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Association membership correspondence

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Correspondence regarding applications for membership; change of address; changes to the "Articles of Association"; change of name to the Queen's College, Glasgow. 1975-1982 (folder 1)
  • Correspondence regarding notifications of election as a member; payment of the membership fee. 1983-1984 (folder 2)

 Correspondence is between the College Secretary and Treasurer and members of the Association.

Association of Child Care Officers (ACCO) meetings, events, annual reports and printed material

This series consists of 3 sub-series:

  • Meetings, publications, reports, papers and leaflets of the Association of Child Care Officers (ACCO), 1957-1969
  • Executive Committee papers and correspondence of the Association of Child Care Officers (ACCO), 1966-1971
  • Parliamentary summary reports of the Association of Child Care Officers (ACCO), 1966–1969

Association of Community Enterprise in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) articles, artwork and photographs

This file contains 10 items:

  • "Community business news" issue 6, November 1985, containing cover article titled 'It’s ACE in the Highlands and Islands' reporting on the inaugural meeting, 1985
  • Map artwork, location of community co-operatives, ACE-HI, 1989
  • 2 sheets of artwork, ACE-HI logo and design for ‘I love ACE-HI’ banner
  • 3 black and white photograhps including assembly at Co Chomunn Stafainn when ACE-HI was established abd ACE-HI staff
  • 3 items of artwork including: photographs of a perspective sketch of proposed and existing shop; hand drawn sketch of 'Community arts' header for leaflet or newsletter

Association of Community Enterprise in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) documents

This file contains 1 folder:

  • ACE-HI application to the European Social Fund, ‘Proposals for a community enterprise training and development project’, 1987
  • Flyer for ACE-HI Annual Conference and AGM on 20-21 November 1987 at Inverness, with enclosed list of participants; notes for workshop, 'Managers and staff of community enterprises'; workshop papers and handwritten presenter's notes
  • Circular from APT (Advice, publishing and training) regarding ACE-HI training project, with attached discussion document, ‘The distinctive principles and values of community enterprises in the Highlands and Islands', 23 June 1988
  • Copy of letter from John Cope, Department of Employment, to Charles Kennedy MP, regarding community business and Manpower Services Commission (MSC) schemes, 19 May 1988
  • ‘Review of “Supporting community employment schemes – roles and skills of workers” by Paul Henderson’ by Tor Justad, ACE-HI
  • Draft document, ‘Options for membership categories for ACE-HI Ltd’
  • Photocopy of handwritten draft division model for management and administration of ACE-HI by Chas Ball, 18 July 1988
  • ACE-HI organisational model by Chas Ball, July 1988
  • ‘Shetland co-operatives, a survey’, ACE-HI report for Shetland Islands Council, 1988, with enclosed copy of confidential additional notes, July 1988 (part removed for data protection); and ACE-HI Shetland community enterprise development project pamphlet, ‘Application for financial assistance’, July 1988

Association of Community Enterprise in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) publications

This file contains 5 items:

  • "Highlands and Islands community enterprise", ACE-HI journal, issue 2, May 1986
  • "Highlands and Islands community enterprise", ACE-HI journal, issue 4, June 1987
  • "Highlands and Islands community enterprise news", ACE-HI newspaper, issue 2, Summer 1989
  • "Highlands and Islands community enterprise news", ACE-HI newspaper, issue 4, Autumn 1990
  • ACE-HI annual review 1990

Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) annual reviews and newsletters

This series consists of 2 files:

  • Annual reviews of the Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI), 1988-1990
  • Newsletters of the Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI), 1985-1988

The Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) was established in 1986 to provide support for community enterprises. It offered help and advice and sharing skills and knowledge for community co-operatives and community businesses across the region.

Association of Directors of Social Work (ADSW) records

  • ADSW
  • Collection
  • 1969 - 1999

This collection has been arranged into 4 sections: committee minutes and papers; AGM and annual conference material; papers and correspondence (subject files); and publications. It dates from 1969 to 1999 however there are various gaps in this date range. The papers relate to Scottish Directors of Social Work.

