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Young Husband Report Study Group Sub Committee no. 3 reports, minutes and memos

This file contains 18 items:

  • Bundle of papers including National Certificate in Social Work: notes on supervision, December 1960; 2 press cuttings for posts of social casework tutors, 1961; The Scottish Association for the Deaf memorandum to the Younghusband Study Group no. 3, content of training, undated [fragile and torn]
  • Draft minute of the first meeting of the Younghusband report study group on 3 October 1960
  • Minute of the first meeting of the Younghusband report study group on 3 October 1960 and paper, sub-committee 3 – continuation of report on ‘Content of training’, October 1960
  • Note on Pilot scheme for the training of Grade II social workers, The Scottish College of Commerce, 6 October 1960
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 22 October 1960
  • DHS Working Party on the Younghusband Report memorandum on health visitors and social workers, 21 October 1960
  • The Scottish Association of the Deaf letter and memo regarding the Younghusband study group and content of training, October 1960
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 14 November 1960
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 12 December 1960
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 7 January 1961
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 16 January 1961
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 11 February 1961
  • Minute of the Younghusband report study group sub-committee no. 3 on 25 February 1961
  • Younghusband study group sub-committee no. 3 interim report with attached suggested amendment to minute of the meeting on 11 February 1961
  • Scottish National Federation for the Welfare of the Blind, memorandum to the Younghusband Study Group regarding content of training

The Younghusband report was published in 1959 and was a significant turning point in the organisation of social work. It was based on the North American model where community organisation was a key component of social work. It was aimed at helping people in local communities to identify their own social needs and determine the most effective means of meeting those. Prior to this there were separate groups of workers in this area but following the report social work emerged as an occupation for trained professionals.

Yellow matriculation cards for certificate and other courses

This file contains 27 boxes of yellow matriculation cards for each student enrolled on the following courses:

  • Advanced Cook’s certificate, 1937-1962
  • Advanced Dressmaking, 1952-1956
  • Advanced Dressmaking Millinery, 1958
  • Advanced needlework certificate, 1944
  • Commercial Home Economics, 1961-1962
  • Cook's certificate, 1936-1960
  • Cordon Bleu, 1936-1943
  • Crafts certificate, 1944-1957
  • Demonstrator’s, 1960
  • Domestic Service certificate, 1947
  • Dietetic diploma, 1936-1976
  • Dressmaking certificate, 1936-1962
  • Embroidery certificate, 1936-1937
  • High Class Cookery certificate, 1964
  • Home Economics, 1959-1962
  • Home Economics for Industry and Commerce, 1964
  • Hotel, Catering and Institutional Operations, OND, 1975-1976
  • Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Association abridged course, 1976
  • Household Management course, 1936-1955
  • Household and Catering Management, 1961-1966
  • Housekeeper-Matron’s course, 1956-1957
  • Housewife's certificate, 1935-1960
  • Housewifery 3 months, 1946-1948
  • Institutional Catering, 1956
  • Institutional Cook’s course, 1939
  • Institutional Catering and Housekeeping OND, 1970-1969
  • Institutional Management certificate, 1936-1947
  • Institutional Management Association certificate, 1947-1961
  • Institutional Management HND, 1959-1976
  • Large Scale Catering 1 term, 1965-1966
  • Laundrywork certificate, 1937-1947
  • Millinery certificate, 1939-1960
  • Needlecraft medal, 1937-1959
  • Needlework certificate, 1946-1957
  • Nutrition certificate, 1947-1950
  • Preliminary Science, 1944-1958
  • Preparatory Nurses course, 1942-1947
  • Sister Tutor, 1940
  • Social Work Phase III, 1975-1976
  • Social Work 3 year course for mature entrants with family commitments, 1976-1976
  • Tailoring certificate, 1945-1953
  • Upholstery certificate, 1937-38

Some of the students for certificate courses from 1939-1946 and Dietetic diplomas from 1936-1946 can be found in the blue matriculation cards, reference code QC/5/1/1.

