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The British Workman numbers 1-36

This file contains 1 volume. This volume has been digitised. The digitised volume has been divided into 5 parts:

  • The British Workman numbers 1-8
  • The British Workman numbers 9-17
  • The British Workman numbers 18-26
  • The British Workman numbers 27-30
  • The British Workman numbers 31-36

Minutes and papers of meetings

This file contains 1 bound volume:

  • Handwritten minutes of meetings of the Provisional Committee, Directors', Ladies Executive Committee and sub-committees
  • Handwritten copies of official documents and letters
  • Printed prospectuses inserted into pages for Feb 1876, Sep 1876 and Oct 1877
    -Index to entries on back pages

Glasgow International Exhibition 1888, School tearoom

This file contains 3 large mounted sepia photographs and 1 artefact:

  • 2 photographs of the interior of the School's tearoom at the Glasgow International Exhibition 1888
  • Group photograph of staff and students outside the pavilion where the tearoom was located
  • Panel from above the doorway of the School's tearoom, framed in wood, depicting 3 women representing music, literature and art

Recipes scrapbook

This file contains 1 scrapbook:

  • Handwritten recipes, including some on Glasgow School of Cookery stationery from the 1880s
  • Printed recipes from the Manchester School of Cookery
  • Printed recipes from the Liverpool School of Cookery
  • Recipe cuttings from publications

The recipes have been pasted or inserted loose into the pages and were used in teaching cookery classes at the Glasgow School of Cookery. At a later date the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science has added a label to the front cover titled "The Original Glasgow Cookery Book, 1875" and inside the front cover a printed sheet has been pasted titled "History of the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science Cookery Book" by Robert Clow, dated May 1972.

Glasgow East End Industrial Exhibition 1903-04 medal

This file contains 1 framed medal:

  • Glasgow East End Industrial Exhibition 1903-04 medal awarded to the School for its contribution in the section on women's industries

The exhibition was held at Duke Street, Glasgow, and ran from 9 December 1903 to 9 April 1904. Its aim was to raise funds for Glasgow Royal Infirmary and showcase the work of the artisan classes.

School prospectuses and stationery

This file contains 4 items:

  • Annotated list of Provisional Committee Members [c 1875]
  • Annotated list of Ladies' Executive Committee members, [c 1875]
  • Prospectus for Session, 1908-1909
  • Printed stationery for notification for meetings to be held at Albert Hall, 285 Bath Street, Glasgow, 1870s


This file contains 7 certificates:

  • Diploma in Cookery, sample (1 duplicate)
  • Diploma in Laundry Work, sample
  • Diploma in Housewifery, sample (2 duplicates)
  • Housekeeper's Certificate, sample
  • First-class diploma in Household Cookery, issued for Miss Helen Paterson, 1894
  • First-class diploma in Superior and Household Cookery, issued for Miss Hellen McGregor-Robertson, 1903
  • Diploma in Laundry Work, issued for Miss Hellen McGregor-Robertson, 1906

Teaching materials kept by Dorothy Melvin

This file contains 1 notebook and 1 book:

  • Dorothy Melvin's 'Theory of cookery notes, (rewritten) Sept 1908'. Contains handwritten notes and diagrams.
  • Dorothy Melvin's copy of "The Glasgow Cookery Book", printed by N Adshead and Son, Glasgow, [1910?]. Recipes annotated in ink by Miss Melvin and book stamped by the College library.

Preliminary rough sketch plans of new building, August 1912

This file contains a set of 9 sketch plans (and duplicate set):

  • Basement flat (1)
  • Flat below ground floor (2)
  • Ground floor (3)
  • First floor (4)
  • Second floor (5)
  • Attic, Students' residence (with details of existing accommodation at 86 Bath Street, 502 Sauchiehall Street and Scott Street) (6)
  • Cross section on centre line of Park Drive frontage (7)
  • Elevation to Park Drive (8)
  • Longitudinal section from west to east (9)

Architect, signed Walter R Watson
Scale 5/8 inch:10 foot

Copy of 1913 plans of proposed new building in Park Drive and Park Avenue West

This file contains photocopies of 6 plans:

  • Sub-basement (1)
  • Basement (2)
  • Ground floor (3)
  • First floor (4)
  • Second floor (5)
  • Attic residence for 30 students (6)

Copies of plans held at Glasgow City Archives which were donated by a researcher in 2015.

