diabetes mellitus’, May 1981 (volume 2)
  • Fourth year report, Gillian H Tudhope, ‘Report on the assessment of fully fed and starved farmed turbot’, April 1981 (volume 3)
  • Fourth year report, Anne C Queen, ‘An investigation of the use of dietetic foods in coeliac disease’, 1981 (volume 4)
  • Fourth year report, Muriel D Donaldson, ‘Dietary patterns of students in self-catering accommodation’, February 1984 (volume 5)
    -Case study by Julie Fleming on a patient at Milesmark Hospital, Fife, commenced 13 November 1989 (volume 6)

Catering, Hospitality and Institution Management and related courses

This series consists of 5 sub-series:
-Consumer, Hospitality Management, Food Product Development and Consumer and Business Services courses, 1991-1992
-Consumer, Business and Catering Management courses, 1980-1981
-Consumer studies courses, 1991
-Faculty of Management Studies student work experience, 1992
-Faculty of Management Studies student reports, 1987-1992

Consumer, business and catering management courses assessment regulations

This file contains 1 volume and 5 documents:
-‘Regulations governing courses and examinations for the HCIMA Professional Qualification’ HCIMA, March 1980 (volume 1)
-The Queen’s College, Glasgow, regulations for courses: SHND in Consumer and Business Studies, 1981; HD in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management, February 1981; HCIMA Professional Qualification Part B, September 1981; Diploma in Hotel , Catering and Institutional Operations, February 1981; Post-graduate diploma in Catering and Accommodation Management, February 1981 (5 documents)

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre student experience correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:
-Letters, photocopies of newspaper cuttings, meeting notes and reports regarding banqueting/function work experience for 1st and 2nd year students at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre and student issues over payments, timing, lack of communication, January 1992 - 13 April 1992

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