West End School of Cookery records

  • WSC
  • Collection
  • c1878-1908

There are only a few records surviving from the School.
This collection consists of 5 files:

  • Registers of diplomas, 1885-1908
  • Certificates, c1878-c1908
  • List of Laundry examination results, 1903
  • Stationery of the West End School of Cookery, c1900-1908
  • Obituaries of Margaret Black, 1903

West End School of Cookery | Glasgow

Wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on 20 November 1947

This file contains 5 items:

  • Invitation to the Wedding for Bailie V Robertson, Governor of the College, with envelope and entry ticket (item 1)
  • Driving information and parking label for the wedding (item 2)
  • Wedding programme (item 3)
  • Parcel tag that was attached to a package containing a tier of royal wedding cake, sent to the College from Princess Elizabeth (item 4)
  • Copy of photograph of students unpacking the royal wedding cake, cut from a publication (1 duplicate and 1 photocopy) (item 5)

Wages and salaries books

This series consists of 6 files:

  • Temporary staff book, 1930-1965
  • Salaries book, 1949-1954
  • Salaries book no. 2, 1954-1957
  • Salaries book no. 3, 1957-1959
  • Salaries book no. 4, 1959-1965
  • Salaries book no. 5, 1965-1970

Salaries books list monthly salary expenditure by person detailing salary scale; name; annual salary; salary for month; superannuation; sickness benefit; insurance contribution; income tax; national insurance contributions; net amount payable; national insurance employer’s contribution.

Visit of Princess Elizabeth at Diploma Day on 28 September 1945

This file contains 2 black and white photographs:

  • Princess Elizabeth handing a diploma to a student with Dorothy Melvin in the background, stamped 'copyright Daily Record, Evening News, Sunday Mail, Glasgow' (photograph 1)
  • Princess Elizabeth walking beside Dorothy Melvin inside the College with students and dignitaries in the background (photograph 2)

Visit of Michael Forsyth, Minister for Education, on 18 January 1988

This file contains 1 bundle of colour photographs:

  • Michael Forsyth with Geoffrey Richardson, Principal
  • Michael Forsyth meeting staff and students from the College
  • Michael Forsyth being shown round facilities in the College and model of the proposed Eldon Street development

Staff and students were actively involved in a campaign to persuade the Minister for Education, Mr Michael Forsyth, and Members of Parliament that the College should not be forced to operate on a split site with Jordanhill College but should have a single site, ideally at Eldon Street and Park Drive. On 18 January 1988 Michael Forsyth visited the College and met with many staff and students to hear their proposals.

Vera Hiddleston papers

  • VH
  • Fonds
  • 1937-2006

The collection covers papers kept by Vera Hiddleston whilst working in the social work sector. The papers have been arranged into 10 series reflecting the publications she kept, her roles in training for social workers, in child care and on committees and services she served, including:

  • Government acts and reports relating to social work, child care, local authority services and sick and disabled persons, 1937-1978
  • Child care and training related reports, circulars, newspaper articles and talks, 1948-2002
  • Papers relating to the developing role of the social worker, 1952-2006
  • Training in social work related reports and consultative documents, 1955-1987
  • Association of Child Care Officers (ACCO) meetings, events, annual reports and printed material, 1957-1971
  • Journals and newsletters relating to social work and child care, 1958-1975
  • Published social work books, reports and pamphlets, 1959-1992
  • Scottish Advisory Council on Child Care (SACCC) meetings, correspondence and leaflets, 1960-1963
  • Child abuse reports, studies and enquiries, 1974-1992
  • Elderly care studies, 1987-1989

Hiddleston, Vera | 1931-2017 | social work and child care professional

University Management Group meetings and correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Minute of Glasgow Polytechnic’s Principal’s Management Group meeting on 19 August 1992
  • Minute of the first University Management Group meeting, UMG1, on 21 September 1992
  • Minutes of UMG2 on 12 October 1992 to UMG8 on 3 February 1993
  • Memos and briefing papers on issues regarding the merger for discussion by the UMG, 15 October 1992 - 3 December 1992
  • Draft report on the establishment of Academic Body of the new University
  • List of items discussed at the University Management and Deans Group meetings on 19 October 1992; 18 December 1992;
  • Photocopy of computer printout listing course student numbers and targets for the Queen’s College, Glasgow, and Glasgow Polytechnic, December 1992
  • Draft memo to all staff on use of the University title ‘Glasgow Caledonian University’, January 1993
  • Joint Colleges’ memo regarding the re-organisation of Student Services across the three campuses, 27 January 1993
  • Glasgow Polytechnic memo regarding putting staff vacancies ‘on hold’ due to funding uncertainties, 13 January 1993
  • Joint Colleges’ memo regarding the discussion of SHEFC papers on the main issues for discussion including student number calculations; strategic plans; recurrent funding, 13 January 1993
  • Draft report on the administrative structure and designation of senior posts for the new University, January 1993
  • Joint Colleges’ memo regarding terms of reference and terminology for Standing Committees of the Senate and University Management Group, 25 January 1993
  • Draft memo of Glasgow Caledonian University’s performance related pay scheme for members of the University Management Group

