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Chiropody (Podiatry) correspondence

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Correspondence of Geoffrey Richardson, Principal of the Queen’s College, Glasgow, with Alex Robertson, Principal of the Glasgow School of Chiropody; Greater Glasgow Health Board; the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine; the Society of Chiropodists; the Scottish Education Department
  • Correspondence regarding amalgamating the school within the college; meetings of a joint amalgamation committee; transfer document; formation of a working group to look at staffing; transfer proposal document; costs of transferring the School; postponement of the transfer date; the transfer of the schools of Chiropody, Radiography and Occupational Therapy into QCG; Eldon Street development; Jordanhill campus; student and income projections; clarification of financial support for the School; location of the new chiropody clinic; planning for the new chiropody clinic at Jordanhill campus; BSc Podiatry course
  • Principal’s handwritten notes of telephone conversations regarding the Glasgow School of Chiropody transfer

Class results and examiners reports

This sub-series consists of 19 files:

  • Group I Class Teaching results, 1908-1945
  • Hygiene class results, 1909-1956
  • General Methods class results, 1912-1954
  • Dietitians results and examiners reports, 1930-1949
  • Institutional and Institutional Catering results, 1934-1954
  • Institutional Management results, 1935-1948
  • Institutional Management Association certificate examination results and examiners report, 1947-1964
  • National Council for Domestic Studies Housecraft certificate examination results, 1948-1961
  • Household Management and Housekeeper-Matron’s course results, 1951-1958
  • Demonstrators course results, 1951-1962
  • Cook's Certificate and Institutional Catering results, 1952-1962
  • Needlecraft subject results, 1955-1963
  • Household and Catering Management second year results, 1962-1968
  • Advanced Cookery results and examiners reports, 1963-1964
  • Domestic Science, 3 and 4 year diploma course and Home Economics diploma marks sheets, 1970-1982
  • Dietetics diploma course marks sheets, 1970-1978
  • Social Work : student rolls correspondence and CCETSW results forms, 1975-1986
  • Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Association (HCIMA) results of final assessments, 1977-1979
  • Scottish Business Education Council SHND in Consumer and Business Studies, first and second year examination results, 1981-1982

Classes, lectures and demonstrations photographs

This series consists of 7 files:

  • Cookery and catering classes, 1930s-1980s
  • Dressmaking classes, mannequin parades and exhibitions of work, 1930s-1980s
  • Needlework, millinery, upholstery, weaving, art and design and pottery classes, 1930s-1970s
  • Laundry work classes, 1930s-1980s
  • Dietetics and chemistry , 1930s-1980s
  • Lectures and demonstrations, 1930s-1960s
  • Social work, business, communications and physiotherapy classes, 1960s-1980s

Clearing House for Certificate of Qualification in Social Work courses correspondence

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • Reports from the Provisional Steering Committee
  • Notice of the Annual Meeting of Institutions and Courses,
  • Membership of the Clearing House
  • Clearing processes and policies
  • College entry in the Clearing House booklet
  • Application forms

CNAA correspondence, 13 January 1988 - 9 December 1988

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • CNAA institutional review report November 1987
  • Articulation between SCOTVEC and HN courses
  • CNAA degree courses
  • Candidates for research degrees
  • Membership of CNAA committees
  • Register of specialist advisers
  • Degree certificates, parchment and printing

CNAA correspondence, 25 April 1991 - 13 October 1992

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • SCOTCAT working group and conference
  • BSc courses in Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Radiography, Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BA courses in Consumer and Management Studies, Marketing and Communication, Retail Management
  • Postgraduate diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Memorandum of Cooperation: Glasgow Polytechnic and Queen's College, Glasgow
  • Candidates for research degrees
  • CNAA Bulletin 1-3

CNAA correspondence, 3 January 1990 - 17 April 1991

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • Register of specialist advisers
  • Membership of CNAA committees
  • Candidates for research degrees
  • Institutional reviews
  • BSc (hons) Physiotherapy
  • 'Report of the Review of the CNAA' , June 1990, Department of Education and Science
  • Employment based learning
  • CNAA committee for Scotland
  • BSc (hons) Health Studies

CNAA correspondence, 6 October 1980 - 28 October 1983

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • CNAA monitoring visits Autumn 1983
  • Relationship between CNAA and National Assessment Bank (NAB)
  • 3 year degree in Physiotherapy
  • Report 'Future development of CNAA's academic policies at undergraduate level: consultative paper', CNAA, May 1983

Colin Roxburgh interview audio recording and transcript, recorded December 2015

  • Audio recording of the interview, Colin Roxburgh.WMA, 1:06:17 hours, 63MB
  • Transcript of the interview, Colin Roxburgh_Interview Transcript.pdf, 18 pages, 254KB

This item is an interview with Colin Roxburgh recorded by Dr Gillian Murray on1 December 2015 as part of the CommonHealth history project. It is the oral history of Colin Roxburgh's involvement in community development and the community enterprise movement from the 1980s to 2010s. Click on the URL link in the metadata section below. This will take you to the Glasgow Caledonian University edShare page where the items can be previewed and downloaded.

