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Governing Body and appointed committees

This series consists of 6 sub-series:

  • Governors and appointed committees' meeting minutes: annual published minutes bound in volumes, 1907-1964
  • Governors and appointed committees' meeting minutes: annual published minutes bound in folders, 1909-1966
  • Governors and appointed committees' meeting minutes: loose copies of individual minutes, 1964-1978
  • Housewifery and Hostels Sub-Committees meeting minutes, 1911-1948
  • Cookery, Laundry and Dressmaking Sub-Committees meeting minutes, 1916-1968
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings minutes and papers, 1982-1990

Principal (1910-1946) : Dorothy Melvin, papers

This series consists of 4 sub-series:

  • General correspondence, reports, notes, books and pamphlets kept by Dorothy Melvin, 1913-1948
  • Grahame Reid, Secretary and Treasurer, correspondence with Dorothy Melvin, 1933-1947
  • Scottish Education Department, correspondence with Dorothy Melvin, 1933-1944
  • Biographical records of Dorothy Melvin, 1963

Annual accounts

This series consists of 4 files:

  • Abstract of accounts bound, 1909-1936
  • Abstract of accounts bound, 1936-1967
  • Abstract of accounts loose, 1944-1967
  • Annual accounts, 1991-92

Abstracts of accounts were summaries of the audited accounts produced as a statutory requirement. A copy of the abstract of accounts was presented at the College Annual General Meeting together with the Governors' report.

Classes, lectures and demonstrations photographs

This series consists of 7 files:

  • Cookery and catering classes, 1930s-1980s
  • Dressmaking classes, mannequin parades and exhibitions of work, 1930s-1980s
  • Needlework, millinery, upholstery, weaving, art and design and pottery classes, 1930s-1970s
  • Laundry work classes, 1930s-1980s
  • Dietetics and chemistry , 1930s-1980s
  • Lectures and demonstrations, 1930s-1960s
  • Social work, business, communications and physiotherapy classes, 1960s-1980s

Park Drive building photographs

This series consists of 6 files:

  • Exterior photographs of Park Drive building, 1910s-1980s
  • Teaching kitchens and laboratories, 1930s-1970s
  • Practice flats and teaching restaurant, 1930s-1980s
  • Refectory and student common room, 1930s-1960s
  • Park Drive student flats, 1930s-1940s
  • Library, assembly halls and shared spaces, 1940s-1970s

Glasgow Cookery Book

This series consists of 4 files:

  • Editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1910-2009
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1950-1952
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1972-1988
  • Financial correspondence and accounts for the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1952-1972

The first Glasgow Cookery Book was published in 1910 under the direction of Ella Glaister, first Principal of the College. The book was originally intended for use by students in their training and was compiled from recipes which had been perfected over the years by the College’s parent cookery schools. In time, the cookery book was made available for public sale and its popularity increased so much that the Glasgow Cookery Book became a household name. The first to thirteenth editions were published by N Adshead and Son, Glasgow. Further revised editions from 1951 onward were published by John Smith and Son (Glasgow) Ltd. These editions include a revised metric edition published for the College Centenary in 1975 under the name of the Queen’s College, Glasgow. In 2009 a centenary edition with a history of the book and the College was published by Waverley Books, Glasgow to celebrate 100 years of the publication of the book.

Diploma day photographs

This series consists of 7 files:

  • 1910s diploma day photographs, 1910-1919
  • 1920s diploma day photographs, 1920-1929
  • 1930s diploma day photographs, 1930-1939
  • 1940s diploma day photographs with Dorothy Melvin, 1940-1946
  • 1940s diploma day photographs with Isobel Gibson, 1947-1949
  • 1950s diploma day photographs, 1950-1959
  • 1960s diploma day photographs, 1960-1969

Park Drive building and development

This series consists of 5 sub-series:

  • Building of new College premises on Park Drive, 1911-1915
  • 1936 extension to Park Drive building, 1934-1938
  • Phase III extension and remodelling of Park Drive building, 1968-1975
  • Inventories and purchases for Park Drive building, 1919-1975
  • Accommodation reports for Park Drive building, 1990

Students' Union

This series consists of 6 sub-series:

  • Minutes of the Students’ Union Committee, 1919-1929
  • Constitution and rules of the Students’ Union, 1943-1944
  • Finances of the Students’ Union, 1930-1976
  • Meetings and correspondence of the Students’ Union, 1920-1952
  • Students’ Welfare Scheme, 1925-1946
  • Publications of the Students’ Union, 1921-1946

The Glasgow College of Domestic Science Students' Union was initiated in 1919. Its aim was to keep the College in touch with educational and scientific progress through subject-specialist guest lectures; to promote a healthy tone and esprit de corps among the students by making the College part of their social life; to keep in close touch with former students. Membership was open to staff and students of the College on payment of an annual subscription fee.