Unedited college-produced cookery demonstration videos

This file contains 15 videos:

  • Cookery Week 2 T1 - includes preparing and jointing a whole chicken; making icing and icing a fruit cake (video 1)
  • Cookery Week 2 T2 - includes cooking egg dishes (video 2)
  • Cookery week 2 T3 - includes preparing and decorating cream-based desserts (video 3)
  • Cookery Week 2 T4 - baking desserts (video 4)
  • Basic food preparation - week 1 - tape 1 - rough puff pastry; flaky pastry; lining cake tins; lining a flan tin; baking blind; cleaning and preparing vegetables (video 5)
  • Basic food preparation - tape 2 week 1 - sugar boiling; peeling and cleaning; rubbing in - fork method; jams and jellies; almond paste (video 6)
  • Basic food preparation - week 2 - tape 1 - trussing chicken; portioning chicken; boning chicken; royal icing; fondant icing; yeast mixtures; scrambled eggs; baked custard; pouring custard; omelettes; all-in-one sauce (video 7)
  • Basic food preparation - meat preparation; gateaux; french cakes; choux pastry soufflés (video 8)
  • Catering video tape 1 - includes preparation of puff pastry and using it to make steak pie, sausage rolls, and other pies; swiss roll and other desserts (video 9)
  • Catering video tape 2 - includes preparation of pastry to create a pie/tart, making shortcrust pastry and making an apple pie (video 10)
  • Catering video tape 3 - includes preparation of tarts using pastry, lining pie dishes using different methods; preparing vegetables; heating sugar (video 11)
  • Catering video tape 4 - includes making toffee (video 12)
  • Demonstration of student preparing her variation of a Spanish omelette and a small pizza (video 13)
  • Gueridon work, silver service, plate service and serviette folding, 82 minutes (video 14)
  • Peeling and cleaning; size reduction; basic sauces; fruit and vegetable preparation (video 15)

Running time of each video is over 60 minutes. Recorded in the College teaching kitchens.

Twelfth annual general meeting of CBS on 9 October 1998

This file contains 1 bundle:

  • Letter to members regarding the AGM, including agenda, location map, minutes of the 1997 AGM, Board of Directors' report to the AGM, details of Board of Directors 1997/98 and blank nomination form, 1 September 1998
  • Reminder of date of AGM
  • Letter and discussion paper regarding meeting to discuss the future of CBS prior to the AGM
  • Biographies of nominated candidates for election to the Board of Directors
  • Annotated letter and documents from previous AGM updated for current year

The minutes of the AGM have not been retained.

Travel and subsistence allowances correspondence and circulars, February 1967 - 21 November 1975

This file contains 1 folder:

  • College memos and letter to Graeme Reid regarding insurance of private vehicles for business use
  • Scottish Education Department circulars on travel and subsistence allowances
  • Copies of travel and subsistence guidance for staff by East of Scotland College of Agriculture, Dundee College of Technology, Robert Gordon's Institute of Technology and Queen Margaret College
  • Letter to Miss Calder from the College Staff Association regarding travel expenses

Transfer of leases for the School of Occupational Therapy and School of Chiropody

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • Conversion of the Crawfurd Building, Jordanhill
  • Progress of the Eldon Street development proposal
  • Draft minute of agreement for the Lease of the Chiropody school at Crookston Road, and Occupational Therapy school at Sherbrooke Avenue
  • Copy of draft legal documentation of the Transfer Agreement for the School of Chiropody and for the School of Occupational Therapy
  • Copy of legal documentation of the Minute of Lease for the School of Occupational Therapy
  • Photocopy of the legal document of the Lease, and Extension of the Lease, for the School of Chiropody premises at Crookston Road

Training materials of Strathclyde Community Business Ltd

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Promotional leaflet, ‘Seminar – how the UK’s largest community business development agency works’, for SCB seminar on 12 June 1986 at the Kelvin Conference Centre, Glasgow, 1986
  • SCB training programme booklet, ‘Real training for real jobs – the 1987 European Social Fund training programmes’, Spring 1988
  • SCB training programme leaflet, ‘Autumn/winter 1988 training courses’, 1988
  • SCB training programme leaflet, ‘Tailor made for job creation: the 1988 European Social Fund training programmes and comments on the rejection of support for 1989’, 1989
  • SCB training booklet, ‘Training pack no. 1: the cash flow forecast', 1988
  • SCB training booklet, 'Training pack no. 2: the job description and terms and conditions of employment', c1988
  • SCB training booklet, 'Training pack no. 3: undertaking a financial feasibility of a business idea', c1989
  • SCB training booklet, 'Training pack no. 4: employment resource pack: introduction to employment legislation', c1989
  • SCB training booklet, 'Training pack no. 5: meetings', c1990
  • SCB training booklet, 'Training pack no. 6: time management’, 1990