Architect: Walter R Watson, 55 Bath Street, Glasgow
Scale 5/8 inch:5 foot

Red Cross Society possession of the new Park Drive Building for a hospital, correspondence

This file contains 1 typescript letter:

  • From James McCallum to W J Anderson regarding arrangements for the Society to take temporary possession of the building

The Red Cross Society were the first to use the new building as a hospital for the duration of the war. Agreements were made on alterations to make it suitable for use as a hospital, fixtures and fittings, insurance, rental, and the condition of the building on being returned to use by the College.

Governors and appointed committees' meeting minutes

This file contains 1 volume (and 1 duplicate volume) of typescript minutes:

  • AGM and Governors' Report
  • Governors meetings
  • Finance Committee
  • Housewifery Committee
  • Cookery Committee
  • Laundry and Dressmaking Committee
  • Educational Methods Committee
  • Building Committee
  • various special sub-committees

Cookery Sub-Committee and Laundry and Dressmaking Sub-Committee meeting minutes

This file contains 1 notebook and 1 folder:

  • Handwritten notebook of minutes, with typescript agendas and some reports pasted into the pages (volume 1)
  • Folder of loose inserts removed from the notebook and referenced with date of meeting, includes letters and reports (folder 2)

Ministry of Food : Food Economy Campaign

This file contains 1 folder and 8 large leaflets:

  • Leaflet, ‘Short emergency scheme of work, to teach classes the explanation and measurements of Food Controllers’ allowance per head’
  • Food economy handbook - fragile
  • Typescript copies of Ministry of Food recipe collections including use of hay box; economical cuts of meat; one day’s meals within the rations; meat substitutes; breakfast or supper dishes (1 duplicate); flour substitutes (1 duplicate); puddings, March 1917 - May 1917
  • Hints to cookery teachers
  • Points for speakers
  • Set of ‘Waste not, want not’ leaflets including MF 38 ‘All about soups’ (1 duplicate); MF 39 ‘Delicious stews’ (1 duplicate); MF 37 ‘How to use potatoes!’ (1 duplicate); FE 68 ‘Eighteen very cheap dishes’ (1 duplicate), all fragile
  • Bundle of miscellaneous typescript recipes
  • Typescript list of wild foods used as salads and as alternatives to spinach or kale, asparagus, tuberous vegetables.

The Food Economy Campaign was established by the Ministry of Food in 1916. A women’s service held food economy meetings in every town and village, set up over 1200 local Food Economy Campaign committees to encourage food saving through propaganda, persuasion and education.

Letters, pamphlets and reports kept by Dorothy Melvin regarding World War I work

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Letter from F C Gilpin, Brigadier General, regarding the training of soldier cooks, 22 February 1916
  • Programme for the Conference of Teachers of Domestic Science, May 1917
  • Minutes of the meeting of the interim standing VAD Committee of the War Executive of the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society, 27 April 1917
  • Food Economy campaign leaflet
  • Statement on the Food Economy campaign by Chalmers Watson, 6 April 1917
  • Patriotic Food League leaflet on 'How to meet the requirements of the Food Controller',
  • 'Food Economy handbook', Ministry of Food
  • 'Emergency cookery syllabus', School Board of Glasgow, April 1917
  • 'Some account of special work done by the College during the years of war', 1917

Patriotic Food League

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Printed leaflet and typescript copy (1 duplicate), ‘Suggestions by the Patriotic Food League on how to meet the requirements of the Food Controller’, 28 March 1917
  • Photocopy of typescript copy of Dr Chalmers Watson’s paper on setting up a Food Economy Campaign (Scotland), 6 April 1917 (original in QC/2/1/1/2)

The Patriotic Food League was a voluntary body organized by Dr. Chalmers Watson of Edinburgh to instruct housewives in nutrition and efficient use of scarce resources.

Correspondence with Dorothy Melvin regarding design of children's kitchen and laundry

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Handwritten letters and sketches from Ethel E Stevenson, Glasgow Provincial Committee for the Training of Teachers, to Miss Melvin regarding the plans of the children's kitchen and laundry, October to November 1919
  • Handwritten letters and sketches from Mr Watson, College Architect, to Miss Melvin and James McCallum regarding Miss Stevenson's plans and his suggestions for the kitchen furniture and layout, October 1919
  • Typescript letter from the Scottish branch of the British Red Cross Society to Miss Melvin offering furniture for the College, 4 November 1919
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