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Group I to III domestic science diploma development

This sub-series consists of 8 files:
-Group 1 diploma correspondence and reports, 1914-1926
-Group II diploma syllabuses, 1921-1925
-Proposals to combine the Group I and Group II diploma courses to form a four year course, 1932-1933
-Schemes for Group I diploma course being extended to 3 years, c1933-1944
-Comparison of teaching hours and syllabuses for suggested four year diploma course, c1935
-Comparisons of current and proposed diploma course content between domestic science colleges, 1936
-Correspondence regarding extension to a three year Group I diploma course and four year Group III,1936
-Conferences on extension or alteration of Group I, II and III diploma courses, 1936-1937

Comparison of teaching hours and syllabuses for suggested four year diploma course

-Suggested four year diploma course, Group III syllabus (1 duplicate set)
-Approximate allocation of hours – Belfast three year diploma
-Approximate allocation of hours and syllabus –Robert Gordon’s College four year diploma

  • Approximate allocation of hours and syllabus for Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science four year diploma

BA in Home Economics final year student reports

This file contains 5 volumes:
-Mary Elizabeth Farquhar, ‘Infant weaning practices and related socio-economic influences’, March 1991 (volume 1)
-Nicola Jones, ‘The sizing of children’s clothes‘, March 1991 (volume 2)
-Irene Moss, 'Childcare and the working woman: A study into working mothers and the provision of daycare facilities for under-fives in the Glasgow area', March 1991 (volume 3)
-Elizabeth M M Nerney, ‘A study of student-centred learning in higher education’, March 1991 (volume 4)
-Joy Douglas Stewart, ‘Hospital catering and the cook-chill system’, March 1991 (volume 5)

Learning and teaching videos

This sub-series consists of 10 files:
-College-produced basic food preparation videos, 1983
-College-produced basic methods of food preparation videos, 1983
-Unedited college-produced cookery demonstration videos, c1980s
-Foodcraft series videos, 1989
-Cake decorating series videos, 1989
-See how to cook series videos, 1987
-Steam cutting of beef series videos, 1987
-Miscellaneous commercially produced cookery videos, 1980-1993
-Business interviews and student project videos, c1980s-1992
-College-produced dressmaking demonstration videos, c1980s

College-produced and commercially produced videos held by the College library as a learning and teaching resource

Foodcraft series videos

This file contains 10 videos and 8 duplicates:
-1. The professional kitchen, running time 36 minutes (1 duplicate)
-2. Meat, running time 30 minutes (1 duplicate)
-3. Fish, running time 40 minutes(1 duplicate)
-4. Poultry and game, running time 38 minutes (1 duplicate)
-5. Vegetables, running time 33 minutes (1 duplicate)
-6. Cakes, running time 39 minutes (1 duplicate)
-7. Pastries, running time 28 minutes
-9. Eggs, running time 27 minutes
-10. Flour and yeast, running time 28 minutes (1 duplicate)

Introductory cooking lessons produced by the Hotel and Catering Board, International House, High Street, Ealing London W5 5DB

College-produced basic food preparation videos

This file contains 15 videos and 3 duplicates:
-Boiling method; methods of braising; methods of poaching; methods of grilling (1 duplicate) (video 1)
-Methods of stewing foods; methods of frying; pressure cooking; lining cake tins (video 2)
-Braising; poaching; boiling; suet pastry; pressure cooking; combining grains and liquids (video 3)
-Preparing flaky and rough pastry; uses of flaky and rough puff pastry; methods of frying; coating and shaping; preparation of meat and fish (1 duplicate) (video 4)
-Suet pastry; Rubbing in method; creaming method (video 5)
-Products from boiling sugar; methods of combining; cake decorations; jellies (video 6)
-Jams and jellies; fish preparation; aspic jellies part 1; aspic jellies part 2; using the small icing bag (video 7)
-Decorating the edge of a plate tart; whisking method; size reduction; basic sauces (video 8)
-Sieving and rubbing in; short crust pastry; whisking method (video 9)
-Creaming method: rich cake mixture; preparation of meat and fish; methods of stewing; using the large piping bag and star nozzle (video 10)
-Decorating the edge of a plate tart; whisking method; size reduction; basic sauces (video 11)
-Genoese sponge (video 12)
-Application of almond paste to rich fruit cakes (video 13) (1 duplicate)
-Products from boiling sugar; methods of combining grains and liquids; cake decoration; application of icing; clearing consommés and jellies (video 14)
-Basic techniques for preparation of syrups (video 15)

Introduction to, and demonstration of, different basic cooking and baking techniques. Produced by Queen’s College TV Productions.

College-produced basic methods of food preparation videos

This file contains 10 videos:
-Yeast mixtures- basic; large piping bag; decorating edge of plate tart; lining flan case (video 1)
-Preparation of jams and jellies; bottling (video 2)
-Advanced meat preparation; puff pastry; preparation of chicken; hot water crust pastry (video 3)
-Cake decoration - application of icing; cake decoration – using the small icing bag (video 4)
-Cake mixtures - uses of genoese; girdle baking (video 5)
-Shellfish preparation; basic yeast mixtures; girdle baking; clearing consommés and jellies (video 6)
-Preparation of chicken; fish filleting; choux pastry (video 7)
-Hot souffles; cold souffles; egg dishes; meringues (video 8)
-Advanced meat preparation; shellfish preparation; hot water crust pastry; puff pastry (video 9)
-Basic methods of food preservation - aspic jellies part 2 (video 10)

Demonstrations of different basic cooking and baking techniques. Produced by The Queen's College, Glasgow, Home Economics Department.

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