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Cash books

This series consists of 18 files:

  • Cash book No.9 - Debits, 1967-1968
  • Cash book No.9 - Credits, 1967-1968
  • Cash book No.10 - Debits, 1968-1969
  • Cash book No.10 - Credits, 1968-1969
  • Cash book No.11 - Debits, 1969-1970
  • Cash book No.11 - Credits, 1969-1970
  • Cash book No.12 - Debits, 1970-1971
  • Cash book No.12 - Credits, 1970-1971
  • Cash book No.13 - Debits, 1971-1972
  • Cash book No.13 - Credits, 1971-1972
  • Cash book No.14 - Debits, 1972-1973
  • Cash book No.14 - Credits, 1972-1973
  • Cash book No.15, 1973-1974
  • Cash book No.16, 1974-1975
  • Cash book No.17, 1975-1976
  • Cash book 18-19, 1976-1978
  • Cash Book 20-21, 1978-1979

These contain details of all cash transactions. Debit (Dr) and credit (Cr) transactions were recorded in separate books until 1973/74 when both were recorded in the same book on opposite pages. Details include date of transaction; description; amount (with columns for different categories of transaction); and monthly totals.

Catering services general correspondence

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Scottish Education Department questionnaire on college catering services, December 1972 - September 1973
  • Enquiry on charges for staff and student meals across the Scottish Colleges, June 1973 - August 1973
  • Note of meetings of the Special Sub-Committee on College Catering Services, 23 July 1973; Refectory Committee meetings on 11 February 1976, 19 May 1976
  • Review of refectory prices, September 1973
  • Arrangements for sales of butter at reduced prices to non-profit making organisations, November 1973
  • Deficit for central catering facilities and halls of residence, March 1974 - February 1985
  • Grading of residential staff and charges for accommodation, April 1974 - December 1974
  • Corporation of the City of Glasgow, Environmental Health Department report on premises inspection, 17 April 1975
  • Memos on refectory costs, January 1976
  • Students’ Union catering, June 1976
  • Results of College catering provision survey, May 1976; results of refectory survey, November 1977
  • Hospitality for visitors, May 1976 - September 1981
  • Cleaning the refectory, November 1977
  • Student complaints about catering services, 1977
  • Building work on new refectory, September 1985 - November 1985

Catering silverware

This series consists of 15 files:

  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'GCDS Students Union', mid 20th century
  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'C D S' in plain capitals, mid 20th century
  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'CDS' in gothic style capitals, mid 20th century
  • Small tea set engraved 'CDS' in plain capitals, 1948
  • Non-engraved tea/coffee service, mid 20th century
  • Serving tray, mid 20th century
  • Toast racks, mid 20th century
  • Oval serving dishes, mid 20th century
  • Round serving dishes, mid 20th century
  • Square serving dishes, c1930-1952
  • Oval serving plates, mid 20th century
  • Gravy boat, mid 20th century
  • Butter dish, mid 20th century
  • Serving spoons, mid 20th century
  • Wine stand, mid 20th century

All items are silver-plated unless otherwise stated.

Catering, Hospitality and Institution Management and related courses

This series consists of 5 sub-series:

  • Consumer, Business and Catering Management courses, 1980-1981
  • Faculty of Management Studies student reports, 1987-1992
  • Consumer, Hospitality Management, Food Product Development and Consumer and Business Services courses, 1991-1992
  • Consumer studies courses, 1991
  • Faculty of Management Studies student work experience, 1992

CB news, issue 20

Issue 20 content:

  • Great news for Grampian, Community Business Grampian Ltd being established
  • CBS annual convention '86 overview
  • New CBS Board
  • Opinions No. 3 - A more appropriate model of development, comparison of Scottish and Irish models
  • Commitment to co-operative principles
  • Private business and social responsibility, Shell UK Ltd
  • Community business in New Lanark
  • Goodwill Enterprises Whitburn
  • ACE-HI considers membership and involvement
  • Highlands and Islands Development Board (HIDB) agrees continued support of community enterprises
  • CBS policy planning seminar
  • Business is buzzing, Drumchapel Community Business Ltd (DCB)
  • Furniture Direct, Paisley, opened by Port Glasgow Community Enterprises Ltd
  • Sad statistics, from Strathclyde Economic Trends
  • The Westburn Centre, Forum for Greenock
  • Value for the Valley, Garnock Workspace Ltd
  • CBS membership
  • The Alternative Employment Creation Group (AEGIS) conference report
  • Community Business Central Ltd
  • WASPS artists studios
  • Scottish Co-operative Forum, on co-operative philosophy
  • Women in Community Enterprise (Scotland) (WICE), 1986 conference and CBS convention
  • Secretary's report for 1986: CBS progress; corporate plan; regional developments; publications; co-operation; lobbying and promotion
  • Membership and involvement
  • New community business directory
  • Minutes of 1986 AGM
  • CB News to be re-vamped

