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RSSPCC Overnewton Centre reports and related correspondence

This file contains 9 items:

  • Initial review: Overnewton Centre, RSSPCC special unit, with annotations to the list of centre staff and management committeec1980s
  • RSSPCC Special Unit, Overnewton Centre: Review of operations from 1st January 1978, c1978
  • Letter from Professor FH Stone, University of Glasgow, to Vera Hiddleston regarding the centre, 15 December 1982
  • Letters from FA Boddy, University of Glasgow, to Vera Hiddleston regarding views on the future development of the centre, 20 January 1983 and 11 February 1983
  • Correspondence between Vera Hiddleston to John J McKay MP regarding the role of the centre and the need for funding for it to continue as a ‘national’ unit, 17 February 1983 and 16 March 1983
  • Final report, RSSPCC, Special Unit, Overnewton Centre 1978-1987, with foreword by Vera Hiddleston, March 1987
  • RSSPCC Special Unit, Management Committee paper, The future work of the unit: views of sponsors, undated
  • Leaflet for the Overnewton Centre, RSSPCC special unit, undated

The specialist RSPCC Overnewton Centre was established at a time when treatment of families where non-accidental injury of children had occurred was starting to have impetus. It offered an education or re-education into family living in a mixed discipline group. Planning for the unit began in 1974. It was based in a former primary school at Yorkhill, Glasgow, and offered intensive case work service to up to 25 families where abuse of children was suspected. Vera Hiddleston was chair of the Management Committee of the centre. The Centre received substantial funding from the Scottish Office. It closed in 1993.

Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund plc promotional material

This file contains 18 items:

  • ‘Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund plc : prospectus’, with key facts about the fund and community enterprise in Scotland, the SCEIF board of directors and administrative and legal details, September 1989 (Digital copy available from link in Allied materials area below)
  • ‘Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund plc : an opportunity to invest in Scotland’s greatest asset...the people’, fold-out promotional pamphlet to accompany the prospectus.1989
  • 16 colour photographs of the SCEIF launch event in Glasgow City Chambers, October 1989

Annual reports and conventions of Community Business Scotland Ltd

This file contains 6 items:

  • Annual Convention 1986, programme for convention held in Edinburgh, 24-25 October 1986
  • Annual Convention 1987, 'A decade of community enterprise’, programme for convention held at Maryhill Community Central Hall, Glasgow, 23-24 October 1987
  • Annual Convention 88, programme for convention held at Raploch, Stirling, 28-29 October 1988
  • Annual Report 1987/88
  • Annual Report 1989
  • Annual Report 1990

Convention programmes include reports, adverts, programme, accounts and list of members. Annual reports include the CBS report, accounts, list of members, reports for two trading subsidiary companies, Community Economic Development and the Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund and supporting adverts.