Colin Roxburgh has a background in community development and worked on some of the early community business projects in the Strathclyde Region in the early 1980s, such as the Local Area Advisory Project (LEAP) and later Strathclyde Community Business (SCB). He left SCB in 1989 and then worked as a freelance community consultant in Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.

Collated college syllabuses

This file contains 1 bound volume containing course syllabuses:

  • Home Economics 3 year diploma
  • Group I, II and III diplomas
  • Institutional Management certificate
  • Housewife’s certificate
  • Household Management certificate
  • Cook’s certificate
  • Advanced Cook’s certificate
  • Institutional Catering certificate
  • Nutrition certificate
  • Needlework certificate
  • Preliminary Science
  • General Science
  • Dietetic diploma
  • Article 55 certificate

College action on the inspection visit May 1985 report, correspondence and reports

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Copy of the report - HM Inspectors of Schools, 'The Queen's College, Glasgow, Report of an Inspection in May 1985' Scottish Education Department
  • College Governing Body and Academic Council consideration of the report including correspondence; Principal's notes; arrangements for meetings, briefing notes, minutes and notes of meetings, Henry Rose's handwritten notes from meetings

College badges

This file contains 3 enamel badges and 5 duplicates:

  • Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science badge displaying the College crest (5 duplicates) (item 1)
  • President of the Former Students Association badge inscribed on back 'presented by Grace Tanish, President 1957-1959', and date '13-5-59' (item 2)
  • Queen's College, Glasgow, square enamel badge displaying the College coat of arms (item 3), 1980s

College briefing notes

This file contains 1 booklet:

  • 'The Queen's College, Glasgow, a briefing note, March 1990', containing a copy of "Century of change" by Ellice Miller; descriptions of the College and its activities; copies of 'College report' , 'Research and publications report', 'The Q file'; 'Corporate planning in a small college" by Geoffrey Richardson; extracts from the institutional plan and corporate plan; and student statistics

The briefing notes were prepared in evidence for a local public enquiry on 11 May 1990.

College building fixtures and fittings

This file contains 5 items:

  • Metal plaque engraved, ‘The Glasgow & West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (Incorporated) Reg.d Office’ (item 1)
  • Push button for bell with text 'Principal' [thought to be the Principal's bell for the lift] (item 2)
  • Painted wooden crest of ‘The Glasgow & West of Scotland College of Domestic Science’ (item 3)
  • Metal plaque engraved, ‘The Queen’s College, Glasgow Reg.d Office’ (item 4)
  • Envelope containing 6 keys, one of which is tagged 'key for communicating door' (item 5)

College Business Development Manager post

This series consists of 2 files:

  • Recruitment correspondence for the post of Business Development Manager, 1990
  • Correspondence of Geoffrey Richardson, Principal, and Ian Brian Conn, Business Development Manager, 1991-1992

In January 1990 the College was in the process of re-structuring, setting up two new faculties, in Health Studies and in Management Studies and Social Work, and a new functional unit “Enterprise”. This unit would be responsible for marketing and enterprise activities for generating income, particularly through QCG Enterprises Ltd, EMSBC Ltd and the Educational Trust. A Business Development Manager was appointed to develop each of these areas.

College catering consultancy survey

This file contains 1 folder of Henry Rose's correspondence including:

  • Letters and handwritten notes regarding invitation to Sutcliffe Catering Company (Scotland) Ltd, Dunedin Management Advisory Services and Bateman Catering Organization Ltd. to look at solutions to the catering problems in the College, including staffing structure and finances 29 October 1980 - 21 January 1981
  • Sutcliffe Catering Company (Scotland) Ltd reports, ‘Report and recommendations on the catering services’, with annotations, March 1981; financial estimates and suggested menus, July 1981
  • Letters regarding Sutcliffe Catering Company (Scotland) Ltd survey of the catering services, arrangements for uptake of their services to provide catering for the College, provision and termination of their service, 21 January 1981 - 4 February 1983
  • Installation of vending machines in the students union, November 1981
  • Use of external contractors for a fully self-financing catering service within the College, 2 April 1985 - 28 May 1985

College centenary celebrations

This sub-series consists of 13 files:

  • General correspondence file kept by Henry Rose on centenary celebrations, 1973-1974
  • Centenary Celebrations Committee meetings, 1974-1975
  • College change of name correspondence, 1974-1975
  • General correspondence file kept by Henry Rose on centenary Celebrations, 1975
  • Centenary review, January 1975-1976
  • College history, “Century of Change” publication correspondence, 1975
  • Centenary feature page in “Glasgow Herald” correspondence,1975
  • Centenary prize fund correspondence kept by Juliann Calder, 1975
  • Secretary of State luncheon correspondence kept by Juliann Calder,1975
  • Centenary dinner correspondence kept by Juliann Calder,1975
  • Centenary Service in Glasgow Cathedral correspondence kept by Juliann Calder, 1975
  • Letters of thanks for the centenary celebrations kept by Juliann Calder, 1975
  • General correspondence file kept by Henry Rose on centenary Celebrations, 1976-1977

