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Community Business Scotland Network Ltd records (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)
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CBSN memorandum of association, major events and National Lottery Charities Board funding applications

This file contains 1 folder:

  • CBSN memorandum of association, revised March 1999
  • CBSN memorandum of association, revised December 2002
  • Programme for annual convention 1999, 'New parliaments / new democracies'
  • Programme for 'First gathering of the new millenium', Edinburgh, 21-22 January 2000
  • Photocopy of National Lottery Charities Board Community Fund application for the Bridge to the Social Economy project , 30 August 2001 (part removed for data protection)
  • Photocopy of National Lottery Charities Board Community Fund application to build on the work of the Bridge to the Social Economy project and establish the Scottish Coalition for Social Enterprise, 22 December 2003 (part removed for data protection)

CBSN survey of membership services

This file contains 1 folder:

  • 32 completed questionnaires answering questions on awareness of membership services offered, how useful members found the services, what members would be interested in learning more about, what other organisations they use to support their work, further information they would like sent out (removed for data protection)
  • Analysis of the questionnaire responses (part removed for data protection)

Community business directories

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Community business in Scotland 1986 directory, CBS (digital copy provided)
  • Directory of community businesses 1989, CBS
  • Directory of organisations offering support to community enterprises , October 1994, National Network of Community Businesses, listed in sections for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Directory of community businesses in Scotland 1995, CBS

The community business directories detail the businesses in alphabetical order organised by region.

"Community business news" (formerly "CBS news" and "CB news")

This file contains 49 items:

  • CBS news, issue 1, December 1981
  • CBS news, issue 2, March 1982
  • CBS news, issue 3, June 1982
  • CBS news, issue 4, October 1982
  • CBS news, 2nd annual convention, November 1982
  • Not! the CBS news, mock newsletter
  • CBS news, issue 5, [January 1983]
  • Community business news, issue 6, April 1983
  • Community business news, issue 7, June 1983
  • Community business news, issue 8, September 1983
  • Community business news, 3rd annual convention, December 1983
  • Community business news, issue 9, January 1984
  • Community business news, issue 10, April 1984
  • Community business news, issue 11, Summer 1984
  • Community business news, issue 12, November 1984
  • Community business news, issue 13, March 1985
  • Community business news, issue 14, June 1985
  • Community business news, issue 15, August 1985
  • Community business news, issue 16, November 1985
  • Community business news, issue 17, March 1986
  • Community business news, issue 18, June 1986
  • Community business news, issue 19, October 1986
  • Community business news, wedding souvenir issue, mock newsletter
  • CB news, issue 20, December 1986
  • CB news, issue 21, March 1987
  • CB news, issue 22, July 1987
  • CB news, issue 23, October 1987
  • CB news, issue 24, February [1988]
  • CB news, issue 25, April 1988
  • CB news, issue 26, September 1988
  • CB news, issue 27, November 1988

and 5-6 issues per year until

  • Community business news, issue 45, February/March 1992

"Community business news" was the journal of the community business movement published by Community Business Scotland, ISSN 02627159. The first newsletter was published in December 1981 under the title "CBS news". In issue 7, June 1983 the title changed to "Community business news" (shortened to "CB news" for issues 20-35, December 1986 to June 1989) until the final issue 45, February/March 1992. The newsletter was then replaced by 'New Sector' magazine produced by CBS, Community Enterprise UK (CE-UK) and the Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM). The file contains two humorous mock newsletters created for in-house circulation in December 1982 and October 1986. There are also two convention issues, in November 1982 covering the 2nd annual convention, and in December 1983 covering the 3rd annual convention.

Community business news, issue 10

Issue 10 content:

  • Community business directory, bieing published
  • Kinnock's commitment, Leader of Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, speaking on commitment to putting co-operatives and their development 'at the centre' of the economic programme
  • Publications
  • EIB Developments Ltd, Erskine, Inchinnan and Bishopton Development Company Ltd set up to support individuals and groups to set up in business for themselves
  • Co-op fair, at Kensington Town Hall opened by EEC Commissioner
  • A union bank, the Unity Trust set up my trades unions and the Co-op Bank
  • The third sector economy, problems, local economy, progressive local authorites
  • The Glasgow Business Club formed to help create and stabilise the performance of small firms in Glasgow
  • A newcomer's look at community business, newly appointed manager of the Denny Emplyment Creation Group
  • A view from the edge - community businesses in Strathclyde
  • Community business in Lothian: Craigsfarm Ltd; Handicabs (Lothian) Ltd
  • Darnley Mill, potential for job creation and community enterprise at the Darnley Mill and Walkmill Glen Reservoir, Glasgow
  • Housing co-ops, what and where are they in Scotland
  • Community action in Wigtown
  • Women in Co-operation, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM) Women's Link Up and Scottish Co-operatives Development Committee (SCDC) Forum
  • Scottish Co-operative collaboration
  • Some financial terms explained
  • The cost of unemployment, calculated by the Centre for Alternative Industrial and Technological Systems (CAITS)
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd, John Pearce, Head of the new agency

