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Open Aye records (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)

  • GB 1847 SECS-OA
  • Fonds
  • 2009-2019

This collection is part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland. The collection includes Open Aye's social enterprise photographs and marketing materials dating from 2009, when Becky Duncan was first commissioned to document Scottish social enterprises. The records have been arranged into 2 series:

  • Business operations and marketing, 2019
  • Projects, 2009-2018

Open Aye | est 2010

Glen Buchanan papers (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)

  • GB 1847 SECS-GB
  • Fonds
  • 1984-1991

This collection is part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland. The collection covers records kept by Glen Buchanan while working for Community Business Scotland Ltd and Strathclyde Community Business Ltd from 1981 to 1991. The records have been arranged into 4 series reflecting these and other businesses Glen Buchanan worked with and publications he kept, including:

  • Community Business Scotland Ltd (CBS) reports, conventions and publications
  • Strathclyde Community Business Ltd (SCB) reports and training materials
  • Association of Community Enterprises in the Highlands and Islands (ACE-HI) annual reviews and newsletters
  • Social enterprise projects and publications

Buchanan, Glen | b 1955 | social enterprise research and development coordinator

Dr Gillian Murray papers (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)

  • GB 1847 SECS-GM
  • Fonds
  • 2016-2018

This collection is part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland. The collection includes Dr Gillian Murray's research papers and oral history recordings created between 2014 -2019 whilst working as a researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University, including:
-Publications and research outputs, 2018
-CommonHealth research programme, 2016-2018

Murray, Gillian | Historian and researcher on social enterprise

John Pearce papers (part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland)

  • GB 1847 SECS-JP
  • Fonds
  • 1973-2010

This collection is part of the Social Enterprise Collection Scotland. The collection includes John Pearce's papers dating from 1976, when he moved to Scotland, until his retirement in 2010. They include correspondence, hand annotated agendas and minutes from a variety of meetings, newspaper cuttings that Pearce found of interest, training guides (some of which he created himself), and material relating to legal structures of community and social enterprises. The papers reflect Pearce’s areas of interest and expertise (such as Social Accounting and Audit), and the work of organisations that he founded and/or was a member of: Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM), Industrial Common Ownership Finance (ICOF), Scottish Co-operative Development Committee (SCDC), Commonwealth Association for Local Action in Development (COMMACT), Community Business Scotland, Scottish Community Enterprise Investment Fund. The records have been arranged into 2 series reflecting these areas of John Pearce's work:
-Social enterprise papers, 1973-2010
-Social accounting and audit (SAA) papers, 1977-2008

Pearce, John | 1942 - 2011 | social enterprise pioneer

Anti-Apartheid Movement Scottish Committee records

  • GB 1847 AAM
  • Fonds
  • 1957-1994

The collection holds the minutes, papers and correspondence of the Anti Apartheid Movement in Scotland from 1975 to 1994. It also holds some Glasgow and Edinburgh branch meeting material and other documentation that predates the establishment of the Scottish Committee. Further to this there is a large collection of national and international material which helps create a full picture of the Movement’s activities and gives an indication of other organisations that gave their support. The Archive is also rich in ephemera including, posters, stickers, and postcards.

Committee minutes and papers 1976-1994; correspondence c1970-1994; branch meeting papers 1960’s; conference and events papers c1970’s-1994; subject based folders c1970-1994; posters/postcards/stickers/fliers/newsletters/newspapers c1970-1994
Bulletins/pamphlets/books/journals/petitions/ephemera c1970 -1994; various publications (part catalogue of published materials)

Anti-Apartheid Movement | Scottish Committee

The Queen's College, Glasgow (formerly the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) records

  • GB 1847 QC
  • Fonds
  • 1907 - 2009

This collection covers records from the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science (1907-1975) becoming the Queen's College, Glasgow (1975-1993). The records have been arranged into 19 sections covering the following activity or format:
-Institutional administration
-Building and campus development
-Student administration
-Course development and teaching
-College services
-Marketing and public relations
-Research and staff development
-Student body
-College enterprise activities
-Fundraising activities
-Royal connections
-Special anniversaries, events and visitors
-Collaboration with external organisations
-College histories
-Published books by the College

The Queen's College, Glasgow

West End School of Cookery records

  • GB 1847 WSC
  • Collection
  • c1878-1908

This collection consists of 5 files:
-Registers of diplomas, 1885-1908
-Certificates, c1878-c1908
-List of Laundry examination results, 1903
-Stationery of the West End School of Cookery, c1900-1908
-Obituaries of Margaret Black, 1903

There are only a few records surviving from the School.

West End School of Cookery | 1878-1908

Glasgow School of Cookery records

  • GSC
  • Collection
  • 1875-1909

This collection consists of 9 files:
-Minutes and papers of meetings, 1875-1878
-Register of diplomas, 1904-1909
-Scotch Education Department forms, 1900-1908
-School prospectuses and stationery, 1875-1908
-Memorandum of Association, 1906
-Recipes scrapbook, 1870s-1880s
-"Superior Cookery Recipes", book issued by Glasgow School of Cookery, [c late 19th century]
-Glasgow International Exhibition 1888, School tearoom records
-Glasgow East End Industrial Exhibition 1903-04 medal

There are only a few records surviving from the School.

