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See how to cook series videos

This file contains 3 videos:
-No.1 Basic techniques 1.2 How to prepare sauces, running time 26 minutes (video 1)
-No.2 Healthier eating 2.2 How to make sponge cakes and flans without fat, running time 33 minutes (video 2)
-No.2 Healthier eating 2.4 How to prepare fruit, running time 43 minutes (video 3)

Basic cookery techniques and healthier eating. Produced by Basic Techniques, copyright Audrey W Pepper.

Unedited college-produced cookery demonstration videos

This file contains 15 videos:
-Cookery Week 2 T1 - includes preparing and jointing a whole chicken; making icing and icing a fruit cake (video 1)
-Cookery Week 2 T2 - includes cooking egg dishes (video 2)
-Cookery week 2 T3 - includes preparing and decorating cream-based desserts (video 3)
-Cookery Week 2 T4 - baking desserts (video 4)
-Basic food preparation - week 1 - tape 1 - rough puff pastry; flaky pastry; lining cake tins; lining a flan tin; baking blind; cleaning and preparing vegetables (video 5)
-Basic food preparation - tape 2 week 1 - sugar boiling; peeling and cleaning; rubbing in - fork method; jams and jellies; almond paste (video 6)
-Basic food preparation - week 2 - tape 1 - trussing chicken; portioning chicken; boning chicken; royal icing; fondant icing; yeast mixtures; scrambled eggs; baked custard; pouring custard; omelettes; all-in-one sauce (video 7)
-Basic food preparation - meat preparation; gateaux; french cakes; choux pastry souffles (video 8)
-Catering video tape 1 - includes preparation of puff pastry and using it to make steak pie, sausage rolls, and other pies; swiss roll and other desserts (video 9)
-Catering video tape 2 - includes preparation of pastry to create a pie/tart,making shortcrust pastry and making an apple pie (video 10)
-Catering video tape 3 - includes preparation of tarts using pastry, lining pie dishes using different methods; preparing vegetables; heating sugar (video 11)
-Catering video tape 4 - includes making toffee (video 12)
-Demonstration of student preparing her variation of a Spanish omelette and a small pizza (video 13)
-Gueridon Work, silver service, plate service and serviette folding, 82 minutes (video 14)
-Peeling and cleaning; size reduction; basic sauces; fruit and vegetable preparation (video 15)

Running time of each video is over 60 minutes. Recorded in the College teaching kitchens.

Cake decorating series videos

This file contains 5 videos:
-1. First bake your cake, running time 50 minutes
-2. It's so easy, running time 50 minutes
-4. A cake for all reasons, running time 50 minutes
-5. Improving your skills, running time 50 minutes
-6. Magic with sugar flowers, running time 50 minutes

Lessons on baking and decorating cakes produced by Brilliant Ideas, copyright Home Interest Video Enterprises

Diploma in Home Economics student research reports

This file contains 5 volumes:
-Elizabeth M Wilson, 'Food and hillwalking', May 1982 (volume 1)
-Alison H Webster, ‘Vitamin C content of vegetables’, May 1982 (volume 2)
-Linda Reive, ‘Coping with silk’, May 1982 (volume 3)
-Alison Jane Watson, ‘Disabled: Can the home economist help?’,1983 (volume 4)
-Christine M Barron, ‘An investigation into the availability of practical instruction in the use of the domestic sewing machine’, 1984 (volume 5)

Business interviews and student project videos

This file contains 5 videos:
-Interview with Arthur Neil - Donald Stewart interviews Arthur Neil about the development of three hotel and catering operations (video 1)
-The Pumphouse restaurant complex - Bob Burnett of the Miller Partnership traces the development of the Pumphouse, running time 58 minutes (1 duplicate) (video 2)
-Interview with Peter R Tyrie on the hotel/property business (video 3)
-Guest lecture by Professor Melvyn Greene - Talking about social changes and their impact on marketing strategy in the UK, 20 October 1992, running time 54 minutes (video 4)
-Home Economics project: The solution to my awareness of coeliac disease in Scottish consumer society, BA Consumer Management Studies assignment - Laura Carden interviews people on coeliac disease in relation to recipe cards (video 5)
-Home Economics project: Healthy eating: Taste and try - BA Consumer Management Studies assignment, Margaret Dempster demonstrates healthy eating on a low income, running time 21 minutes (video 6)

College of Nursing and General Nursing Council correspondence on recognition for the Sister Tutor’s course

This file contains 1 folder:
-Dorothy Melvin’s correspondence with the College of Nursing, Scottish Board, and College of Nursing, London, regarding content of the Sister Tutor’s course and recognition by the Board and College, November 1938 - September 1939

Sister Tutors and Dietetics courses

This series consists of 5 sub-series:

  • Sister Tutors and Dietetics course proposals and development, 1924-1943
    -Degree and postgraduate Dietetics course development, 1945-1986
    -Dietetics student assessment, 1964-1976
    -Correspondence with external bodies, 1976-1988
    -Dietetics Student reports, 1981-1990

Establishment of the Sister Tutors and Dietitians course

This file contains 1 folder:
-Dorothy Melvin’s correspondence regarding instituting a course for Sister Tutors and Dietitians, including request for notifications of interest from hospitals and responses, May 1925 - December 1932
-Correspondence arranging visits for students on the Sister Tutors and Dietitians course, February 1932 - May 1932
-Correspondence in response to requests about the Dietitians course, April 1933 - December 1934

Development of the course for Dietitians

This file contains 1 folder:
-Correspondence in response to requests about the Dietitians course, February 1935 - August 1939
-Child Guidance Council, programme of ‘Vacation courses in child psychology and dietetics’, July - August 1935
-Correspondence regarding post-certificate work experience for Dietetics students, June 1935 - August 1940
-Correspondence with external examiners for the course, September 1935

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