  • Executive Committee meetings (1969-1996)
  • Policy, Planning and Review Standing Committee minutes (1988-1995) and papers (1988 to 1995)
  • Children and Families Standing Committee minutes (1988-1998) and papers (1981-1998)
  • Community Care Co-ordinating Group minutes (1991-1996) and papers (1988-1996)
  • Community Care Standing Committee papers (1994-1999)
  • Health and Handicap Standing Committee minutes (1989-1990) and papers (1989-1991)
  • Mental Health and Mental Handicap Standing Committee/Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Standing Committee minutes (1988 to 1995) and papers (1988-1995)
  • Illness and Disability Standing Committee minutes (1991-1995) and papers (1991-1998)
  • Standing Committee on Services to Elderly and Disabled People/Committee on Services for Elderly People/Committee of Services to Elderly People/Standing Committee on Services for Elderly People/Standing Committee for Services to Older People minutes (1988 to 1994) and papers (1988-1995)
  • Services to Offenders Standing Committee/Adult Offenders Standing Committee /Criminal Justice Services Standing Committee minutes (1988 to 1995) and papers (1988-1995)
  • Manpower and Training Standing Committee/Training Sub Committee/Training Committee/Training Standing Committee minutes (1988 to 1995) and papers (1988-1995)
  • Research Sub Committee/Research Standing Committee minutes (1989 to 1994) and papers (1988-1995)
  • Standards, Training and Research Standing Committee meetings (1997-1998)
  • Joint meetings between ADSW and SWSG minutes (1974-1994) and papers (1975-1995)
  • Annual General Meetings (1970-1995)
  • Annual Conferences (1970-1999)
  • General papers and correspondence (1969-1999)
  • ADSW publications (1988-1997)
  • Non ADSW publications (1978-1997)
  • Numerous subject files in the aforementioned areas

Association of Directors of Social Work

Association of Lecturers in Scottish Central Institutions (ALSCI)

This series consists of 1 file:

  • Committee meetings and discussion papers of the Queen's College branch of ALSCI, 1984-1986

ALSCI was the trade union for academic staff in the Scottish central institutions. The Queen’s College Branch was set up to maintain the professional standing of its members and advance their interests. Membership was open to all academic staff, librarians and other staff with payment of an annual subscription.

Audio-visual promotion

This file contains 1 DVD and 2 VHS videotapes:

  • DVD, ‘Domestic Science as a Career’, 2010, Scottish Screen Archive (now Scottish Moving Image Archive) copy of black and white silent film c1938, directed by J C Elder and thought to have been produced to promote the College and domestic science courses for the Glasgow Empire Exhibition 1938; printout of record for the DVD from the Scottish Screen Archive website (folder 1)
  • Promotional videotape - Students interviewed on the 'life and work' of Queen's College - emphasis on the wide range of courses available, Queen's College TV Production, c1990 (video 2)
  • Promotional videotape - Overview of the Queen's College, Glasgow, Campus, Queen's College TV Production – running time under 5 minutes, 1992 (video 3)

Awards presented by the College

This file contains 4 awards:

  • Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) award, framed under glass, containing label detailing history of the coronation spoon; a silver plaque engraved 'Presented by Bailie Violet Roberton to Glasgow 12 VAD in the Diamond Jubilee Year of the College'; another silver plaque engraved with winners, 1935-1939 [It is thought that the coronation spoon was awarded each year to the best performing member of the College VAD] (item 1)
  • Relay Shield, wooden shield with carved College crest and silver plaque engraved with winners, 1936-1956 (item 2)
  • Sneddon Rose Bowl, silver bowl mounted on a wooden block (item 3)
  • VAD section challenge prize cup, silver cup engraved 'Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science, VAD, Section Challenge Cup, Presented by Miss D H Melvin, Hon Commandant No 12 VAD, for annual competition, 1933' and in original box (item 4)

Awards presented to the College

This file contains 2 awards:

  • Metal plaque inscribed, ‘Presented to the Queen's College By the Scottish Milk Marketing Board 1980, in recognition of work done by Students and Staff’ (item 1)
  • Metal dish inscribed, ‘Scottish Branch, British Red Cross Society Souvenir of Western District Trophy, won in 1936 By Glasgow No.12 V.A.D.’ (item 2)