CB news, issue 21

Issue 21 content:

  • Election year, general election speculation
  • Penalising success, Govan Workspace Ltd funding
  • Community enterprise in Eire, Youth Employment Agency (YEA)
  • A development unit for Lothian, Community Enterprise Lothian Ltd (CELL)
  • Community Business London
  • Opinions: 'federations': history approaches and needs
  • Strathclyde news: Eurotrain on the rails, Garnock Workspace; SCB under review; Barrowfield video; Clyde Foods stops trading; training courses; training packs; Barry organises SCB Library; development funding; staff exchange with Department of Employment and Training in Western Australia
  • CBS development units seminar
  • The many shades of green, environment rally in Glasgow
  • Enterprise Development and Advisory Project (EDAP) a success
  • Women in Community Enterprise (WICE), information provision, training and campaigning
  • Designprint Ltd , Kilmarnock
  • Economic Creation Group (ECG) publicity bid
  • Publications
  • Conference reports: Tackling unemployment with enterprise; How to lobby effectively

CB news, issue 22

Issue 22 content:

  • What the parties didn't say!, policies and intentions towards community businesses
  • Action for Jobs, roadshow in Glasgow
  • Opinions: ommunity business and private enterprise
  • Lessons from America? USA social policy; community contracting
  • Community and Social Enterprise (CASE) training in West Lothian
  • First local co-operative development agency being established in Edinburgh
  • Community business researched, University of Glasgow's Training and Employment Research Unit (TERU) research commissioned by the Scottish Development Department (SDD)
  • Breich Enterprise Action Group (BEAG), a collective community response to unemployment in West Lothian
  • The struggle for Stonebridge, BBC2 "40 minutes" production
  • Strathclyde Community Business: review; a new community business for Ruchill; enterprise education in schools; what's it called..Cumbernauld, Cumbernauld Commmunity Business funding; the 1986 vocational training programme; pre-service training for community workers
  • Second CBS development unit seminar
  • Community Business Grampian, progress
  • Community business federations
  • Goodwill Enterprises Whitburn
  • Report on community business developments in London
  • Finance as if people mattered, Industrial Common Ownership Finance Ltd (ICOF) share issue
  • People in community business, William Currie
  • The do's and dont's of public speaking
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Background to Bootstrap Enterprises, Hackney, London
  • Publications

CB news, issue 23

Issue 23 content:

  • A decade of community enterprise, achievements of the movement in Scotland in new publication "The First Ten Years"
  • CBS incorporation
  • Opinions: community business and the social economy
  • Lessons from America: the Watts Labour Community Action Committee
  • Scottish Homes: a new agency for housing in Scotland', new government document
  • Development unit news: ACE-HI; Lothian and Tayside; management trainee scheme in Strathclyde
  • Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) membership campaign
  • SCB, looking back to look ahead, review conclusions and proposals
  • Autumn/Winter training programme
  • Social auditing and community benefit
  • Convention '87 special: organising; seminar 'Local authorities and community enterprise'; programme; raiders of the lost ark, experience of community business; CBS Secretary's report for 1987
  • Social audit checklist
  • Development funding
  • SCB annual report 1986/87
  • Enterprise Development and Advisory Project (EDAP) and 'the Heineken effect'
  • Drumchapel Community Business Ltd
  • Working together: joint CBS/ACE-HI meeting
  • What the parties said to ACE-HI, regarding their policies for community business
  • Its no - ah problem, Park Area in Garvel Road , Barlanark, landscaped by Barlanark Community Enterprises
  • Community enterprise, a live issue on the regional agenda
  • Community enterprise jargon

CB news, issue 24

Issue 24 content:

