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Community Business Scotland Network Ltd records (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)
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Community business news, issue 15

Issue 15 content:

  • Decaying Britain, Royal Insitute of British Architects (RIBA) leaflet on construction, housing policy, urban regeneration, post-war estates
  • Manifesto '85
  • 1985 CBS convention
  • 1986 community business directory
  • Newcastle group visit Scotland, to study community business
  • Aussie body line bowling, talk by Director of Community Employment Inititatives Unit (CEIU), Western Australia
  • CECOP conference
  • New face at Community Business Central
  • Central Home Producers exhibition
  • Ferguslie looks to the future, Ferguslie Park Community Holdings Ltd
  • Stathclyde colour supplement: SCB annual report 1984/85; directory of community businesses in Strathclyde region; Autumn training courses; new '85 VPP; strategy discussion
  • CB's and the third world
  • Rural developments, the Braeval Project, Aberfoyle
  • CB on TV
  • Women in community enterprise
  • Shuttle diplomacy!, the International Council for Adult Education, Toronto, Canada forming working group on economic self-management
  • SFHA conference, community business workshop at Scottish Federation of Housing Associations conference
  • Publications
  • CBS still needs you!, membership information

Community business news, issue 16

Issue 16 content:

  • It's ACE in the Highlands and Islands, new association, ACEHI
  • Community business in London
  • Appropriate education for local economic development
  • Community enterprise, what is it?
  • BP to fund training programme
  • Worthington addresses international conference, International New Towns Association (INTA) conference in Glasgow
  • Urban Programme conditions
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: Govan Workspace newsbrief; Bute Enterprises; Garnock Workspace news; Self-employment - can we help?, the Enterprise Development and Advisory Project
  • Convention '85
  • Credit Unions and CB's
  • Model legal structures
  • Marketing manual
  • Focus on Lothian KICC start!, Knightsridge Initiative Co-ordinating Committee, community programme in Livingston
  • Livingston Mill Farm
  • West Lothian Forum of community and Co-operative Enterprises
  • Clatt the what? Aberdeenshire community business tearoom and craft shop opened
  • Publications
  • CBS corporate plan 1986-89

CBS convention 85 organisers' correspondence, minutes and reports

This file contains 2 folders:

  • Outline plans for the convention, some with handwritten notes, 31 March 1985- 19 August 1985 (folder 1)
  • Letters to/from invited guests, speakers, organisers and suppliers , June 1985-12 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to possible stand holders and replies, 13 August 1985-11 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft letter to all community businesses in Scotland regarding the convention, 13 August 1985, 4 October 1985, and 8 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • List of invited exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Letters to potential sponsors of the convention and replies, 10 September 1985-18 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Draft flyer for the convention (folder 1)
  • Notes from meetings of the Convention 85 Steering Group, 28 August 1985 - 19 September 1985 (folder 1)
  • Floor plan for conference room at Elderpark Workspace, 8 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • Press release, 17 October 1985 (folder 1)
  • List guests for the convention lunch including invited guests, speakers, judges, exhibitors and other individuals (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Labour Group secretary in regional and district councils in Scotland inviting representatives to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter to Councillors inviting them to the convention and lunch, 6 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Outlines of convention workshops and information for exhibitors (folder 1)
  • Press invitation to the official opening with programme of events, 13 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Mailing list and letter requesting organisations to promote the convention, 14 November 1985 (folder 1)
  • Final convention programme and registration form, annotated with handwritten notes (folder 1)
  • Accommodation list for the hotel (folder 1)
  • Convention 85 information pack, detailing content of each workshop, debate, seminar, programme and general information on arrangements (folder 2)
  • Copies of papers and talks delivered at the conference, including draft speech notes of John Prescott MP (folder 2)
  • Report of the convention debate, 17 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Report on media coverage, including photocopies of press cuttings (folder 2)
  • Memos, report on the convention and copy of presentation by David J Weston delivered to 'The Other Economic Summit' Conference on 'Green economics: the community use of currency, 27 November 1985 (folder 2)
  • Letters regarding feedback on the convention, 16 December 1985 and 18 December 1985 (folder 2)
  • Convention 85 information pack with handwritten notes from the convention on the reverse (folder 2)

The 1985 Convention was held in Elderpark Workspace, Govan, Glasgow on the 21-23 November 1985

Minutes of CBS Board of Management meetings 1985

This file contains 1 bundle:

  • Minutes of meeting on 27 June 1985
  • Minutes of meeting on 22 August 1985
  • Minutes of meeting on 3 October 1985
  • Minutes of meeting on 12 December 1985

Minutes prior to June 1985 have not been retained. Regular agenda items include corporate plan; annual convention; finance; membership; lobbying; CB News; CB directory; major and local developments; seminars and conferences.

