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College-produced basic food preparation videos

This file contains 15 videos and 3 duplicates:

  • Boiling method; methods of braising; methods of poaching; methods of grilling (1 duplicate) (video 1)
  • Methods of stewing foods; methods of frying; pressure cooking; lining cake tins (video 2)
  • Braising; poaching; boiling; suet pastry; pressure cooking; combining grains and liquids (video 3)
  • Preparing flaky and rough pastry; uses of flaky and rough puff pastry; methods of frying; coating and shaping; preparation of meat and fish (1 duplicate) (video 4)
  • Suet pastry; Rubbing in method; creaming method (video 5)
  • Products from boiling sugar; methods of combining; cake decorations; jellies (video 6)
  • Jams and jellies; fish preparation; aspic jellies part 1; aspic jellies part 2; using the small icing bag (video 7)
  • Decorating the edge of a plate tart; whisking method; size reduction; basic sauces (video 8)
  • Sieving and rubbing in; short crust pastry; whisking method (video 9)
  • Creaming method: rich cake mixture; preparation of meat and fish; methods of stewing; using the large piping bag and star nozzle (video 10)
  • Decorating the edge of a plate tart; whisking method; size reduction; basic sauces (video 11)
  • Genoese sponge (video 12)
  • Application of almond paste to rich fruit cakes (video 13) (1 duplicate)
  • Products from boiling sugar; methods of combining grains and liquids; cake decoration; application of icing; clearing consommés and jellies (video 14)
  • Basic techniques for preparation of syrups (video 15)

Introduction to, and demonstration of, different basic cooking and baking techniques. Produced by Queen’s College TV Productions.

College-produced basic methods of food preparation videos

This file contains 10 videos:

  • Yeast mixtures- basic; large piping bag; decorating edge of plate tart; lining flan case (video 1)
  • Preparation of jams and jellies; bottling (video 2)
  • Advanced meat preparation; puff pastry; preparation of chicken; hot water crust pastry (video 3)
  • Cake decoration - application of icing; cake decoration – using the small icing bag (video 4)
  • Cake mixtures - uses of genoese; girdle baking (video 5)
  • Shellfish preparation; basic yeast mixtures; girdle baking; clearing consommés and jellies (video 6)
  • Preparation of chicken; fish filleting; choux pastry (video 7)
  • Hot soufflés; cold soufflés; egg dishes; meringues (video 8)
  • Advanced meat preparation; shellfish preparation; hot water crust pastry; puff pastry (video 9)
  • Basic methods of food preservation - aspic jellies part 2 (video 10)

Demonstrations of different basic cooking and baking techniques. Produced by The Queen's College, Glasgow, Home Economics Department.

Cookery and catering classes

This file contains 5 folders:

  • 16 black and white photographs of students and staff in the kitchens, 1930s (folder 1 and 2)
  • 6 black and white photographs of students and staff in the kitchens, 1940s (folder 3)
  • 31 black and white photographs of students and staff in the kitchens, 1950s (folder 4)
  • 6 black and white photographs of students preparing food in the kitchens, laying out tables for dining (6 duplicates) and 1 of a wedding cake, 1960s (folder 5)
  • Black and white photographs of students preparing food in the kitchens: bundle of 23 and 5 loose , 1970s (folder 5)
  • 3 colour and 1 black and white photographs of students preparing food in the kitchens, 1980s folder 5)

Foodcraft series videos

This file contains 10 videos and 8 duplicates:

    1. The professional kitchen, running time 36 minutes (1 duplicate)
    1. Meat, running time 30 minutes (1 duplicate)
    1. Fish, running time 40 minutes(1 duplicate)
    1. Poultry and game, running time 38 minutes (1 duplicate)
    1. Vegetables, running time 33 minutes (1 duplicate)
    1. Cakes, running time 39 minutes (1 duplicate)
    1. Pastries, running time 28 minutes
    1. Eggs, running time 27 minutes
    1. Flour and yeast, running time 28 minutes (1 duplicate)

Introductory cooking lessons produced by the Hotel and Catering Board, International House, High Street, Ealing London W5 5DB

Glasgow Cookery Book

This series consists of 4 files:

  • Editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1910-2009
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1950-1952
  • Financial correspondence and accounts for the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1952-1972
  • Correspondence regarding the Glasgow Cookery Book, 1972-1988

The first Glasgow Cookery Book was published in 1910 under the direction of Ella Glaister, first Principal of the College. The book was originally intended for use by students in their training and was compiled from recipes which had been perfected over the years by the College’s parent cookery schools. In time, the cookery book was made available for public sale and its popularity increased so much that the Glasgow Cookery Book became a household name. The first to thirteenth editions were published by N Adshead and Son, Glasgow. Further revised editions from 1951 onward were published by John Smith and Son (Glasgow) Ltd. These editions include a revised metric edition published for the College Centenary in 1975 under the name of the Queen’s College, Glasgow. In 2009 a centenary edition with a history of the book and the College was published by Waverley Books, Glasgow to celebrate 100 years of the publication of the book.