BA Hotel and Catering Management, 2nd year unit operations and management reports

This file contains 8 reports:

  • Selection of student reports on hospital dinners; Parkview Health Club; fast food; ethnic cuisine; inflight catering; wine promotion and buffet lunch; Parkview Hall of Residence; hospital catering; brunch; gourmet day, 1987-1988

BA in Home Economics final year student reports

This file contains 5 volumes:

  • Mary Elizabeth Farquhar, ‘Infant weaning practices and related socio-economic influences’, March 1991 (volume 1)
  • Nicola Jones, ‘The sizing of children’s clothes‘, March 1991 (volume 2)
  • Irene Moss, 'Childcare and the working woman: A study into working mothers and the provision of daycare facilities for under-fives in the Glasgow area', March 1991 (volume 3)
  • Elizabeth M M Nerney, ‘A study of student-centred learning in higher education’, March 1991 (volume 4)
  • Joy Douglas Stewart, ‘Hospital catering and the cook-chill system’, March 1991 (volume 5)

Background papers for proposed research on care of elderly adults in Ardnamurchan

This file contains 31 items:

  • Photocopies of Social Work Services Group circulars relating to the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 from October 1968 – September 1969
  • Strathclyde Regional Council practice instruction note and letter, Preventative use of section 12 finance, 11 April 1985
  • Report on elderly residents, Isle of Eigg, by Ian Aitchison, 3 November 1986
  • Article, ‘The success of a unique scheme for elderly mentally ill people’, “Social work today”, 16 November 1987
  • Newspaper cutting of article 'Housing needs of elderly - subject to new survey', The Oban Times, 26 November 1987 
  • Page with various articles from “Social work today”, 14 December 1987
  • Statements by Griffiths to the Secretary of State regarding overview of community care policy, stamped BASW Scotland, 12 February 1988
  • Article, ‘Nothing ventured…risk taking in community care’, “Social work today”, 10 March 1988
  • Three pages of articles relating to elderly care, “Social work today”, 4 August 1988
  • Brochure on Ardnamurchan, published by General Accident for the Glasgow Garden Festival, 1988
  • Social Work Research Centre newsletter, issue 4, December 1988
  • Photocopy of book chapter 6, ‘The Badenoch and Strathspey Social Work Team of the Highland Region’, by Raymond Green, 1989
  • 2 letters to Vera Hiddleston from Social Work Research Centre, University of Stirling, regarding research on the needs of elderly people, 2 February 1989 and 29 March 1989
  • 4 letters to Dennis Gower, BASF, from Social Work, Fife Regional Council, regarding social welfare expenditure, 30 May 1989 – 14 June 1989
  • Correspondence between Dennis Gower, BASW, and Department of Social Work, Strathclyde Regional Council, regarding promotion of social welfare, 25 and 31 August 1989
  • Article, ‘Revelations from a Greek island’, “Social work today”, 21 September 1989
  • Promotion of social welfare: working group, BASW Scottish Committee, discussion paper and consultation document, 16 February 1990
  • The Promotion of social welfare, Fort William Training Centre, report by Gareth Evans and Vera Hiddleston, handwritten and typescript copy, 28 May 1990
  • Paper on Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968: Section 12, by Liz Timms, July 1990
  • Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968: Section 12, extracts from official guidelines for interpretation, c1990
  • Promotion of social welfare: draft policy document, by Vera Hiddleston, Basil Kift and Liz Tims, 14 October 1990
  • Part II Promotion of social welfare, sections 2 and 3, copied from “Child Care Law Review”, 31 October 1990
  • Letters to Dennis Gower from Social Work Departments in Central Regional Council, Highland Regional Council and Fife Regional Council, regarding BASW’s report from the Working Party on Section 12, 2 May 1991 – 10 May 1991
  • BASW briefing, ‘BASW Working Group report (Nov 1990) Section 12 to promote social welfare
  • Consultation document 1, Support for families in the community, “Child care law review”, undated
  • Cutting of article ‘COSLA criticises Scottish Office’, Social Work Today, undated
  • Handwritten notes and typescript copy on Dalmore House, undated 

The papers relate to proposed research of the needs of elderly people in the West Highlands under section 12 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 - promotion of social welfare. Its focus is on Dalmore House in Strontian, a purpose-built home for care of the elderly set up by Argyll County Council which became a Resource Centre for the elderly. 

