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John Pearce papers (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)
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Conference, general assembly and work programme papers of COMMACT

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Global Network of Development Practitioners (GNDP) reports: Concept note; and GNDPE for Excellence
  • COMMACT draft by-laws
  • Minutes of the third general assembly of COMMACT, September 1996
  • Minutes of the fourth general assembly of COMMACT, April 1998
  • Draft recommendations of the working group on the proposed changes to COMMACT constitution, structure, membership and chapter development
  • COMMACT Work Programme 1999-2002, c1999
  • Copy of email newsletter from GNDP (Global Network of Development Practitioners), March 2006
  • Papers from the sixth Working for Common Wealth Conference (6WCW) held in Mumbai, India, from 16-19 October 2005 with the theme Re-engineering COMMACT: conference programme; amended resolutions; report to the conference; discussion paper on the conference, October 2005

This file was originally titled 'Sheila's GOA file W132(i)'.

Constitution, general assembly and miscellaneous papers of COMMACT

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Meeting paper, 'A proposal for a pilot Commonwealth Exchange Programme “an Investment in People” (Zimbabwe, Scotland, Australia)'
  • Constitution of the Commonwealth Association for Local Action and Economic Development (COMMACT), one copy not dated and one version revised 1999
  • Proposal for Local Development Practitioners Association
  • Typescript and handwritten notes on programme for workshop on development of small and medium scale enterprise & projects
  • Leaflets on COMMACT vision and actions
  • Proposed Constitution of the International Association of Local Development Practitioners
  • Paper presented at the International commonwealth conference on Local Economic Development, Goa, 21-28 September 1988, 'Local Employment Initiatives, Grameen Bank’s Experience', by Mohammed Emdadul Haque
  • Introduction to COMMACT with photocopies of extracts from 'CB News': 'Think Global – Act Local' by Ingrid Salomonsen; 'Working for Common Wealth' by John Pearce

European COMMACT conferences and symposium

This file contains 1 folder:

  • One paper presented by Dr Karl Birkhölzer, Technical University of Berlin, at the meeting on 'Regional labour markets and labour market policies in the New Länder' held in Dresden
  • Two papers presented at the International symposium 'Local Economy' in Technical University of Berlin on 18 November 1992
  • Three papers presented at the COMMACT Europe Conference 1993 in Durham from 17-19 September 1993

Scottish Co-operative Development Committee (SCDC) course articles

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Photocopies of articles and reports, spanning 1981-1994, for a course by the Scottish Co-operatives Development Committee with indexed sections: background information on community enterprise; case studies of co-operative and community initiatives; community futures workshops; legal structures; setting up a community business; social audit; bibliography

Industrial Common Ownership initiatives (ICOM and ICOF) and Scottish Co-operative Development Committee (SCDC) operational papers

This sub-series consists of 9 files:

  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, November 1976 to March 1977
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, March 1977 to October 1977
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, October 1977 to June 1978
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, May 1978 to September 1978
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, October 1978 to March 1979
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, April 1979 to October 1979
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, November 1979- November 1980
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, November 1980- December 1981
  • ICOM, ICOF and SCDC operational papers, January 1982- May 1988

These papers include agendas and minutes, reports and correspondence relating to the operations of the Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM), Industrial Common Ownership Finance (ICOF), and Scottish Co-operative Development Committee (SCDC).

Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM)
Established in 1971, ICOM promoted co-operative working during a ‘new wave’ of producer co-ops in the 1970s. In 1976 ICOM published a set of Model Rules to enable enterprises to adopt a common ownership legal structure, quickly and inexpensively. There was an amendment of these rules in February 1977 when ICOM was given official recognition as a relevant body within the meaning of Section 1(5) of the ICO Act 1976, providing them with a grant of £20,000 per year for 5 years, to assist in providing advice about all aspects of the setting up of common ownership and co-operative enterprises. The ICOM model rules were simple enough for enterprises to follow without having to employ a lawyer to write a constitution or interpret legal jargon. It merged with the Co-operative Union in 2001 to form Co-operatives UK.

