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Letters, pamphlets and reports kept by Dorothy Melvin regarding World War I work

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Letter from F C Gilpin, Brigadier General, regarding the training of soldier cooks, 22 February 1916
  • Programme for the Conference of Teachers of Domestic Science, May 1917
  • Minutes of the meeting of the interim standing VAD Committee of the War Executive of the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society, 27 April 1917
  • Food Economy campaign leaflet
  • Statement on the Food Economy campaign by Chalmers Watson, 6 April 1917
  • Patriotic Food League leaflet on 'How to meet the requirements of the Food Controller',
  • 'Food Economy handbook', Ministry of Food
  • 'Emergency cookery syllabus', School Board of Glasgow, April 1917
  • 'Some account of special work done by the College during the years of war', 1917

Mary Andross research papers on food and nutrition

This file contains 3 folders:

  • 'Report on 6 weeks sojourn in America and Canada, 22nd April to 4th June 1935' (1 duplicate); Criticisms of American Methods not included in the report. (1 duplicate), typescript copy, 1935 (folder 1)
  • Milk in adult nutrition, paper read at joint meeting of the Food Group and the Scottish Section of the Society of Public Analysts on 22nd January 1936', "Journal of Society of Chemical Industry" vol 55, no. 8, pp148-149. Published copy of the journal and a reprint of the paper, 1936 (folder 1)
  • ‘South African deciduous fruit as it reaches the consumer in Glasgow’, a report on condition of plums, pears and peaches and an attempt to discover cause of drying off, typescript copy, February/March 1936 (folder 1)
  • ‘Home and foreign meat, as it reaches the consumer in Glasgow’, for Meat Marketing Board, typescript copy, April 1936 (folder 1)
  • ‘Test of ”Chest – Height” formula for weight in women’, typescript copy, February 1936 (folder 1)
    -‘What to eat and why’, leaflet no. 1, The Scottish Council for Community Service during Unemployment, printed copy, 1937 (folder 2)
  • ‘Losses on boiling milk, 1 pint of milk boiled is not 1 pint of boiled milk’, typescript copy, 18 June 1937 (folder 2)
  • ‘Report on plum “Burbank Giant Prune”, typescript copy, March 1937 (folder 2)
  • ‘Report on Argentine, New Zealand and Australian chilled and frozen meat’, typescript copy, March 1938 (folder 2)
  • ‘Losses on boiling milk’, “The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry”, July 1939, Vol 58, p 252-254, published reprint 1939 (folder 2)
  • ‘Sugar saving in jam manufacture’, results supplied to Ministry of Food, two typescript copies, March 1939 (folder 2)
  • ‘An economical budget for the family with menus and recipes (father, mother and three children, aged 12, 10 and 7 years), handwritten and typescript copies, November 1939 (folder 2)
  • ‘Effect of cooking on eggs’, read at Nation’s Food Meeting, Nutrition Panel, typescript copy, 24 May 1940, and published reprint from “Chemistry and Industry”, Vol 99, no. 29, p449-454, 29 June 1940 (folder 2)
  • ‘Present day cost of first class protein requirement’, typescript copy, 27 May 1940; ‘Comparison of amounts of first class protein in various foods’, undated typescript copy; ‘Present-day cost of edible protein (first-class), published reprint, from “Chemistry and Industry”, Vol 60, no. 11, p176-179, 15 March 1941; letter from the Ministry of Food thanking Miss Andross for a copy of the paper, 29 May 1941 (folder 3)
  • Replacements for wheat flour and recipes, typescript copy, September 1940 (folder 3)
  • ‘Vitamin content of wild fruit products’, typescript copy, 24 March 1941 and letter from the Ministry of Food regarding return of the transcript, 22 September 1941 (folder 3)
  • ‘Addition to “Food preservation in war-time”’, typescript copy, 1941 (folder 3)
  • ‘Testing of Soyolk’, typescript copy, December 1941 (folder 3)
  • List of research work undertaken in the Nutrition Department, December 1935 to November 1943, one handwritten and two typescript copies, October 1943; typescript extracts of research work mentioned in committee minutes, 21 May 1936 to 18 March 1937; list of research work carried out for the South African Co-operative Deciduous Fruit Exchange Ltd, the Director of Public Assistance and the Procurator-Fiscal and fees paid, typescript and handwritten copies, 25 October 1943 (folder 3)
  • ‘Report on Vitamin C in Scottish soups’, typescript copy 1944; letter from the Scottish Education Department conveying the Ministry of Food’s thanks for the assistance of the College, 15 May 1944; Mary Andross’s typescript and handwritten recipes and research notes, 1944; copy letter from the Scottish Education Department requesting recipes and methods of making Scotch Broth, 1 February 1944 (folder 3)
  • ‘Losses of nutrients in the preparation of foodstuffs, some aspects of the waste problem: cooking and plate waste’, “Proceedings of the Nutrition Society”, Vol 4, no. 2, published reprint 1946 (folder 3)
  • ‘Paper on waste, Nutrition Society, Dundee, April 1945’, typescript copy, June 1945 (folder 3)
  • ‘An investigation into the methods of teaching organic chemistry to domestic science teachers in training at the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science’, typescript copy, 10 July 1948 (folder 3)
  • ‘Dietetic Department at Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science’, “Nutrition, Journal of Dietetics, Food Catering, Child Nutrition”, Vol 7, no. 4, p177-181, published copy of the Journal, 1953 (folder 3)
  • ‘A defence of the newer methods of cooking vegetables’, undated typescript copy (folder 3)
  • ‘Extraction of sugar from sugar beet’, undated handwritten copy (folder 3)
  • ‘Report on tour with American van’, handwritten copy, c1940 (folder 3)

Reports, talks and articles by Dorothy Melvin and others on the topic of domestic science

This file contains 1 folder:

  • Published, typescript and handwritten articles and talks by D Melvin including 'Domestic Science and efficient housekeepers', October 1913; 'Preliminary examination of candidates for the diploma in Domestic Science', June 1915; 'How to live cheaply and well', December 1914; 'Domestic Science for graduates', March 1920; 'The use and abuse of food in our homes', 1926; 'Cooking - A career of the educated girl' March 1931; 'Diet and nutrition', 26 October 1933; 'St Enoch Station canteen', October 1945.
  • Typescript talks and reports by others including: Miss Higham, 'The teaching of Home Economics in America', June 1925; 'Principal Rait's speech', Diploma Day, 21 November 1930; Julian Huxley, 'Science and diet', 16 April 1933; M C Pepper, 'Scientific method'.