Glasgow School of Cookery | 1875-1908

CHILDREN 1ST (formerly the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children RSSPCC) records

  • GB 1847 C1ST
  • Collection
  • 1884 - 2003

The majority of material in the collection relates to the Glasgow branch of the RSSPCC, including the predecessor organisation, the Glasgow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Publications produced by the RSSPCC head office and the Scottish Children's League of Pity (junior branch of the RSSPCC) are also included, as well as a small assortment of records from other branches.

Records include
-financial records of the Glasgow branch, 1906-1972
-legacy papers, 1950-1978
-complaint books Glasgow, 1953-1965
-Glasgow branch minutes, 1889-1963
-Glasgow District Finance Committee minutes, 1903-1971
-records of the Ladies Auxiliary Committee Glasgow, 1888-1971
-annual reports of the head office, 1896-1982
-annual reports of the branches, 1896-1967
-additional Glasgow branch annual reports, 1889- 1985
-records of the Scottish Children’s League including: annual reports, 1904-1993, City Sparrows 1899-1979, minutes of the Glasgow branch 1898-1978 and ephemera
-legislative acts and reports on subjects affecting children, 1885-1938
-papers relating to the Non-Accidental Injury to Children committees for Strathkelvin, Lanark and Dumbarton, 1975-1981
-institutional records including printed copies of the Royal Charter and the Constitution, 1920-1975
-staff records, Dunbartonshire and Glasgow, 1964-1971
-records relating to staff training and development, 1898, 1936, and 1970-1978
-assorted promotional material, newsletters, and other publications, 1984-2003
-Glasgow building fund appeal records, 1965-1967, and annual appeal records, 1975
-Glasgow property records, including architectural plans, 1963-1965;
-Crookston Home records including minute books, cash books and visitor books, 1903-1925
-organisational histories, including a recorded reminiscence of a former RSSPCC Inspector, 1990


Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) records

  • GB 1847 STUC
  • Collection
  • 1897 - ?

The Archive holds all the surviving documentation relating to the STUC and its business from 1897 onwards. The scope of the collection covers the business of the STUC and its annual Congress , the General Council and its Committees, surviving General Secretary files, STUC publications, non STUC publications relating to STUC business, surviving Trades Councils documentation and a vast selection of issue and subject based folders relating to the work of the STUC. The collection also holds ephemera, posters and photographs. The collection is still being worked on and the scope and content will be updated to reflect this work.

-Parliamentary Committee minutes 1897-1923 becoming General Council and its Committees minutes and papers 1923 onwards (moving wall with past 7 years kept at STUC offices in Glasgow)
-STUC annual reports 1897-1989 (last annual report published 1989)
-STUC correspondence relating to Congress 1964 to 1980
-General Council reports 1957 onwards (incomplete)
-Congress proceedings on audio tapes 1989-2003
-Annual Congress programmes 1990 onwards
-President's address to Congress 1999 onwards
-Women’s Advisory Committee (WAC) minutes and papers 1926 onwards
-Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) minutes and papers 1938 onwards
-Disputes Committee minutes and papers 1970s to 1980s
-Economic Committee minutes and papers 1950s to 1980s
-Whisky Industry Sub Committee 1970s to 1980s
-Transport Sub Committee 1970s to 1980s; Energy Sub Committee 1970s to 1980s; Education Committee minutes and papers 1960s to 1980s
-Entertainment and Arts Sub Committee 1970s to 1980s including material on Mayfest, Scottish Opera, SNO, Scottish Theatre Trust, GFT, Scottish Ballet, Arts Council, and the Glasgow International Jazz Festival
-General Purposes Committee and Finance and General Purposes Committee minutes and papers 1970s to 1980s
-Health and Social Services Committee minutes and papers 1980s
-Organisation Committee minutes and papers 1926 to 1968
-James Jack (General Secretary 1963 to 1965) papers and correspondence 1960s to 1970s
-James Milne (General Secretary 1976 to 1986) papers and correspondence 1970s to 1980s
-The speeches of Campbell Christie (General Secretary 1986 to 1998) 1985 to 1998
-John Henry (Depute General Secretary 1978 to 1988) papers and correspondence 1970s to 1980s
-STUC issues: issues and subject folders relating to STUC business 1960s to 1980s (alphabetic list available in reading room)
-Further subject papers relating to: electricity privatisation 1987-1988
-Scotch Whisky Combined Committee 1977-1981
-Work Time Debate Seminar 1996; Petrochemical industry, Grangemouth 1984-1985; Petrochemicals: Highlands and Islands Development Board Committee 1979
-Gay and lesbian issues 1993-1995
-STUC Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Forum 1995
-Trade Union delegation for Central America 1985
-Robert Smillie Fund 1933-1944
-Devolution campaign 1970-1984
-NHS privatisation 1984-1990
-Anti-racist march and rally 1999 onwards
-STUC constitution 1988-1989
-STUC publications 1897 onwards including annual reports, GC reports, Congress programmes, subject specific publications, STUC published histories, circulars 1970s to 1980s, press statements 1970s to 1980s and circulars and statements from 2006 onwards
-Scottish TUC Bulletin 1950-1971
-Scottish Trade Union Review 1978 onwards (incomplete)
-Non STUC publications 1912 to 1990 including TUC reports 1912-1987 (incomplete), TUC General Council reports 1940-1985 (incomplete), Labour Party annual reports 1914-1976 (incomplete), ICTU [Irish Congress of Trade Unions] annual reports 1952-1958 (incomplete), ICTU 1963-1981 (incomplete). Labour Research (publication) 1960-1990; Trades Councils minutes, correspondence and papers 1880s to 1980s (incomplete)

Scottish Trades Union Congress

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