Industrial Common Ownership Finance (ICOF)
ICOF was established by ICOM in 1973 to be a revolving loan fund. It was formed as a company limited by guarantee and without shares; it was administered by Trustees who were appointed by the Members. Members were people who expressed an interest in the financing of common ownership enterprise and had been accepted by the Council of ICOM and by the ICOF Trustees. From 1976 people from the Co-operative movement and the Trade Union movement were invited to join the Trustees. In January 1977 ICOF was formally recognised by the Secretary of State for Industry as a ‘relevant body’ with access to the loan fund of £250,000 provided under section 1(2) of the Industrial Common Ownership Act 1976 to encourage the creation and development of common ownership enterprise and industrial co-operatives. This source of funding lasted until 1981; no further funds were made available from national Government. Successful common ownership enterprises and sympathetic individuals also provided funds to ICOF. From 1981 the bank of England informed ICOF that it was illegal for them to receive deposits for on-lending as they were not licenced as a deposit-taking institution. Seeking alternative means of generating funds they began to work with local authorities (West Midlands County Council, Grater London Council). Since 2005 ICOF has traded as Co-operative and Community Finance.

Scottish Co-operative Development Committee (SCDC)
SCDC was formed in February 1977. In June 1977 it was recognised by Government as an official advisory agency for co-operatives under the Industrial Common Ownership Act 1976. It received funds from Industrial Common Ownership Finance, the ‘designated body’ under the Act. The SCDC was set up to encourage the growth of workers’ co-operatives in Scotland and to promote the growth of a co-operative sector in the economy. Its objectives were to foster the growth of workers’ co-operative enterprises in Scotland in the belief that for workers to own, to control and to shape the organisations in which they work is:
a) a means by which they can more certainly exert an influence over their economic situation, replacing exploitation and conflict by co-operation
b) an extension of the democratic process, by making industry accountable to its workers and sensitive to the wider community
c) a means by which workers can grow as persons, developing their own abilities for the common good.
The organisation now operates as the Co-operative Development Agency

Community and social enterprise related articles, reports and publications, 1995 to 1996

This file contains 1 folder of documents on a range of topics including the following examples:

  • Proposal for a Co-operatives Act for the UK
  • Social enterprise and local development in UK, Italy and Sweden
  • Third sector development
  • Newspaper cuttings regarding community-run security firm in Paisley
  • Social co-operation
  • Community development
  • Legal structures
  • Project proposal and interim report for project 'Key values, concepts and structures of social enterprises in Western Europe'
  • United Kingdom Co-operative Council (UKCC) paper, 'Mutuality'
  • Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

Community and social enterprise related articles, reports and publications, 2000 to 2001

This file contains 1 folder of documents on a range of topics including the following examples:

  • Social enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Local regeneration
  • Social economy with case study of Easterhouse, Glasgow and Liverpool
  • Community development trusts
  • Co-operatives
  • National neighbourhood managment
  • Proposal for merger of the Co-operative Union and ICOM
  • Local exchange and trading systems (LETS)
  • Governance of social enterprises

Minutes of the Legal Structures Working Party meetings

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Minutes of meetings held on 7 May 1991; 4 September 1991; 4 December [1991]; 25 February 1992; 16 April 1992; 22 June [1992]; 1 October 1992; 4 November 1993; 14 January 1994; 10 March [1994]; 19 April [1994]; 3 May 1995; 29 January 1999
  • Note for the CBS Board meeting on 15 May 1991

Presentations and training on social enterprise delivered by John Pearce

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Acetate and paper copies of overhead projector slides for the Community Business Scotland Convention 1989, Livingston, including diagrams, cartoons, quotations and text describing community enterprise, 1989 (folder 1)
  • Acetate and paper copies of overhead projector slides relating to social economy, 1994; Handwritten and printed acetate overhead projector slides relating to community enterprise (folder 2)
  • Paper notes and training materials for a two day training session on running and participating in committee meetings (folder 2)
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