Training in social work related reports and consultative documents

This series consists of 5 files:

  • Supervision of students training in child care related social work papers, 1955-1972
  • Young Husband Report Study Group Sub Committee no. 3 reports, minutes and memos, 1960-1961
  • Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW) consultative documents and reports, 1976-1987
  • Children’s panel summer school September 1979, 1979-1980
  • Miscellaneous social work training reports, c1980s

Training and guidance packs relating to social enterprise

This file contains 6 folders:

  • 'Comment NVQ workbook: supporting Comment NVQ level 3 community enterprise training', Community Enterprise Unit Ltd, Exeter (folder 1)
  • 'Economic renewal guide: How to develop a sustainable economy through community collaboration', Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado, c1991 (folder 2)
  • 'Community economic development training pack', Strathclyde Regional Council, Glasgow, 1994 (folder 3)
  • Co-operative learning: the collection', Co-operative Union Ltd, Loughborough, 1995 (folder 4)
  • Photocopy of 'The guide to development trusts and partnerships', Development Trusts Association, London, c1996 (folder 5)
  • National Network of Community Business, training programme, c 2004 (folder 6)

Tor Justad interview audio recording and transcript, recorded February 2015

  • Audio recording of the interview, Tor Justad_Track 1.WMA, 1:26:40 hours, 83MB
  • Transcript of the interview, Tor Justad_Approved Transcript.pdf, 19 pages, 482kB

This item is an interview with Tor Justad recorded by Dr Gillian Murray in February 2015 as part of the CommonHealth history project. It is the oral history of Tor Justad's involvement in the social enterprise movement in Scotland from 1978 to 2011, including his work with community co-operatives and community businesses in Shetland and Central Region; social auditing; and international projects. Click on the URL link in the metadata section below. This will take you to the Glasgow Caledonian University edShare page where the items can be previewed and downloaded.

Tor Justad trained as a community worker and between 1978-1987 worked with community groups in Shetland. In 1987 he moved to the Scottish mainland, and based in Stirling, managed CESU, Community Enterprise Support Unit (Central Region) Ltd. In 1994 he began working freelance as a Social Economy Adviser trading as Tor Justad Associates, with contracts in the UK, Sweden, Ireland and other countries. He returned to the Scottish Highlands and between 2000-2011, was employed as a Co-operative and Membership Officer with the Co-operative Group covering the Highlands and Islands.

Tor Justad collection (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)

  • Collection
  • 1970-2015

This collection is part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland. The collection includes published and unpublished material including books, pamphlets, reports, periodicals and other literature. The material relates to social enterprise (1970-2012), co-operatives (1981-2012), social accounting and audit (1993-2015) and was accumulated by Tor Justad whilst working as an adviser in these three areas. Some of the material focuses on the geographic areas in which Justad worked, particularly the Scottish highlands and islands and central belt, Ireland, Sweden and wider European networks. Other materials cover subject-specific areas Justad was involved in including community employment, retailing, energy, and related social sectors such as housing, rural development, credit unions and social investment. There are training packs and guides, reflecting one strand of work conducted by Tor Justad Associates from 1994 onwards. There are also programmes and reports for many of the conferences and seminars Justad attended over the course of his career from 1985-2012.

Some of the material is in Swedish or Norwegian. The language of material that is not in English has been indicated at file level.

The collection has been arranged into 5 series:

  • Social enterprise reports, publications, events and training materials, 1970-2013
  • Social enterprise related activities and organisations reports, 1981-2012
  • Co-operatives reports, publications, training and events, 1981-2012
  • Social accounting and audit reports, guides and training, 1993-2015
  • Miscellaneous reports on voluntary work, church, fairtrade, sustainable buildings and public services, 1994-2008

Justad, Tor Robin | b 1945 | Social enterprise and co-operative adviser

Three Year Social Work Course Committee meeting minutes, correspondence and reports

This file contains 5 folders:

  • Minutes of the Social Work Committee meeting, 1 December 1980 (folder 1)
  • Minutes, correspondence and reports of the Three Year Social Work Course Committee meetings, 16 March 1981 - 9 May 1983 (folder 1); 30 September 1983 - 15 June 1984 (folder 2); 11 October 1984 - 18 June 1985 (folder 3); 30 October 1985 - 24 June 1986 (folder 4); 22 October 1986 - 16 November 1985 (folder 5)

Three Year Social Work Course Committee correspondence

This file contains 1 folder including letters regarding:

  • Course evaluation
  • Applicants to the course
  • Funding for repeat years
  • Course handbooks
  • Re-submission of the three year course to CCETSW
  • Remit of the committee
  • Concern over placements
  • Committee membership
  • Course assessment questionnaire

Three year course for Mature Entrants with Family Commitments submissions

This file contains 3 bound volumes:

  • Submission to the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW) for the course leading to certificate of qualification in Social Work (CQSW), February 1976 (volume 1)
  • Re-submission for re-approval of existing course, September 1981 (volume 2)
  • Submission to the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), for the Diploma in Social Work Course, June 1991 (volume 3)

Third Working for Common Wealth Conference presentations, April 1992, Malaysia

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Keynote speech, 'Global Issues and Local Action – A Perspective' , 20 April 1992, by Ezra Mbogori, Director, Undugu Society, Nairobi, Kenya (folder 1)
  • Papers delivered at conference talks and workshops by speakers from Malaysia, Southern Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom, Netherlands and USA (folders 1 and 2)
  • Colour photograph of delegates attending the conference (folder 2)
  • Leaflet for the Malaysian Association for the Blind (folder 2)

The third COMMACT conference was held at Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia from 19 to 25 April 1992.

Third annual general meeting of CBS on 27 October 1989

This file contains 1 bundle:

  • Minutes of the AGM
  • Revised agenda
  • Proposed alterations to the Articles of Association and standing orders for AGM proposals
  • Letter regarding the results of the proposals proposed at the meeting, 15 November 1989
  • Handwritten minute of the AGM
  • Letters of apology and list of apologies submitted, October 1989
  • Letters regarding the meeting and nominations, September 1989 (part removed for data protection)
  • 5 completed nomination forms for election to the Board of Directors (part removed for data protection)
  • CBS Convenor's report, September 1989
  • CED Convenor's report
  • Correspondence and report regarding proposals for the AGM, August 1989 - October 1989 (part removed for data protection)
  • Nomination list and template for voting card

The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records

  • QC
  • Fonds
  • 1907 - 2009

This collection covers records from the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (1907-1975) becoming the Queen's College, Glasgow (1975-1993). The records have been arranged into 19 sections covering the following activity or format:

  • Governance, 1907-1993
  • Institutional administration, 1908-1993
  • Finance, 1909-1993
  • Building and campus development, 1911-1992
  • Student administration, 1908-1993
  • Course development and teaching, 1914-1993
  • College services, 1921-1993
  • Marketing and public relations, 1910-1993
  • Research and staff development, 1935-1992
  • Student body, 1919-1988
  • College enterprise activities, 1981-1993
  • Fundraising activities, 1939-1979
  • Royal connections, 1944-1993
  • Special anniversaries, events and visitors, 1924-1989
  • Collaboration with external organisations, 1917-1986
  • College histories, 1925-1975
  • Published books and pamphlets by the College, 1910-2009
  • Photographs, 1910s-1990s
  • Artefacts, 20th century

Queen's College, Glasgow

The Magazine

This file contains 2 magazines:

  • The Magazine, December 1945, includes lists of posts obtained by students who left the College in June 1945 (1 duplicate) (magazine 1)
  • The Magazine, December 1946, includes lists of posts obtained by students who left the College in June 1946 (magazine 2)

The magazines contain advertising, editorial, articles, information on club activities and events, poetry, short stories, student artwork and photographs.

'The first ten years'

Community Business Scotland (CBS) and the Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI), 'The first ten years: a decade of community enterprise in Scotland', October 1987. This publication covers the development of the community enterprise movement in Scotland between 1977-1987, looking at lessons learned, key issues and development for the future. Containing foreword by Glen Buchanan and 16 articles written by leaders in the field: Linda Echlin; John Pearce; Willy Roe; Ronald Young; Roy Pedersen; Carola Bell; John Rugman; John Harrison; Iain Clark; Helen Macneil; Colin Roxburgh; George Burt; Pat Cassidy; Keith Hayton; Sir Kenneth Alexander; and Tor Justad.

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