Bank statements and correspondence for CBSN accounts and related projects

This file contains 4 bundles:

  • Monthly CBSN current account statements from the Co-operative Bank, April 2009 - March 2010 (bundle 1)
  • Monthly CBSN Kerala account statements (for the HiLDA project) from the Co-operative Bank and letters and emails regarding donations to the account, April 2009 - March 2010 (bundle 2 - part removed for data protection)
  • CBSN Ltd 14 day deposit account statements from the Co-operative Bank, April 2009 - October 2009 (bundle 3)
  • CBSN lottery project opening account statement from the Co-operative Bank, May 2009 (bundle 4)

"BASW news and social work appointments service", newsletter of the British Association of Social Workers

This file contains 7 journals:

  • BASW News, no.5, 1 September 1970 and inserted guide to BASW regions and branches 1970
  • BASW News, no.7, 1 October 1970
  • BASW News, no.9, 1 November 1970 and inserted leaflet for newsletter “Parliament and Social Work”
  • BASW News, no.10, 1 December 1970
  • BASW News, no.12, 1 January 1971
  • BASW News, no.14, 1 February 1971
  • BASW News, no.16, 1 March 1971 and inserted BASW subscription forms

Published twice monthly with “Social work today” mid-month and then independently at the end of each month. The set of volumes is not complete.

Blue matriculation cards for diploma courses

This file contains 15 boxes of matriculation cards for each student enrolled on the following courses:

  • Group I diploma, 1936-1966
  • Group II diploma, 1936-1967
  • Group III diploma, 1936-1966
  • Dietetic diploma, 1936-1939,1944, 1946
  • High Class Cookery diploma 1937-39
  • Needlework endorsement 1938
  • Certificate courses also listed under the yellow matriculation cards: Cook's,1946; Household Management, 1945-1946; Nutrition, 1945-1946; Institutional Management, 1945-1946; Dietetics 1945; Housewife's, 1945-1946; Pre-Nursing, 1945; Advanced Dressmaking, 1946; Crafts 1946; Dressmaking, 1946; Institutional Cooks, 1946; Needlecraft, 1946; Science, 1946; Tailoring, 1946.

    There are only 3 cards surviving for 1935.

Board of Directors' meetings, statutory documents and correspondence of CED

This sub-series consists of 4 files:

  • Statutory documents, minutes, papers and correspondence of CED Board of Directors' meetings 1988
  • Minutes and papers of CED Board of Directors' meetings 1989
  • Minutes and papers of CED Board of Directors' meetings 1990
  • Minutes and papers of CED Board of Directors' meetings 1991

Board of Management and Directors' meetings of CBS and CBSN

This sub-series consists of 20 files:

  • Minutes and papers of CBS Board of Management meetings 1985
  • Minutes and papers of CBS Board of Management meetings 1986

and a file for each subsequent year until

  • Minutes and papers of CBSN Board of Directors' meetings 2002
  • Minutes of CBSN Board of Directors' meetings 2003
  • Minutes of CBSN Board of Directors' meetings 2004

When CBS was first set up the work was overseen by a Steering Group. This was later replaced by a Board of Management. Minutes of meetings of the Steering Group/Board of Management between 1982-1984 have not been retained. Incomplete papers of Board of Directors' meetings from July 1999 to February 2007 can be found in the CBSN Company Secretary's file. In September 1987 CBS was incorporated as a limited company and the Board of Management was replaced by a Board of Directors. The constitution changed again in August 1999 when CBS became CBSN and a new Board of Directors was elected.

Books on history of the College

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Published copy of “Century of Change 1875-1975, One hundred years of training Home Economics’ students in Glasgow”, written by Ellice Miller, the Queen’s College, Glasgow, 1975 (1 duplicate)

This book was published as part of the College centenary celebrations in 1975. It was printed by Bell and Bain Ltd, Glasgow.