CBS membership lists and correspondence

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Memos and correspondence regarding financial issues and boosting funds through membership fees, February 1984
  • Handwritten notes of the membership-finance group meeting on 22 April [1985?]
  • Membership Income targets 1985/86, 24 April 1985
  • CBS financial summaries 1984/85 to 1985/86, April 1985 - August 1985
  • Lists of membership fees received December 1984 - November 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Request for funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  • Draft and final letters to local authorities, advisory agencies, charitable organisations and individuals regarding membership of CBS, June 1985 (part removed for data protection)
  • Letter regarding cost of the membership drive and reduction in distribution of CB News, 12 June 1985
  • Donation correspondence and background information from the City Design Co-operative to CBS , Glasgow, 23 September 1985 - 10 October 1985
  • Copy acknowledgement letters from CBS to new members, November 1985 - February 1986

Community business news, issue 17

Issue 17 content:

  • Ancram opens convention, Michael Ancram's speech
  • Convention '85 overview
  • Does community business work? new research evaluation funded by Scottish Office
  • CBS Board
  • Secretary's report fro 1985, outline of CBS's work
  • CBS corporate plan 1986-1990
  • Community business and trade unions
  • Opinions, air your views on important policy issues affecting community business
  • A new consultancy fund for CBS
  • Strathclyde Community Business: appraisal and monitoring; BP funded management training programme; architectural award for Govan Workspace; Ayrcraft gets off the ground; SCB's VTPin 1985, programme report and evaluation; EDAP rap! Enterprise Development and Advisory Project; Possil Security Service; New success for Ferguslie, Flagstone Enterprises diversification; Cranhill Credit Union
  • Regional developments: Borders; Dumfries and Galloway; Grampian; Combine harvester!, Community Business in the North East (COMBINE); Lothian Labour group visits CB's; Start your own business course in West Calder
  • On the World scene: Canadian news; TOES steering committee; 'Health and the new economies'
  • Community business directory
  • Seanachaidh tells tales, new community business in Port Glasgow
  • The Knit Knut Club
  • Treasurer outlines CBS financial needs
  • Community business directory 1986

Community business news, issue 18

Issue 18 content:

  • Do they really want to create jobs?, Scottish Development Agency and Manpower Service Commission
  • CBS seminar series 1986
  • Co-op co-ordination and fair
  • 'Opinions', membership and involvement
  • Regional round-up: Setback in Grampian, for community business development unit; Tayside success; Lothian news; making jobs in Edinburgh conference; Highlands and Islands ACEHI news, priorities and progress; CBS to help rural areas; beating unemployment in Cornwall, convention
  • World News: Scotland scores in USA trip, with German Marshall Fellowships; community business in Canada and Australia, scholarship from the Commonwealth Relations Trust
  • Credit unions and community business
  • Scottish Development Department research project on community business
  • Community business in London
  • Community education pioneers, at Moray House College of Education
  • Goodwill Enterprises Whitburn Ltd
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: Inverclyde contributes £15,000 to loan fund; seminar 'How the UK's largest community business development agency works'; appraisal and monitoring; development funding; dramatic increase in jobs
  • Women in Community Enterprise, national conference
  • Running the world, Sport Aid fundraising
  • The Scottish Development Agency (SDA) 'hands off involvement'
  • Denny: a wasted opportunity, Employment Creation Group (ECG) and SDA funding
  • Clyde Foods and food co-ops, setting up, running and case study
  • Publications
  • CB's and housing associations
  • West Calder news, Workspace Company the the Employment Opportunities Trust
  • CBS goes into business, consultancy; training for community businesses in Leicester

Community business news, issue 19

Issue 19 content:

  • CBS, exciting constitutional changes, establishment of Community Business Scotland Ltd and Community Economic Development Ltd
  • CBS annual convention 1986 programme
  • CB conference in London
  • Scottish Co-operative Forum proposed
  • Management training from SCBL and HIDB, funded by BP
  • Ireland, the Youth Employment Agency (YEA)
  • South of Scotland community business development project
  • CBS co-opted on to ACEHI Committee
  • Inside knowledge, Co Chomunn na Eirisgeidh Ltd
  • The National Co-operative Development Agency: remit, progress and growth
  • Co-op fair '86
  • Model legal structures
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd: seminar; community businesses in Strathclyde; training programme, development funding; Cumbernauld Community Business Ltd, the search for core funding; Ferguslie Park training weekend; SCB Board members; Kilmarnock Community Business Initiative; Inverclyde CB exhibition a success
  • CBS membership 1986/87 and annual accounts 1985/86
  • New CB research by CBS, article in "Local Economy" journal
  • Para Handy sails into Scottish folklore, Neil Munro book launched by Seanachaidh Presentations Ltd
  • Help available from enterprise trusts, seminar
  • Leicester City Council engages the Co-operative Advisory Group to undertake research
  • Publications
  • New town seminar
  • John Slater, an appreciation
  • Wider role for CB News

Minutes of CBS Office Bearers' meetings

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Minutes of the meeting on 9 April 1986
  • Minutes of the meeting on 24 July 1986
  • Agenda of the meeting on 21 August 1986
  • Minutes of the meeting on 14 October 1986
    -Minutes of the meeting on 27 November 1986

Agenda items include finance, consultancy income and funding; local authority support; COSLA representation; membership fees and applications; trade unions seminar; credit unions; ACEHI; CBS promotional leaflets; 1986 annual convention programme and funding; CB News; CBS office systems and purchases; in-service course for community workers; CBS policy planning day; CBS sub-committees' arrangements; consultancy work in Leicester, Dunfermline, Ballachulish, Dumfries and Galloway and Tayside.

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