Catering silverware

This series consists of 15 files:

  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'GCDS Students Union', mid 20th century
  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'C D S' in plain capitals, mid 20th century
  • Tea/coffee service engraved 'CDS' in gothic style capitals, mid 20th century
  • Small tea set engraved 'CDS' in plain capitals, 1948
  • Non-engraved tea/coffee service, mid 20th century
  • Serving tray, mid 20th century
  • Toast racks, mid 20th century
  • Oval serving dishes, mid 20th century
  • Round serving dishes, mid 20th century
  • Square serving dishes, c1930-1952
  • Oval serving plates, mid 20th century
  • Gravy boat, mid 20th century
  • Butter dish, mid 20th century
  • Serving spoons, mid 20th century
  • Wine stand, mid 20th century

All items are silver-plated unless otherwise stated.

Wages and salaries books

This series consists of 6 files:

  • Temporary staff book, 1930-1965
  • Salaries book, 1949-1954
  • Salaries book no. 2, 1954-1957
  • Salaries book no. 3, 1957-1959
  • Salaries book no. 4, 1959-1965
  • Salaries book no. 5, 1965-1970

Salaries books list monthly salary expenditure by person detailing salary scale; name; annual salary; salary for month; superannuation; sickness benefit; insurance contribution; income tax; national insurance contributions; net amount payable; national insurance employer’s contribution.

Recipe books and pamphlets produced by the College

This series consists of 3 files:

  • Recipe pamphlets published in the 1930s, 1934
  • Recipe pamphlets published in the 1940s, 1940-1941
  • Recipe books published in the 1970s and related documents, 1973-1978

In addition to the Glasgow Cookery Book the College published other recipe books and pamphlets. These were specialist recipe publications which aimed to help people cook healthy meals on a low budget or in times of food shortages.

Staff research papers

This series consists of 8 files:

  • Mary Andross research papers on food and nutrition, 1935-1953
  • Robert J Chalmers collaborative research papers on medical drug tests and physiological research, 1974-1978
  • L B Smith collaborative research papers on dietary toxins in the Glasgow area, 1978
  • Audrey W Pepper research papers on the development of food studies courses, c1978-1979
  • Robert G Sawyer collaborative research papers on learning in the RAF, c1971-1972
  • Miscellaneous research papers on nutrition and physiotherapy, 1967-1975
  • Mike Stone research reports on social work and childcare, c1985-1990
  • Miscellaneous research reports on adult education, social care, education policy and staff exchange trips, 1979-1989

Electrical Association for Women (EAW)

This series consists of 1 file:

  • Electrical Association for Women Summer School of Electrical Housecraft, Glasgow, 1937

The Electrical Association for Women (EAW) was founded in London in 1924 with the aim of helping women to adopt electric power in the household. The College had a close relationship with the EAW, especially in the early days of electricity in the kitchen and Diploma students had to take a course covering the work of the EAW Certificate examinations. The third EAW summer school was held in the College from 26 to 31 August 1937. On November 1986 a special lunch was held for EAW Members in the College’s Hotel Restaurant when the Association was discontinued.

Photographs, videos and mementos of royal visits and occasions

This series consists of 3 files:

  • Visit of Princess Elizabeth at Diploma Day on 28 September 1945, 1945
  • Wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on 20 November 1947, 1947
  • Visit of HRH Princess of Wales to open the Southbrae Campus on 13 December 1991, 1991

Principal (1947-1962) : Isobel Gibson, papers

This series consists of 4 sub-series:

  • Grahame Reid, Secretary and Treasurer, correspondence with Isobel Gibson, 1947-1962
  • Scottish Education Department, correspondence with Isobel Gibson, 1948-1962
  • General correspondence with Isobel Gibson, 1956-1963
  • Committee of Correspondence membership, 1962-1968
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