College change of name correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Correspondence between Sir Martin Charteris, Buckingham Palace and George Parker, Chairman of the Board of Governors, requesting to change the name to the Queen’s College, Glasgow, including letter to the Queen thanking her for the honour conferred on the College, December 1974 - March 1975
  • Letters from Juliann Calder to the Scottish Education Department regarding writing to the Secretary of State to request the change of name, January 1975
  • Correspondence between William Ross, Secretary of State for Scotland, and George Parker, requesting changing the name to the Queen’s College, Glasgow January 1975
  • Correspondence between W A Lamberton, Scottish Home and Health Department, and George Parker regarding approaching the Registrar of Companies, Edinburgh, for permission for the change of name, including letter notifying George Parker that the change of name was approved by the Queen, March 1975
  • Letters sent to governors of the College and representatives of other Scottish Central Institutions and other organisations to notify them that the name change was approved, March 1975
  • Photocopy of newspaper article on the change of name, March 1975
  • Letters of congratulations on the name change from other institutions, March 1975 - April 1975
  • Correspondence between Malcolm R Innes, Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records, and Henry Rose regarding the Petition for bearing a coat of arms for the Queen’s College, Glasgow, March 1975
  • Notification of an extraordinary general meeting of the Association on 30 May 1975 to approve the change of name to the Queen’s College, Glasgow, and note of the meeting, May 1975
  • Correspondence with the Companies Registration Office to register the change of name, including photocopies of the certificates of the name change, May 1975 - July 1975

College Crest

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Master copy of the college crest
  • Five notes regarding the issue and return of the master of the college crest for printing and artwork purposes, 10 February 1983 - 9 February 1990
  • Fabric samples from McSymon and Potter (Flagmakers) Ltd; mockup of logo for the Queen’s College centenary celebrations incorporating the crest

College development of Eldon Street

This file contains 7 booklets:

  • 'The development of the college 1985 to 1995 and the need for the Eldon Street site', October 1985 (1)
  • 'Queen's College, Glasgow, Park Campus', April 1990 (2) (1 duplicate)
  • 'The Queen's College, Park Campus, Glasgow', June 1990 (3)
  • 'Proposals for redevelopment of the Park Campus', 3 December 1991 (4)
  • International Hotel School, conference centre, health and fitness complex, student residences : Feasibility study', 1990 (5)
  • 'International Hotel School, The Queen's College, Glasgow' marketing brochure (6)
  • 'Accommodation requirements', prepared for the Academic Council detailing rooms, equipment and furnishings required for the allied health profession courses proposed to be housed at Eldon Street, 7 May 1986 (7)

College development plans and reviews

This file contains 1 folder

  • '1976-1981 Quinquennium : A review', looking at the college development plan through the eyes of different participants, June 1981
  • 'College development plan 1981-86', regarding action plans for the period, January 1982
  • 'College development plan 1981-1986', bound booklet of documents regarding the strategic plan (1984-2000), quinquennial plan (1981-86) and priority action plans (1984-86), May 1984
  • 'College development plan 1984-86, conference '85', bound booklet of reports, memos and handwritten notes regarding the development plans
  • Memo from Geoffrey Richardson, Principal, to all staff regarding review of priorities of the college development plan 1983-1986 and attached copy of report for the CNAA institutional review 1987, 18 February 1987

College development programme workbooks

This file contains 4 workbooks:

  • Development programme - volume one, covering phase I-III (September 1976 - December 1978), 1976 (booklet 1)
  • Development programme - annual review, 8 January 1979 (booklet 2)
  • Development programme - volume 2, covering phase IV and V (January 1979 - December 1980), 1979 (booklet 3)
  • Development programme - January congress, 7 January 1980 (booklet 4)

College history, “Century of Change” publication correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Correspondence with various Scottish publishers regarding quotations for publishing the College history, January 1975 - July 1975
  • Correspondence with various booksellers looking for a sales outlet for the College history “Century of Change”, October 1975
  • Copy of “Century of Change 1875-1975: One hundred years of training Home Economics’ students in Glasgow” by Ellice Miller, printed by Bell and Bain Ltd, Thornliebank, Glasgow

College medals presented to students

This file contains 1 box:

  • Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science needlework medal with purple ribbon (2 duplicates)
  • Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science cordon bleu medal with blue ribbon (4 duplicates)
  • Selection of Thomas Fattorini Ltd boxes in which sample medals were packaged and sent to the College
  • Note of number of medals used 1951-1958

College of Nursing and General Nursing Council correspondence on recognition for the Sister Tutor’s course

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Dorothy Melvin’s correspondence with the College of Nursing, Scottish Board, and College of Nursing, London, regarding content of the Sister Tutor’s course and recognition by the Board and College, November 1938 - September 1939

College sash and ribbon

This file contains 3 fabric items:

  • Official college sash in purple with embroidered Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science badge attached (includes original box for the sash) (item 1)
  • Ribbon striped with College colours of purple and blue (item 2)
  • Wooden bobbin with thread of College purple colour (item 3)
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