  • CB-UK national network being set up
  • Lessons from down under, re-discovering community business in Western Australia
  • Development unit news: hello from Tayside's Community Enterprise Support Team; moving forward with Community Enterprise Lothian (CEL); Shirley Grant takes the chair of ACE-HI; Central Region's new Community Enterprise Support Unit
  • Strathclyde news: community business dinner in Glasgow; Strathclyde Credit Union Development Agency; Prince Charles opens Greater Easterhouse Business Centre and War Road Business Centre; training programme; community business team for Easterhouse; Convention '87 report: setting our sights higher; community enterprise the next ten years; summary of the 1987 convention; Happy birthday Theatre Seanachaidh; Possil goes full steam ahead, Possil Community Business; Goodwood Designs, project of Port Glasgow Association of Tenants Groups Ltd; SCB's Manpower Services Commission Agency for enterprise projects; development funding
  • National news: making and selling news, community newsagents
  • Credit unions, truth in lending with no hidden cost: Greenock East Credit Union
  • News from Co-op movement: Scottish Co-operative Forum; Co-op Development Agency for Edinburgh opens
  • Craigsfarm update
  • Solway Community Business - filling the gap
  • Publications
  • Ecumenical Development Co-operative Society investment bank
  • Big plans for the News, with full-time Editor

CB news, issue 25

Issue 25 content:

  • Cavalry comics and conferences!, Government launched urban development programme by way of glossy comics and press conferences instead of expected white paper
  • National community business steering group elected
  • A tremendous tonic: CBI visit to Govan Workspace
  • Training for employment, new Government white paper
  • Jobs for Raploch, Raploch Community Enterprises Ltd, Stirling, progress
  • Scottish Development Agency: out of step?
  • Action for Jobs (again!), lunch in Glasgow
  • Success breeds success, Quintin Perry's personal reflections of his association with the community business movement
  • CB News celebrates silver jubilee
  • Strathclyde news: training packs; trainee managers programme; the five stages in setting up a community business; training for community workers; 'the boys done terrific!' SCB five-a-side team; development funding
  • Communities at work: the contribution of community business, summary of the report by the Training and Employment Resource Unit (TERU), Glasgow University
  • Ethical investment
  • Local authorities and community enterprise: how community business can be used as part of a local economic development strategy
  • Community work and community business: some sources of ambivalence - nine propositions
  • News from the Co-op Movement: Bannockburn workers take initiative over privatisation at Bannockburn Bus Depot; national network of local CDA's conference '88; Coventry conference; food co-ops seminar
  • Credit union news
  • Community enterprise in Shropshire
  • Publications

CB news, issue 26

Issue 26 content:

  • Creating 'viable' communities
  • CBS strategy document 1988-93
  • Removing a blanket of disadvantage, Tony Worthington MP reflects on recent Scottish Office sponsored evaluation and the future of community business
  • Calvay regeneration, Calvay Housing Co-operative, Easterhouse, sets up sister community business trading companies
  • Watching the weather, nationwide community business Weather Watchers Network
  • Community business works!, impressions on Scotland from Simon White, department of Employment and Training, Western Australia
  • Innovation in the cashless economy local economic trading systems (LETS)
  • A special type of credit union for the third sector, on the community credit system in Vancouver, Canada
  • Strathclyde news: Employment Training Scheme not for SCB; second trainee managers programme; major growth in real jobs; good Crief, residential training weekend for community business directors; Strathclyde social trends gets worse; new Easterhouse sub-team; employment trends show no improvement; SCB lifts the first community business cup in five-a-side football; food co-ops conference
  • Affinity of fraternity of ethnic loan clubs
  • Credit Union Development Agency for Lothian
  • Working for common wealth, conference in Goa
  • What's new in West Calder? West Calder Workspace Ltd; West Calder Employment Opportunities Trust Ltd; West Calder Community Enterprises Ltd
  • Community business and community enterprise, the evolving model
  • Basquing in co-operation? National Network of Local CDA's conference '88, overview
  • Letters: ethical investment
  • Publications

CB news, issue 27

Issue 27 content:

  • City strategy for community business, from Glasgow District Council
  • Skill survey in Ferguslie Park
  • Trusts bid for new role, as local points of delivery for training and small business advice
  • Tayside Community Enterprise Support Team
  • Finding other funds, for co-operatives
  • Working for common wealth, conference in Goa, India
  • Convention '88 overview
  • In the marketplace, promoting a community business without spending vast sums of money
  • Valleymedia - what does it do?
  • Selling the secret of success, seminar on marketing and sales
  • Making your business visible, Touch Point Productions for promotional videos and publications
  • Thanks, Glen Buchanan, outgoing CB News editor
  • CE-UK plans seminar
  • Alloa's success, Alloa Community Enterprise in fourth year of trading
  • Community Enterprise Support Unit (CESU) is one year old!
  • Raploch revisited, Raploch Community Enterprise, Stirling looks back on first year of trading
  • Community enterprise Scotland?, CBI Chairman talks about how the new Enterprise Scotland will help local communities
  • Fellowships in employment, German Marshall Foundation fellowship study tours in USA
  • Report from conference looking at research by Community Economy Ltd (CEL) into the development of local enterprises on 13 housing estates
  • Co-op Forum, overview of Scottish co-operative Forum second annual conference, in Glasgow
  • Lessons from America?, report from the German Marshall Fellowship on community development in the US
  • Focus on Govan's food co-op
  • Official opening at Ware Road, Easterhouse, SCB area office
  • Towards the next five years, John Pearce's talk at the SCB AGM
  • What's wrong with Employment Training?
  • CB reviews
  • Whose business is the community? Can community business fill the gap left by the Community Programme?

