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Principal (1910-1946) : Dorothy Melvin, papers

This series consists of 4 sub-series:

  • General correspondence, reports, notes, books and pamphlets kept by Dorothy Melvin, 1913-1948
  • Grahame Reid, Secretary and Treasurer, correspondence with Dorothy Melvin, 1933-1947
  • Scottish Education Department, correspondence with Dorothy Melvin, 1933-1944
  • Biographical records of Dorothy Melvin, 1963

Principal (1976-1991) : Geoffrey Richardson, papers

This series consists of 7 sub-series:

  • General correspondence of Geoffrey Richardson, 1977-1991
  • Scottish Education Department correspondence and forms, 1976-1990
  • Scottish Vocational Education Council (SCOTVEC) and related correspondence, 1979-1991
  • Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) correspondence and reports, 1980-1991
  • Principal's reports on activities of the College, 1977-1989
  • External committees, 1981-1987
  • Academic reports, publications and textbooks by Geoffrey Richardson, 1973-1990

Principal (1991-1993) : John C Phillips papers

This series consists of 8 sub-series:

  • General correspondence and reports, 1985-1993
  • Scottish Education Department correspondence, 1992
  • Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC) correspondence, 1992
  • Scottish Vocational Education Council (SCOTVEC) correspondence, 1991-1993
  • Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) correspondence, 1991-1992
  • Universities Funding Council correspondence, 1991-1993
  • Presentations given by John C Phillips, 1991-1992
  • Academic work of John C Phillips, c1962-c1966

Recruitment for post of Assistant Secretary (Finance)

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Correspondence between Harry Rose, Secretary and Treasurer, and Mr R M H Cree, Assistant Secretary (finance), regarding administrative duties relating to finance; re-allocation of duties in the finance section; staffing of the finance section, resignation of Mr Cree
  • Details of recruitment for posts in the finance section, responsibilities of staff
  • Correspondence regarding recruitment of Mr Cree’s replacement
  • Job advert and promotional material from recruitment agencies
  • Application form for post of Assistant Secretary (finance) and description of duties, post specifications
  • Letter to the Scottish Education Department regarding the inability to obtain an appropriately qualified and experienced candidate for the post and request for increased grading

Recruitment for post of Principal

This file contains 1 folder:

  • General information sheets about the College
  • Blank application forms for teaching appointments for the County of Lanark and Strathclyde Regional Council with annotations
  • Regulations governing submission of applications for promoted posts
  • Draft advert for the post
  • Blank application form for the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science
  • Proforma letters to candidates and their referees
  • Juliann Calder’s CV
  • Geoffrey Richardson’s application form, CV and correspondence regarding the interview, uptake of the post, his publications, move to Glasgow (part removed for data protection)

Recruitment for post of Vice-Principal

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Advert for post, post specifications
  • Proforma letters to applicants
  • Minutes of the Conditions of Service Committee relating to the post
  • Timetables for appointment
  • Offer letter to Tony Milson of 29 November 1978, annotated in pencil for changes to be made to letter for Dr Chalmers appointment in August 1994
  • Profile and CV of Tony Milson and correspondence relating to uptake of the post and provision of accommodation
  • Correspondence regarding death of Tony Milson in 1984 and recruitment of new VP
  • Letters regarding the appointment of Dr Chalmers

Secretary and Treasurer (1969-1989) : Henry F A Rose, papers

This series consists of 4 sub-series:

  • Scottish teachers conditions of service memos and committees, 1967-1987
  • Scottish Education Department general correspondence, 1974-1990
  • Scottish Education Department HMI inspection visits, 1984-1990
  • Scottish Education Department regulations and surveys, 1986-1990