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Miscellaneous research papers on nutrition and physiotherapy

This file contains 4 papers:
-Marjory L Hart (Lecturer in Nutrition, Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science) and A G Cox, ‘A comparison of dietary analysis methods using a computer’, published reprint from “Nutrition” Vol 21, no.3, 146-153, 1967
-‘Guar gum in diabetes’, photocopy of reprint from “The Lancet”, November 13, 1976, p1086-1087
-David J A Jenkins, T Derek, R Hockaday, Richard Howarth (Science lecturer at the Queen's College, Glasgow), E C Apling, Thomas M S Wolever, Anthony R Leeds, Susan Bacon, Jang Dilawari, ‘Treatment of diabetes with guar gum: Reduction of urinary glucose loss in diabetics’, published reprint from “The Lancet”, Saturday 15 October 1977
-John R Vasey and Lesley W Crozier, School of Physiotherapy, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, ‘Basic movement patterns and their relationship to occupational physical problems’, published reprint from “Journal of Human Movement Studies”, 1975, 1, 104-110

Social work, business, communications and physiotherapy classes

This file contains 1 folder:
-4 black and white photographs of institutional management students studying business studies, 1960s
-2 black and white photographs of students filming, 1970s
-1 black and white and 1 colour photograph of physiotherapy students treating patients, 1980s
-Black and white photograph of social work students sitting round a table, 1980s
-1 black and white and 1 colour photograph of students filming, 1980s
-2 black and white and 2 colour photographs of students studying business, 1980s