CB news, issue 28

Issue 28 content:

  • An ACE year!, new developments at ACE-HI
  • Fund founded, go-ahead for launch of the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • Tayside Community Enterprise Support Team news
  • Cell sees new markets, Community Enterprise Lothian's Business Development Network launched
  • Roadline, telephone travel information service
  • Ideas from Norwich Community Co-operative Credit Union
  • Women Working Together, new initiative to encourage women into worker's co-operatives and community enterprise
  • LRCUDA, Lothian Region Credit Unions Development Agency opened
  • Learning abroad, East Anglian Co-operative Development Association forms links with training schemes in Portugal
  • A new opportunity for Scotland, Scottish Homes
  • An agenda for Scottish Homes
  • Social Housing - the future
  • A tenant's choice?, transfer of tenants of the Scottish Special Housing Association to new landlord, Scottish Homes
  • What's a HAT?, Housing Action Trusts
  • Research and development post for Alan Kay with Community Economic Development Ltd
  • CB Board
  • CB opens PO, Renton Post Office, Dumbarton
  • Community buys workspace, Elderpark Workspace, Govan, transferred to community ownership
  • Easthall gets grant of £400,000, EEC grant for solar energy project to Easthall Residents Association, Glasgow
  • The battle for Bute, Bute Enterprises and development strategy for Rothesay and the Isle of Bute
  • Local action - Canadian style, Tor Justad, Community Enterprise Support Team, reports on local development conference in Montreal, Canada
  • CB reviews
  • Towards common wealth, declaration outlining principles of international co-operation on development

CB news, issue 29

Issue 29 content:

  • Springburn style, Vocational Training Scheme through Needleworks, Glasgow
  • Scottish Enterprise, proposals to make it accountable to communities
  • Thanks to British Telecom, for sponsorship of CB News
  • New manager in Community Business Grampian
  • Six co-operative principles
  • TCEST on show, Tayside Community Education Service
  • Sharing funds, Industrial Common Ownership Finance Ltd (ICOF); Co-operative Venture Capital Fund
  • Agenda for the 1990's, CBS conference report
  • It's for you-hoo!, What British Telecom (BT) does for the community
  • New concept for Newcastle, development of an inner city area
  • Putting money to good use, ethical investment
  • Investing in people, introduction to the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • Banking on local communities, research on the impact of credit unions
  • Where the next penny comes from, the value of and support for community enterprise
  • A day out of this world, Buckhaven Parish Agency's employment training
  • Backing a winner, Cumbernauld Community Business opens shoppers creche
  • Beyond the balance sheet, developing a methodology for social audit
  • CB reviews
  • Heatwise Marketing Services
  • Driving home the message, a lighthearted look at development work

CB news, issue 30

Issue 30 content:

  • Convention 89, more participation planned
  • Telethon funding aids project for Little Hulton Community Enterprise
  • UK councils asked for support, conference addresses relationship between local authorities and community enterprise
  • Wester Hailes in recycling bid, on Wester Hailes Enterprises Ltd (WHEL)
  • Social audit, the next stage
  • Community business, what it does for the Philippines
  • Free market broadcasting, a costly business
  • Easterhouse on the air, community radio station licence for Citizens Band Radio group
  • Old Town and South Side News, Edinburgh newspaper relaunched as a community business
  • NFCF, City farms and Community Gardens new publication 'City Farmer'
  • 'New Consumer' pilot issue magazine
  • CBS responds to Scottish Enterprise white paper
  • I am a local resident, poem from "The collected inspiration of Betty Kellock"
  • Project moves on!, Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF) plans
  • Office basics, learning the hard way: Children's Scrapstore, Bristol: Bristol and Avon Community Enterprise Conference
  • What's in a name?, Closure of Via, community knitwear business
  • Training scheme axed by EEC, the Vocational Training Programme run by Strathclyde Community Business
  • Pop festival contract for Possil Community Business security company, Allander Security
  • It's our city! community business projects reaching the finals of BBC's competition
  • Viewdata, Strathclyde Community Viewdata (SCV) community information terminals
  • New appointment for Duncan McTavish at Renfrew Development Company
  • Private sector in training proposals, report on the St George's House Training Initiative
  • 1988 survey of worker co-operatives summary report
  • UK network of community enterprise