Community business news, issue 11

Issue 11 content:

  • Social and employment strategy, looking at the strategy in Strathclyde and Strathclyde Community Business Ltd
  • Publications
  • Base means business! on the Bathgate Area Support for Enterprise Company, West Lothian
  • The SDA and community business, on the remit of the Scottish Development Agency
  • Flagstone Enterprises
  • Stathclyde Community Business Ltd, its role
  • Development funding, available from Strathclyde Community Business Ltd
  • Knock, knock, who's there?, the core staff team at Stathclyde Community Business Ltd
  • Knitting scheme continued, training in machine and hand knitting and sewing run by the Local Enterprise Advisory Project
  • Poldrait Service and Industry Ltd, projects at the Glasgow East End agency
  • The Strathclyde Federation, the Federation of Strathclyde Community Businesses
  • The give and take of Central Government, on urban aid funding
  • Fighting unemployment in Maryhill, on Maryhill community business, Many Hands
  • Ad Hoc Crafts, community group in Ayr
  • The private sector commitment, aims of ScotBIC, Scottish Business in the Community, and its partnerships
  • Home production and home work, seminar on the Scottish experience
  • Energy efficiency and community business, Scottish Neighbourhood Energy Action - Glasgow project
  • Co-operative information exchange, conference in October
  • Community business directory
  • Membership subscriptions 1984/85

Community business news, issue 12

Issue 12 content:

  • 4th convention of Community Business Scotland, programme
  • Community business directory 1984
  • Publications
  • Community Business Lothian, new worker
  • West Calder Workspace, objectives and key dates
  • New address for CB News
  • Tax and community enterprises, Inland Revenue position on charity and relief of the unemployed
  • What's new in Central region, Bo'ness Developments; Alloa Community Enterprises (ACE)
  • Information exchange, 5 October 1984
  • Seconds out....Round 10! Seminar on 'Alternatives to unemployment' in Aberdeen

Community business news, issue 13

Issue 13 content:

  • 'Creating employment in the community' conference, overview
  • At the opening of Elderpark Workshpace
  • Publications
  • Stoneyburn Workshops Ltd, Breich Valley, West Lothian
  • How the recession is hitting Scotland
  • Strathclyde colour supplement, Strathclyde Community Business; Spring training programme; Port Glasgow Community Enterprises Ltd; Garnock Workspace; Drumchapel Community Business; Forgewood Enterprises Ltd
  • Stoneyburn Workshops Ltd
  • Tackling unemployment in the Western Isles, Eriskay Co Chomunn
  • Community enterprise in Canada
  • A lesson for Wales? Antur Broydd Cymru (Welsh Community Enterprise)
  • What shall we do with the profit?, ways to use surplus finance
  • Third sector economy, appraisal of community business ventures in North East Scotland

Community business news, issue 14

Issue 14 content:

  • A clean break for Garscube!, on Garscube Community business, Glasgow, first community business laundrette in Scotland
  • Open for business, Poldrait Road Markings; Denny ECG's 'Creations' shop
  • Grampian backs community business, support from Grampian Regional Council
  • Gulbenkian helps CBS, funding for development work in Fife and Tayside
  • Community Business Tayside formed
  • The 'community' in community business, community co-operatives
  • Barnsley Enterprise Centre
  • Strathclyde colour supplement: economic trends; seminar programme; start your own business course; knitting together; ADHOC Crafts' Co-op '85 trade fair
  • Community Business Manifesto '85
  • CBS Board of Management
  • Did you miss the environment Ark? Channel 4 series
  • A role for adult education, SABEU conference
  • Community business pack, booklets series
  • Community business directory
  • Rural developments
  • CB on TV
  • CB at STUC
  • CBS goes on the attack, with Manifesto '85
    -CBS needs you!, membership information
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