British Dietetic Association instructions for assessors of examinations and practical work

This file contains 1 folder:

  • British Dietetic Association guidelines detailing the requirements of student practical experience and application forms and guidelines for applying to hospital dietetic departments for practical training, and lists of hospitals offering practical training, 1965
  • British Dietetic Association guidelines and letter regarding arrangements for national assessment of final examinations in nutrition and dietetics, 1968-1970
    -Handwritten diagram of examination resit pattern for Dietetics
    -Form R.1, Practical training in hospital dietetic departments: Students report, completed form for student, 1976 DP
    -Form R.2, Report on work of student dietitians: Guidelines for Assessor, and handwritten list of forms need for particular students
    -Letter from the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine regarding shortage of hospital places for practical training of students, November 1973
  • Letter to students regarding alterations to practical training, October 1975
  • List of dietetics diploma students, their base hospital, and letter notifying them of changes to dates of the final examinations, October 1976

BSc Dietetics student reports, 1980s

This file contains 6 volumes:

  • Fourth year report, Fiona H Ralston, ‘Naturally occurring salicylates in foods – is there a relationship between diet and hyperkinetic behaviour’, April 1981 (volume 1)
  • Fourth year report, Mary S Redpath, ‘A survey into the use of diabetic products in the treatment of diabetes mellitus’, May 1981 (volume 2)
  • Fourth year report, Gillian H Tudhope, ‘Report on the assessment of fully fed and starved farmed turbot’, April 1981 (volume 3)
  • Fourth year report, Anne C Queen, ‘An investigation of the use of dietetic foods in coeliac disease’, 1981 (volume 4)
  • Fourth year report, Muriel D Donaldson, ‘Dietary patterns of students in self-catering accommodation’, February 1984 (volume 5)
  • Case study by Julie Fleming on a patient at Milesmark Hospital, Fife, commenced 13 November 1989 (volume 6)

BSc Dietetics student reports, 1990s

This file contains 6 volumes:

  • Fourth year report, Rashmi Chopra, ‘A comparative study on the use of vitamin supplements by three groups concerned with health’, June 1990 (volume 1)
  • Fourth year report, Julie Fleming, ‘Growth of bacteria in enteral feeds’, May 1990, and inserted supervisor’s assessment of the project, May 1990 (volume 2)
  • Fourth year report, Nadia Hensman, ‘The effect of two types of caffeine containing beverage on metabolic rate’, June 1990 (volume 3)
  • Fourth year report, Anne McGarrity, ‘The effects of oral drugs on amylase activity’, June 1990 (volume 4)
  • Fourth year report, Alison Smith, ‘The analysis of endogenous muscle imidazole dipeptides as an indicator of lean meat content in meat products’, May 1990 (volume 5)
    -Lists of all BSc IV Projects for session 1989-90 detailing student name, supervisor’s name, project title (volume 5)
    -Fourth year report, Adele Stewart, ‘The effect of diet and exercise on BMR and post prandial thermogenesis’, 1990 (volume 6)

Building and campus development

This sub-fonds consists of 6 series:

  • Park Drive building and development, 1911-1990
  • Building maintenance, 1948
  • Gibson Hall building, opening and inventories, 1958-1972
  • Buildings and equipment insurance, 1965-1972
  • Eldon Street proposed development, 1985-1992
  • Southbrae campus development and opening, c1987-1992

Building of new College premises on Park Drive

This subseries consists of 8 files:

  • Walter R Watson, Architect, letters to Miss Melvin, 1911-1915
  • Miss Melvin's notes for Mr Watson, Architect, c1911-c1914
  • Preliminary rough sketch plans of new building, 1912
  • Plan: 8 Park Drive West Glasgow, c1913
  • Copy of 1913 plans of proposed new building in Park Drive and Park Avenue West, 2015
  • Supplier brochures, c1914
  • Walter R Watson, Architect, copy letters regarding supply of windows and cooking range, 1914-1915
  • Red Cross Society possession of the new Park Drive Building for a hospital, correspondence, 1915

When the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science was formed from the amalgamation of the Glasgow School of Cookery and West End School of Cookery it was housed in separate buildings across Glasgow at 86 Bath Street, 502 Sauchiehall Street and Scott Street. A new building to replace the existing accommodation was seen as a priority. As it was now recognised as a central institution, it was eligible for a grant from the Scotch Education Department towards capital expenditure. The site at Park Drive was identified and Walter R Watson, Architect, was asked to prepare a report on requirements for new premises and estimated costs.