CB news, issue 31

Issue 31 content:

  • Convention details announced, Make it in Livingston
  • New CB for Edinburgh, Bingham Enterprise Ltd
  • Churches link up, seminar organised by Linking-up to look at involvement of churches in local economic development
  • West Calder wins award, West Calder Workspace wins Times/IBA award for community enterprise
  • Sir Kenneth Alexander joins fund, as first president of the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • A route to success, social audit in Greater Manchester
  • What price community ownership?, on building and keeping local membership of community business
  • Scottish Enterprise: the challenge and the opportunities for community business
  • Finding a new form of giving, Inverclyde's Business Links Scheme, route for private sector support of community business
  • Trusting in community, progress towards partnership between the community and public and private sectors in Newcastle
  • Navigating the VAT minefield, a beginner's guide to value added tax
  • Scaling the heights and bringing home the bacon!, succeeding in business plans
  • Hillhaze Community enterprise, painting and decorating community business in Cranhill and Ruchazie
  • New door opens!, Solway Community Business opens Dumfries Furniture Project
  • ACE-HI opening new office, in Invergordon
  • Prince Charles comes to Ferguslie, Paisley
  • CB reviews

CB news, issue 32

Issue 32 content:

  • Opportunity knocks, recycling as a community enterprise
  • A divided city, report on community enterprise in Derry, Northern Ireland
  • Putting People First, Community initiatives on Creggan Estate, Derry
  • Investing in Scotland's greatest asset - the people, launch of the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund (SCEIF)
  • Community business down under, experience in New Zealand
  • Telling an old story, Theatre Seanachaidh work with Project Ability on publication of book "Strathclyde Story"
  • Harvesting a future, on growth of community enterprise in Western Australia
  • CB book review
  • Not the conventional crossword, competition puzzle

CBS and CBSN annual reports

This file contains 18 reports:

  • CBS annual report, 1989
  • CBS annual report, 1990, feature articles: 'The story so far: a preview of the CBS directory'; 'From the 70's to the 90's'; 'From the third to the first sector', how community business can become a more significant force in the national economy'
  • CBS annual report, 1991, feature articles: 'Award winners'
  • CBS annual report and accounts, 1992, folded pamphlet opening out to a poster 'in the business of communities' about community business in Scotland
  • CBS annual report, 1992, smaller folded pamphlet without poster
  • CBS annual report, 1992-93
  • CBS annual report, 1993-94
  • CBS annual report, 1994-95
  • CBS annual report, 1995-96
  • CBS annual report, 1996-97
  • CBSN annual report, 1998-99
  • CBSN annual report, 1999-2000
  • CBSN annual report, 2000-2001
  • CBSN annual report, 2002-2003
  • CBSN annual report, 2003-2004
  • CBSN annual report, 2004-2005
  • CBSN annual report, 2005-2006
  • CBSN annual report, 2006-2007

Annual reports included the Convenor's report; Director's/Chief Executive's report; feature articles; CBS membership list; CBS accounts; AGM minutes; Board of Directors; CED report and accounts (1989-1993 reports); SCEIF Chairman's report (1989-1991 reports); advertising for community businesses and related organisations (1989-1991 reports). The annual reports for 1987-1988 and 2001-2002 have not been retained.

CBS and CBSN information sheets, bulletins and legal structures guidance

This sub-series consists of 4 files:

  • Information sheets about CBS services, c1990s
  • Information sheets and discussion papers relating to social enterprise, 1990s - 2002
  • National Network of Community Business bulletins, 1994-1999
  • Legal structures guidance and models, c1991-2002

CBS and CBSN publications and reports

This sub-series consists of 6 files:

  • Community business directories, 1986-1995
  • "Community business news" (formerly "CBS news" and "CB news"), December 1981 - March 1992
  • "New Sector" magazine, November 2004
  • Case studies and guidance booklets, 1987-2000
  • Reports on social enterprise, 1988-2001
  • CBS lobbying and responses to government papers and reviews, 1981-1991

CBS annual convention and National Convention of Community Businesses (NNCB) programmes, packs and reports

This file contains 1 folder:

  • CBS annual convention 1986 programme
  • A decade of community enterprise, CBS annual convention 1987 programme
  • Annual convention 1988, Raploch, programme
  • CBS annual convention 1990 report
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, 20-21 August 1993, Edinburgh, pack folder containing programme; convention leaflet; AGM notification letter; AGM agenda; minutes of the 1992 AGM; list of Board of Directors; election nomination form; delegates list; introductory letter; fringe meeting details; exhibitor details; luncheon voucher; invitation to the Lord Provost's reception; CBS annual report 1992-1993; leaflet for book by John Pearce, 'At the heart of the community economy'; Community Enterprise Support Unit (CR) Ltd leaflet, 'The Community Credit Union Handbook'; leaflet for COMMACT Europe Annual Conference 1993
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, 19-20 August 1994, Aberdeen, pack folder containing programme; workshop programme; introductory letter; workshop outlines, fringe meeting details; memo from the New Economics Foundation regarding the 'Measuring Social Wealth' fringe meeting; order form for the CBS Directory 1994; delegates list; Community Economic Development newsletter from Grampian Council, 'CED News', vol 1 no. 1, August 1994
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, Dumfries, 20-21 October 1995, programme
  • National Convention of Community Businesses, Stirling, 29-30 November 1996, pack including: programme; introductory letter, workshop outlines; delegate list; 'New Sector' magazine, issue 26, November 1996; delegates list; CBS annual report 1995-96
  • Policy into Practice, National Convention of Community Businesses, Liverpool, 5-6 September 1997, programme

CBS convention 85 organisers' correspondence, minutes and reports

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Outline plans for the convention, some with handwritten notes, 31 March 1985- 19 August 1985 (folder 1)
  • Letters to/from invited guests, speakers, organisers and suppliers , June 1985-12 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to possible stand holders and replies, 13 August 1985-11 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to all community businesses in Scotland regarding the convention, 13 August 1985, 4 October 1985, and 8 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • List of invited exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Letters to potential sponsors of the convention and replies, 10 September 1985-18 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft flyer for the convention (folder 1)
  • Notes from meetings of the Convention 85 Steering Group, 28 August 1985 - 19 September 1985 (folder 1)
  • Floor plan for conference room at Elderpark Workspace, 8 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • Press release, 17 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • List guests for the convention lunch including invited guests, speakers, judges, exhibitors and other individuals (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Labour Group secretary in regional and district councils in Scotland inviting representatives to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Councillors inviting them to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Outlines of convention workshops and information for exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Press invitation to the official opening with programme of events, 13 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter requesting organisations to promote the convention, 14 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Final convention programme and registration form, annotated with handwritten notes (folder 1)
  • Accommodation list for the hotel (folder 1)
  • Convention 85 information pack, detailing content of each workshop, debate, seminar, programme and general information on arrangements (folder 2)
  • Copies of papers and talks delivered at the conference, including draft speech notes of John Prescott MP (folder 2)
  • Report of the convention debate, 17 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Report on media coverage, including photocopies of press cuttings (folder 2)
  • Memos, report on the convention and copy of presentation by David J Weston delivered to 'The Other Economic Summit' Conference on 'Green economics: the community use of currency, 27 November 1985 (folder 2)
  • Letters regarding feedback on the convention, 16 December 1985 and 18 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Convention 85 information pack with handwritten notes from the convention on the reverse (folder 2)

The 1985 Convention was held in Elderpark Workspace, Govan, Glasgow on the 21-23 November 1985

CBS lobbying and responses to government papers and reviews

This file contains 1 folder:

  • CBS, 'Submission to the Secretary of State for Scotland' with proposals for a programme of funding to support community businesses in Scotland, c1981
  • CBS, 'Summary of points in submission to Scottish Office', urging the Secretary of State for Scotland to establish a programme of funding to assist the establishment and development of community business in Scotland, 15 October 1981
  • 'Suggestions for simple system to expedite payments of urban aid money to community enterprise groups', 17 November 1982
    -Booth S and Pitt D, 'Community enterprise: lessons, issues and options', report prepared for Strathclyde Regional Council, University of Strathclyde, December 1982
  • CBS, 'Report of consultation on community employment initiatives', Glasgow, 4 February 1983
    -Two chapters of unnamed report on community business and factors affecting choice of products or services forming the basis of their trading activities, including chapter 6 on methodology of survey sent to groups on LEAP's circulation list and chapter 8, an introduction to the project aiming to determine if community business can be effective in providing permanent employment opportunities, date stamped 20 March 1983
  • CBS, 'Proposal to the Scottish Development Agency' for support for community businesses, June 1983
  • CBS document 'What is a community business' with the definition on page 1 and subsequent pages describing named community businesses in Scotland
  • Community Business Central, 'Progress report November 1983 - August 1984'
  • 'Manifesto 85' lobbying campaign documents including -- Photocopy of article 'Eleven point plan for common ownership', "ABC News and views", Winter 1984 --Handwritten and typescript notes from CBS lobbying seminars held on 27 November 1984, 31 January 1985 and 31 December 1985 -- photocopy of page from 'Third Sector' magazine with dates for the Scottish political party conferences circled -- draft manifesto with letter, 8 February 1985 -- draft manifesto -- letter regarding next meeting of the Lobbying Group, 15 March 1985-- second draft of manifesto with letter, 26 March 1985 -- handwritten notes from CBS manifesto meeting on 3 May 1985 -- draft of leaflet 'Community business is working' --quotation for printing of A3 leaflets 'Community business works' -- versions 1 - 5 of press release and invitation to the press conference on 17 June 1985 -- final draft manifesto -- Strathclyde Community Business Ltd circular letter regarding press conference to launch the manifesto, 5 June 1985 -- draft and printed manifesto leaflet -- circular letter sent with the manifesto
  • CBS response to 'Scottish Enterprise' white paper on integration of the enterprise development functions of the SDA and the Training Agency and decentralisation of services to a more local level through the creation of Local Agencies, March 1989
  • Response of CBS to the 'Review of Urban Programme', May 1991
  • CBS handouts on community action and local development and the community business development process