Miscellaneous commercially produced cookery videos

This file contains 11 videos:

  • Cooking with confidence, c1980s, running time 45 minutes, produced by Two Four, copyright Nutricia Dietary Products Limited, 494-496 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 1JR (video 1)
  • Cakes and confectionery, c1980s, produced by PME Sugarcraft, Brember Road, South Harrow Middlesex, HA2 8UN (video 2)
  • Mushrooms, c1980s, running time 15 minutes, produced by the Mushroom Growers' Association, 2 St Pauls Street, Stamford Lincs, PE9 2BE (video 3)
  • Cookery demonstrations: Jelly Piece Club, Castlemilk: Roy Ballam and his Cookery Club, 1994, running time 9 minutes, produced by Fiona Montgomery (video 4)
  • A guide to low protein cooking, 1986, running time 25 minutes, Medical Illustration University of Oxford Television Production, copyright NPKUS (video 5)
  • Cooking with microwave, 1982, running time 41 minutes, produced by The Good Housekeeping Institute, copyright Toshiba (UK) Limited (video 6)
  • Cutting ProTen beef for extra profit, c1980s, running time 15 minutes, produced by Elliott, Bolt and Bromley Ltd (video 7)
  • Scottish Food Conference - Campbell Laird discusses supermarkets and the importance of investing in brands, 2000, produced by Scottish Food & Drink - The Big Opportunity, Copyright Tayburn Brands (video 8)
  • Microwave cooking - Demonstration on the mechanics of a microwave and how to use it, running time 20 minutes, produced by Lakeland Plastics (video 9)
  • A diet for a lifetime - Discussion on the effects of diet during pregnancy on offspring diseases/intelligence, 1993, running time 48 minutes, produced by John Groom for Horizon television series (video 10)
  • The icing on the cake, 1980, running time 50 minutes, produced by Viacom Ltd, copyright Tate & Lyle (video 11)

See how to cook series videos

This file contains 3 videos:

  • No.1 Basic techniques 1.2 How to prepare sauces, running time 26 minutes (video 1)
  • No.2 Healthier eating 2.2 How to make sponge cakes and flans without fat, running time 33 minutes (video 2)
  • No.2 Healthier eating 2.4 How to prepare fruit, running time 43 minutes (video 3)

Basic cookery techniques and healthier eating. Produced by Basic Techniques, copyright Audrey W Pepper.

Unedited college-produced cookery demonstration videos

This file contains 15 videos:

  • Cookery Week 2 T1 - includes preparing and jointing a whole chicken; making icing and icing a fruit cake (video 1)
  • Cookery Week 2 T2 - includes cooking egg dishes (video 2)
  • Cookery week 2 T3 - includes preparing and decorating cream-based desserts (video 3)
  • Cookery Week 2 T4 - baking desserts (video 4)
  • Basic food preparation - week 1 - tape 1 - rough puff pastry; flaky pastry; lining cake tins; lining a flan tin; baking blind; cleaning and preparing vegetables (video 5)
  • Basic food preparation - tape 2 week 1 - sugar boiling; peeling and cleaning; rubbing in - fork method; jams and jellies; almond paste (video 6)
  • Basic food preparation - week 2 - tape 1 - trussing chicken; portioning chicken; boning chicken; royal icing; fondant icing; yeast mixtures; scrambled eggs; baked custard; pouring custard; omelettes; all-in-one sauce (video 7)
  • Basic food preparation - meat preparation; gateaux; french cakes; choux pastry soufflés (video 8)
  • Catering video tape 1 - includes preparation of puff pastry and using it to make steak pie, sausage rolls, and other pies; swiss roll and other desserts (video 9)
  • Catering video tape 2 - includes preparation of pastry to create a pie/tart, making shortcrust pastry and making an apple pie (video 10)
  • Catering video tape 3 - includes preparation of tarts using pastry, lining pie dishes using different methods; preparing vegetables; heating sugar (video 11)
  • Catering video tape 4 - includes making toffee (video 12)
  • Demonstration of student preparing her variation of a Spanish omelette and a small pizza (video 13)
  • Gueridon work, silver service, plate service and serviette folding, 82 minutes (video 14)
  • Peeling and cleaning; size reduction; basic sauces; fruit and vegetable preparation (video 15)

Running time of each video is over 60 minutes. Recorded in the College teaching kitchens.