Building work correspondence, 3 January 1974 - 31 December 1974

This file contains 1 folder of letters regarding:

  • Quotations and contracts for work and fittings
  • Accident and damage reports
  • Construction programme Gantt charts
  • Colour scheme schedule
  • Plans for service link to extension
  • Building Design Partnership, Architects invoices
  • Progress of work and snagging reports
  • Handwritten notepad regarding building issues and progress,15 November 1974

Business interviews and student project videos

This file contains 5 videos:

  • Interview with Arthur Neil - Donald Stewart interviews Arthur Neil about the development of three hotel and catering operations (video 1)
  • The Pumphouse restaurant complex - Bob Burnett of the Miller Partnership traces the development of the Pumphouse, running time 58 minutes (1 duplicate) (video 2)
  • Interview with Peter R Tyrie on the hotel/property business (video 3)
  • Guest lecture by Professor Melvyn Greene - Talking about social changes and their impact on marketing strategy in the UK, 20 October 1992, running time 54 minutes (video 4)
  • Home Economics project: The solution to my awareness of coeliac disease in Scottish consumer society, BA Consumer Management Studies assignment - Laura Carden interviews people on coeliac disease in relation to recipe cards (video 5)
  • Home Economics project: Healthy eating: Taste and try - BA Consumer Management Studies assignment, Margaret Dempster demonstrates healthy eating on a low income, running time 21 minutes (video 6)

Cake decorating series videos

This file contains 5 videos:

    1. First bake your cake, running time 50 minutes
    1. It's so easy, running time 50 minutes
    1. A cake for all reasons, running time 50 minutes
    1. Improving your skills, running time 50 minutes
    1. Magic with sugar flowers, running time 50 minutes

Lessons on baking and decorating cakes produced by Brilliant Ideas, copyright Home Interest Video Enterprises.

"Case conference"

This file contains 5 folders:

  • Case conference, vol 12 no. 2 to vol 13 no. 12, June 1965 - April 1967, vol 12 nos. 1, 7-9 and vol 13 nos. 2-3, 6-11 are missing (folder 1)
  • Case conference, vol 14 nos. 2-12, June 1967- April 1968, vol 14 nos. 1, 4, 6-7 are missing (folder 2)
  • Case conference, vol 15 nos. 1-12, May 1968-April 1969, nos. 5, 7-8 are missing (folder 3)
  • Case conference, vol 16 nos.1-6, May 1969 - October 1969 (folder 4)
  • Case conference, vol 16 nos. 7-12, November 1969 - April 1970, no. 10 is missing (folder 5)

A monthly professional journal for the social worker and social administrator. Published jointly by the Association of Social Workers and the Standing Conference of Organisations of Social Workers as Case Conference Ltd. It was first published in 1954 and the final issue was in April 1970. The set of volumes is not complete.

Case studies and guidance booklets

This file contains 1 folder:

  • 'The first ten years: a decade of community enterprise in Scotland', CBS and the Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI), October 1987.This publication covers the development of the community enterprise movement in Scotland between 1977-1987, looking at lessons learned, key issues and development for the future. Containing foreword by Glen Buchanan and 16 articles written by leaders in the field: Linda Echlin; John Pearce; Willy Roe; Ronald Young; Roy Pedersen; Carola Bell; John Rugman; John Harrison; Iain Clark; Helen Macneil; Colin Roxburgh; George Burt; Pat Cassidy; Keith Hayton; Sir Kenneth Alexander; and Tor Justad (digital copy provided)
  • 'Getting started: establishing a community enterprise', CBSN, c1998. Includes guidance on business structure, business plan, financing, setting up, marketing, social auditing and keeping it going
  • 'Community economic profiling: information pack', CBSN, March 2000. Includes examples of a profile, survey questionnaires, carrying out interviews, stages of a community futures workshop, approaches and techniques
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