CBS membership lists and correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Memos and correspondence regarding financial issues and boosting funds through membership fees, February 1984
  • Handwritten notes of the membership-finance group meeting on 22 April [1985?]
  • Membership Income targets 1985/86, 24 April 1985
  • CBS financial summaries 1984/85 to 1985/86, April 1985 - August 1985
  • Lists of membership fees received December 1984 - November 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Request for funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  • Draft and final letters to local authorities, advisory agencies, charitable organisations and individuals regarding membership of CBS, June 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Letter regarding cost of the membership drive and reduction in distribution of CB News, 12 June 1985
  • Donation correspondence and background information from the City Design Co-operative to CBS , Glasgow, 23 September 1985 - 10 October 1985
  • Copy acknowledgement letters from CBS to new members, November 1985 - February 1986

CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletters, 2006-2008

This file contains 6 newsletters:

  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, Autumn 2006: including articles on -- Community Building Ventures (CBV), READ project and HiLDA Trust -- Jagran Jan Samiti and projects with tribal people in Udaipur, Southern Rajasthan, India -- Visit from professors from the University of Hygogo, Japan -- COMMACT International and COMMACT UK update -- CBS Network membership -- Social Audit Network (SAN) -- New Sector magazine -- Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition -- CBS Network Services Ltd -- CBS Network website relaunch -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, Winter 2006/2007: including articles on Community Building Ventures (CBV), classroom block for Bangalore, Akshaya Centre in Wayanad -- Jagran Jan Samiti update and Adivasi Andolan Network meeting and demonstrations -- Friends of HiLDA Trust, Kerala -- Visit from professors from the University of Hygogo, Japan -- COMMACT International and COMMACT UK update -- European network for Economic Self-help and Local Development (Euronetz) general assembly in Berlin on 26 November 2006 -- CBS Network membership -- Social Audit Network in Scotland (SAN Scotland) social audit programme -- New Sector magazine -- Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition update -- CBS Network Services Ltd working with REAP, CRNS, Social Enterprise Sunderland -- New publication by Colin Roxburgh and Alan Tuffs, 'Community futures: community engagement in Scotland's first National Park' -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, May 2007: including articles on COMMACT update -- Community Building Ventures, collaborative projects with COMMACT India and COMMACT UK -- Teeside and Renton school visit to Bangalore -- Visit to University of Hyogo, Japan -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- CBSN social accounting and specialist workshops -- Future strategy and membership
  • Community Building Ventures, India report 2007
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, January 2008: including articles on COMMACT International update -- Community Building Ventures (CBV), house-building project in Huliyar District -- READ Centre, Bangalore -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- Social accounting masterclass -- The HiLDA Trust and Akshaya Federation -- Social accounting and audit roadshows -- CEST project -- CBSN and COMMACT UK proposed merger -- Future strategy and membership
  • CBS Network and COMMACT UK newsletter, July 2008: including articles on COMMACT International update -- COMMACT UK links -- COMMACT India tasks for 2008/09 - Social Enterprise World Forum, Edinburgh, September 2008 -- Community Building Ventures (CBV) update - The HiLDA Trust and Adshaya Federation update -- READ Centre, Bangalore -- Jagran Jan Samiti update -- Social accounting masterclass in Hyderabad -- Social accounting and audit roadshows -- SAN report, 'Really telling accounts!', recommendations and presentation event -- CEST European transnational project, sustainable further training and competence strategies for the social economy, themes and workshops -- Strategy, membership and partnerships

