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1936 extension to Park Drive building

This subseries consists of 5 files:
-Estimated costs and funding of the extension of the College, correspondence, 1934
-Financial statements of cost of the College premises at Park Drive, 1936-1937
-Notebook of costs of furniture and fittings for the College extension, 1936
-Measurement of works for extension and alterations to the College, 1936-1938
-Formal opening of extensions to the College buildings, 1936

Following the death of Walter R Watson in 1932, James Monro was engaged as Architect to the College. His first major undertaking was the new extension. The College purchased 7 Park Drive in 1923, 8 Park Drive in 1927 and 9 Park Drive in 1934. Work began on the extension in April 1935. Mr Monro's plans included a new dietetic kitchen and laboratory in the original College buildings; 3 new kitchens, a laundry and 2 housewifery classrooms in No. 7; retaining the hostel at No. 8 and providing staff dining room and common room; moving the Students' Union to No. 9, along with a new recreation hall and residential hostel. The new extension was opened on 29 October 1936.

Three year course for Mature Entrants with Family Commitments

This sub-series consists of 3 files:
-Course handbooks for the three year course in Social Work, 1989-1993
-Three Year Social Work Course Committee correspondence, 1980-1983
-Three Year Social Work Course Committee meeting minutes, correspondence and reports, 1980-1985

Commonwealth Association for Local Action and Economic Development (COMMACT) papers

This sub-series consists of 5 files:
-Constitution, general assembly and miscellaneous papers of COMMACT, 1988-1999
-Third Working for Common Wealth Conference presentations, Malaysia, April 1992
-European COMMACT conferences and symposium, 1992-1993
-Fourth Working for Common Wealth Conference presentations, Northern Ireland, September 1996
-Conference, general assembly and work programme papers of COMMACT, 1996-2005

COMMACT (Commonwealth Association for Local Action and Economic Development) was established in 1990 by practitioners of local development organisations, alternative trading organisations and related institutions as a forum for exchange of experience and promote activity in the area of social and economic development at local level. The registered business address was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and membership was open to individuals and organisations in the field of people-centred development.

Governing Body correspondence

This sub-series consists of 5 files:
-Chairman of the Governor's correspondence, 1976-1990
-Principal, John Phillips' file : 'Governing Body' correspondence, 1991-1993
-Secretary and Treasurer, Henry Rose's file : 'Governing Body and Academic Council correspondence', 1969-89
-Clerk to the Governing Body, Ian Davidson's file : 'Governors' meetings general' correspondence , 1989-1991
-Principal, John Phillips' file : 'Governors' Dinner 25 March 1993', 1993

Class results and examiners reports

This sub-series consists of 19 files:
-Hygiene class results, 1909-1956
-General Methods class results, 1912-1954
-Group I Class Teaching results, 1908-1945
-Dietitians results and examiners reports, 1930-1949
-Institutional Management results, 1935-1948
-Institutional and Institutional Catering results, 1934-1954
-Cook's Certificate and Institutional Catering results, 1952-1962
-Institutional Management Association certificate examination results and examiners report, 1947-1964
-Household Management and Housekeeper-Matron’s course results, 1951-1958
-National Council for Domestic Studies Housecraft certificate examination results, 1948-1961
-Needlecraft subject results, 1955-1963
-Advanced Cookery results and examiners reports, 1963-1964
-Demonstrators course results, 1951-1962
-Household and Catering Management second year results, 1962-1968
-Domestic Science, 3 and 4 year diploma course and Home Economics diploma marks sheets, 1970-1982
-Dietetics diploma course marks sheets, 1970-1978
-Social Work : student rolls correspondence and CCETSW results forms, 1975-1986
-Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Association (HCIMA) results of final assessments, 1977-1979
-Scottish Business Education Council SHND in Consumer and Business Studies, first and second year examination results, 1981-1982

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