CBS Network newsletters, 2001

This file contains 1 item:

  • CBS Network newsletter, October 2001: issue 4, including articles on -- the meaning of 'community' -- social audit manual -- social capital and the CONCISE Project -- credit union handbook -- Research Into Supporting the Social Economy (RISO) -- Social Audit Network meeting -- Links with Japan -- The Scottish page: update on what is happening

CBS Network newsletters, 2002

This file contains 2 items:

  • CBS Network newsletter, January 2002: issue 1, including articles on -- Bridge to the Social Economy project -- annual gathering of the networks -- Social Audit Network meeting -- social audit manual --COMMACT -- Scottish page: support for the social economy in Scotland; new convenor for CBSN -- discussion paper: defining the social economy, social enterprises and social capital -- discussion paper: mapping support organisations in the social economy in Scotland
  • CBS Network newsletter, April 2002: issue 2, including articles on -- Ian Hunter, Convenor of CBSN -- Bridge to the Social Economy project -- annual gathering of the networks -- Social Audit Network meeting -- COMMACT -- Scottish page: support for the social economy in Scotland; Equal project (SCVO); Equal project (Social Enterprise Scotland)

CBS Network newsletters, 2003

This file contains 2 items:

  • CBS Network newsletter, the Scottish pages, May 2003: issue 2, including articles on -- new CBS members -- Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition update -- Social Enterprise and the Social Economy in Scotland report -- Scottish Firms Scotland explore franchising -- Charity Bank -- training courses -- social accounting and audit seminar -- the cat's pyjamas: three day residential programme on social business -- proposals for a community interest company (CIC) -- Social Enterprise Institute conference, how to build successful social enterprises
  • CBS Network newsletter, August 2003: issue 3, including articles on -- update from CBSN; social enterprise: a strategy for Scotland -- Social Audit Network -- Scottish version of the DTI procurement toolkit -- Equal training seeking advisors

CBS Network newsletters, 2004

This file contains 2 items:

  • CBS Network newsletter, February 2004: issue 1, including articles on -- update from CBSN -- Social Audit Network meetings -- international collaboration -- Social Enterprise courses -- Scottish pages: news from networks; Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition update -- social enterprise events -- REAP social audit project Moray/Aberdeenshire -- Equal, quality and impact tools project; CBSN conference speech by George Shand; Feedback on the CBSN gathering and SAN event
  • CBS Network newsletter, November 2004: issue 2, including articles on -- Bridge to the Social Economy project -- national lottery funding for Strengthening the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition (SSEC) project -- international collaboration -- Social Audit Network - CBSN future developments -- Fifteen go to the country, report on the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition away day

CBS news, issue 2

Issue 2 content:

  • CBS: What's been happening
  • Enterprise allowances - but not in Scotland
  • Community business directory
  • Community farms and gardens
  • New video film about community businesses in Strathclyde
  • Strathclyde urban aid 1982/83
  • "Start your own business" training course
  • Home production sales and advisory unit
  • Small business initiatives for West Lothian

CBS news, issue 3

Issue 3 content:

  • SDA seeks CBS help
  • Community business directory
  • Publications
  • Elf help
  • New help of community businesses in Wigton
  • Scottish Development Agency
  • Enterprise allowance scheme extended to North Ayrshire
  • TASS Community Enterprises Ltd
  • Around the regions: Strathclyde; Central; Lothian
  • Plans afoot for community business unit in Lothian
  • Norweg, Northwest Employment Group, Kilmarnock
  • Community business - a local development agency
  • CBS Secretary visits community co-ops in Lewis
  • CBS membership 1982/83

CBS news, issue 4

Issue 4 content:

  • Progress in Brussels, CBS meeting with EEC officials
  • 2nd annual convention
  • Community business directory
  • Publications
  • Govan workspace
  • Community business course, run by LEAP
  • Credit unions
  • Great news, Foregewood Enterprises urban aid application approved
  • Shell aids Govan Workspce
  • Hawick, Hawick Community Employment Group and Slitrig Enterprises Ltd public inauguration
  • Community businesses in Scotland
  • Never heard of them...? Garnock Valley Community Project
  • Study completed, SDA commissioned report on programme of action to help community businesses in the Denny / Bonnybridge area
  • Poldrait Service and Industry Ltd, launch in Glasgow
  • Home production, in Strathclyde
  • Clyde Action feature community business on Radio Clyde
  • Sales organisation, for home production
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation, discussion with Director of LISC, New York
  • CBS membership 1982/83
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